“AMIGO” premiere night tonight (June 28) at the Trinoma!

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It’s one of the most awaited film of the year. Written and directed by Hollywood mainstream scriptwriter and independent filmaker John Sayles. A period in our history- the Philippine history- we all tried to forget. That, there was a time, that the Americans, also tried to capture our land and invade our freedom. Lest we fought…
Now, a bold and daring filmaker (Mr. Sayles) managed to show the truth once more. A reality the Americans did their best to hide, to forget, to ignore, to bury…. for a long, long time!
That they also killed Filipinos.
Watch this film and look back at the past.
But today, indeed, is different. And the Americans have already long made some great ammendments for us. And the “alliance” will live on!
“AMIGO” premiere night tonight, 7:30 p.m. at Trinoma cinema. With cocktails at 6 p.m. See you all there!
Regular showing in Metro Manila theaters will be on July 6.

“A MOMENT IN THE SUN”, a haunting fiction novel about America and the Philippines by American filmaker JOHN SAYLES!

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director-novelist john sayles (of hollywood)
the old manila, captured in the novel "A Moment In The Sun" by john sayles.

When an Atenista grad smiled back at you and seemed to like you, it always felt so good and wonderful. I have always been fascinated by people who graduated in Ateneo de manila University. I really love them. They, to me, looked so intellegent and warm.
That’s why, when Miss Gay Ace Domingo, an Ateneo grad, invited me to the book launch of “A Moment In The Sun” by director John Sayles, I didn’t have second thoughts. I was so excited. If the invitation came from a nice lady producer/writer/publicist like Gay, never say ‘no’ for an answer! Coz it would turn-out real good.
That afternoon at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, got a taste once more of a good literary feeling. When director-novelist Mr. John Sayles read some passages of his novel to some selected V.I.P.’s invited in his book launch, I could almost imagine and see the setting of his book, the faces of his characters, and the feeling of wonderment of a long forgotten past.
“A Moment In The Sun” is a novel that digged deeper about the gold rush in America during the late 18th century to early 1900’s and explored further to the American occupation in the Philippines.
But why “A Moment In The Sun”?, this writer asked to director Sayles during the press forum in the book launch:
“When the black Americans enjoyed briefly their freedom during the late 18th century, it was their moment in the sun”, director Sayles answered. “And in the Philippines, when the filipinos realized during that same time about the American intervention in their land, it was also their moment in the sun.”
And director John Sayles further on said it and explained it more beautifully, it was so hard to recapture his words – on why he entitled his novel “A Moment In The Sun”.

the hardbound cover of "A Moment In The Sun".

And as we read the first few pages of his book, we felt so enthralled. It was so thick and big, and this writer is planning to set a certain time and place to read it more. His words were so magnificent. A real literary genius.
Director John Sayles will be around for more coz his first filipino indie film “Amigo” (which will have its premiere night tonight, June 28- and this writer’s birthday also at the same time- at the Trinoma mall cinema) will be touring around the country after it will be shown in Manila. It will go to Cebu, Davao, Bohol, and other places in the Philippines.
Great! A wonderful novel and a magnificent indie film- both at the same time.
Mainstream scriptwriter in Hollywood (and an independent filmaker now) in person of director John Sayles, indeed, had done a great deal for the Philippines. More to come?

words by robert manuguid silverio