Philippine Stagers Foundation: “a league of their own” (courtesy of commuter

mr. vince tanada (founder and head of philippine stagers foundation) as andres bonifacio and mr. jordan as emilio aguinaldo in psf's recently-concluded play, "bonifacio: isang sarsuwela"
mr. vince tanada (founder and head of philippine stagers foundation) as andres bonifacio and mr. jordan as emilio aguinaldo in psf’s recently-concluded play, “bonifacio: isang sarsuwela”

Philippine Stagers Foundation: “a league of their own”

Now on its 11th season, the PHILIPPINE STAGERS FOUNDATION has become one of the premier professional theater companies in the country. Recognized as one of the most awarded theater company which broke all box office records of all theater companies nationwide, PSF (Philippine Stagers Foundation) is more than an ordinary performing group. It is a foundation with a cause with the noble objective of helping the poor, the sick, the elderly and the forgotten through the medium of theater arts. At present, the Foundation has more than fifty (50) High School and College Scholars. Aside from its very active Scholarship Program, the Foundation is consistently handling absolutely free Theater Workshop every summer with more than two hundred (200) participants from various schools in the country.
For its regular season runs, the Foundation has also organized out-reach activities at various charitable institutions such as Golden Acres Home for the Aged, Servants of Charity, National Center for Mental Health and Reception Study Center for Children. Through this, Philippine Stagers Foundation is an artistic team with a purpose in the society. Remaining humble and silent despite its phenomenal success, the Foundation has produced several significant and ground-breaking stage plays and smash hits like Mactan 1521, Enzo…Santo, Chi-noi, O’Moises, Pinoy Samurai, Desaparecidos: A Filipino Musicale, Namaste, Ang Makulay na Buhay ni Gandhi and Troy Avenue. It has also made phenomenal ticket-sales, averaging from thirty-five (35) to ninety (150) shows in big venues such as SM Cinemas, UP Theater, St. Scholastica’s St. Cecilias Hall, St. Paul University, Waterfront Hotel, Cebu , AFP Theater Tanghalang Pasigueño, Meralco Theater to name a few.

The aggressiveness of its marketing team remains its inspiration in producing quality plays. Its markets hailed all its plays as spectacular, well-polished and innovative. The Aliw Awards, the only award-giving body in the country honoring live performances, has recognized for numerous times its various stage plays and musicales, as well as its director and cast members. Recently, the company received endorsements from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Department of Education for its contributions not only in theater arts but also to the society.
Philippine Stagers Foundation’s success could be attributed to the men and women who comprise the prestigious company. Here’s the list of some of the most famous members of Philippine Stagers Foundation (PSF):



VINCE TAÑADA is the Bad Boy of Philippine Theater: He is an award-winning playwright, director and actor. He leads as PSF’s President and Chairman of the Board. After his brief stint as an acting student in New York, he went back to Philippine Theater via ‘Hiblang Abo’, directed by Lou Veloso and staged in CCP. He in 2007 got his first Aliw Award as Best Actor for his portrayal in ‘O’ Moises’ in 2007. The following year he got his second nomination for his acting in ‘Bangkay sa Corintho’. His biggest dream as an actor was realized when he played the role of ‘Ninoy Aquino’ in PSF‘s biggest hit ‘Ako si Ninoy’ in 2009. In 2011, he won the Best Actor award in the Aliw Awards for his superb acting as Peter, a writer inflicted with Parkinson’s disease in ‘Cory ng EDSA’. He portrayed the role of Joecas in the record breaking rock’sical, JOE and this 2013 as the Father of Katipunan, Andres Bonifacio in a sarsuwela entitled ‘Bonifacio’. He is the lead actor in the 2013 Sineng Pambansa entry” Otso” by Elwood Perez.



MONIQUE AZERREDA made raves as a theater actress when she portrayed the role of Helen in Troy Avenue. After that she did ‘Bahay Pula’, ‘Bangkay sa Corintho’, ‘Ako Si Ninoy’, ‘San Vicente, A Zarswela’, 4C-I (AIDS), ‘Pest to Pest’, and ‘Papeng ni Kiko’. In ‘Cory ng EDSA’, she also played the role of Anette. She was part of the production network as stage manager of ‘Babae Po Ako’, sound spinner for the plays ‘San Vicente, A Zarswela’, 2010, ‘Enzo Santo’ and ‘4C-3’. As a writer, she wrote the play I Went to My Funeral, which competed at the PSF Theater Festival, 2011. From 2009 to date, she is also a facilitator for the PSF Annual Summer Workshop. Her recent acting assignment was Rizal’s controversial lover, Josephine Bracken in the play ‘Joe A Filipino Rock’sical’. She is the leading lady of Vince Tañada in the movie “Otso”.



PATRICK LIBAO started out as Tai-wu in ‘Chi-Noi’, Gary in ‘Lieutenant’s Princess’, Hosue in ‘O’Moises’, Purok in ‘Pinoy Samurai’ and Art in ‘Desaparecidos’. His first big break was in ‘Namaste’ as ‘Gandhi’. His name became a word of mouth in such plays like Troy Avenue as Agammenon, Oscar in ‘Ako si Ninoy’, Biboy in 4c’s ‘Girl Me’, Erwin in ‘Sako’, Damian in ‘Wagas’, Luis in ‘Lahug’, Kiko in ‘Ang Papeng ni Kiko’ and Lemuel Alonzo in ‘Ang Bangkay sa Corintho’. In 2012, he did one of the most challenging roles in his career as an actor, the role of the hard hitting reporter and Parkinson’s disease patient, Peter in the musical ‘Cory ng EDSA’ and as Jose Rizal in ‘Joe, A Filipino Rockssical, Also a playwright, he wrote and directed plays such as ‘Backstage’ and ‘Bahay-Pula’. He also penned ‘Felipa’, ‘Lahug’, ‘Spirits’ and most recently ‘Bala at Krus’.



CHRIS LIM debuted as a theater actor in 1999 when he played the title role of Rene Villanueva’s ‘Kalantiaw’ under Dulaang Bedista of San Beda College. His esteemed performances include the lead roles in Tennessee William’s Glass Menagerie, Anton Checkov’s Ang Bastos to name a few. After college he joined the Dulaang Bedista Alumni Production (Now Known as Philippine Stagers Foundation) and did plays such as Greg in ‘Desaparecidos’, Isko de Ungria in ‘Joe ni Josephine’, Lt. Dante Cervantes in ‘Moro’, Reyna Valmoria/Haring Valenton in ‘Ang Musa ni Proteus’, Magellan in ‘Mactan 1521’, Lazaro in ‘Enzo… Santo’, Crisanto in ‘Josephine’s Joe’, Ton in ‘Mga Kwentong Balic-Balic’, Kwan-Li in ‘Chi-noi’, Attiwan in ‘Pinoy Samurai’, Azad in ‘Namaste’, Senior Segismundo in ‘Ang Bangkay sa Corintho’, flesh eater Gunying in ‘Lahug’, Benjo in ‘Sa Dilaw o Pula’ and Lt. Dalusong in ‘Cory ng Edsa’ and Ambo in Joe ‘A Filipino Rock’sical’. He was also a finalist in the Aliw Awards as Best Director for the play Ang Bangkay sa Corintho. He is one of PSF’s founders and Members of the Board.



GABBY BAUTISTA’s acting prowess was recognized for his role as Osborne in the multi-awarded musical “Ako si Ninoy”, where he won as the Best Child Performer in the 2009 Aliw Awards. In 2010, he was nominated again for the play “Enzo Santo” in the Aliw Awards as Best Child Performer. His heartfelt performance as Edsa, a young boy with a big heart for his country in the musical “Cory ng EDSA” was much-lauded. His big break came when he acted the role of Batik in Pitik Surplus.



CINDY LIPER’s baptism of fire was in the play Chi-Noi’. She continued to shine as a stage actress as a nurse in ‘Lieutenant’s Princess’, followed as one of the ladies of the court in ‘O’Moises’, and eventually became a geisha in ‘Pinoy Samurai’. Her stage acting credits inlude ‘Desaparecidos’, ‘Namaste’, ‘San Vicente, A Zarzuela’, ‘Troy Avenue’, and ‘Enzo… Santo’, ‘Ang Bangkay’ and ‘Stars’, She got nominated twice as Best Actress in Aliw Awards portraying the role of Cory in ‘Ako si Ninoy’ and reprising it in ‘Cory ng EDSA’. Her most recent accolade was winning the Best Actress in the Broadway World Philippines Awards for her performance as Oryang in ‘Ang Bangkay’. In ‘Joe’ she played the feisty researcher, Joanne.


CHERRY BAGTAS is currently taking up Marketing at Jose Rizal University. As an actress she began her career as Lorenza in Chinoi and got noticed as Faridah in ‘The Lieutenant’s Princess’ and as Lally in ‘Desaparecidos’ respectively. She landed a major role in ‘Namaste’ when she played Kasturba the wife of Gandhi and Andromache in ‘Troy Avenue’. To further elevate her acting skills, she took on more daring and challenging roles as Yvon in Babae po Ako, Ivy in Ako si Ninoy, Oryang in the dark and mysterious multi-awarded and critically acclaimed Vincent M Tanada’s ‘Ang Bangkay’, and was the eldest daughter of the late beloved president Cory Aquino, Ballsy in ‘Cory ng EDSA’. For Joe, she gave life to the character of Julia.



ADELLE IBARRIENTOS,a senior regular stager was Ka Upeng in ‘Enzo…Santo’, Dolores in ‘Chi-Noi’ and Samira in ‘Lieutenant’s Princess’. She also essayed the roles of Ziporah for ‘O’ Moises’, Lara in ‘Desaparecidos’, Saishin in ‘Pinoy Samurai’, Isabel in ‘Ang Bangkay sa Corintho’. During the 8th season she starred as Sarin in ‘Namaste’, Madam de Gondhi in ‘San Vicente, A Zarswela’, Helen in ‘Troy Avenue’, Ms. Nuñez / Ivy for ‘Ako si Ninoy’, Miding in ‘Ang Bangkay sa Corintho’. She acted in various summer plays such as Sayong in ‘Lahug’, Lupe in ‘Pest to Pest’, Diana in ‘I Heart Me’ and France in ‘Mang Hangs Restaurant’. She was Elsie in ‘Cory ng Edsa’ and the fashionista Julia in ‘Joe A Filipino Rock’sical’.



JORDAN LADRA was nominated as Best Actor in Aliw Awards for his portrayal of the role Noli in the musical play ‘Ako si Ninoy’. He is a PSF Thumbs Up Awardee (2009 & 2010).He became a facilitator of the Annual Summer Workshop when he graduated from PSF Acting Workshop in 2007. Onstage he played a Support Actor in ‘Pinoy Samurai’ as Tetsugaku, Putri in ‘Namaste’, Padre Bordaise in ‘San Vicente’ and Lazaro in ‘Enzo Santo’. He also did the lead roles of Hector in ‘Troy Avenue’, Greg in ‘Desaparecidos’ , Lemuel in ‘Bangkay sa Corintho’, Erwin in ‘4C’ (The Sack), Olivio in ‘4C-II’ (Felipa) and Lykah in ‘4C-III’ (OLAH). Behind the stage , he wrote plays in PSF’s Annual Theater fest such as Babae Po Ako, Si Adan at Si Eba and I Heart Me. Last season he portrayed the two equally challenging characters, Bimbo and Hunter in ‘JOE’.



ART GABRENTINA garnered the Best Lighting Design award at the 2012 Broadway World Awards. Com Philippines for his work in Joe a Filipino Rock’sical. He started as a production assistant in the play ‘Mactan 1521’ and ‘Enzo..Santo’. Eventually he was given bigger respons-ibilities to handle the Sound Spinning for the plays ‘Chi-Noi’, ‘O’Moises’, ‘Desaparecidos’ and ‘Troy Avenue’. In the play ‘Namaste’ he took on a bigger challenge as he did Sound Spinning and Stage Management at the same time. Since 2009 he became the technical director and lighting designer for all the Productions of PSF to date.



KEVIN POSADAS is one of the most versatile actors of Philippine Stagers Foundation. He was part of various PSF productions like ‘O’Moises’, ‘Chi-noi’, ‘Lieutenant’s Princess’, ‘Pinoy Samurai’, ‘Namaste’, ‘Desaparecidos’ and ‘4C-2’. Lately he began taking in bigger roles as Menelaus in ‘Troy Ave’., Padre Vicente in ‘Enzo Santo’, and alternated as Ninoy in the re-run of ‘Ako Si Ninoy’. As a performer he is never afraid to take on challenges to improve his craft that is why when he was offered to do the role of the cross-dresser entertainer named Asiah in Japan in OLAH. In ‘Cory ng EDSA’ he played the role of Jason. He alternated last year for the role Joecas in Joe A Filipino Rockssical.



CHIN ORTEGA is a pioneering member of the company. His diverse roles include the Babaylan in ‘Mactan 1521’, Mang Temyong in ‘Desaparecidos’, Lao Shi Tong in ‘Chi-Noi’, Kyo in ‘Pinoy Samurai’, Mr. Patel in ‘Namaste’, Priam in ‘Troy Ave’, Nanding in the musical ‘Ako si Ninoy’, and ‘Sakakibara’ in the critically-acclaimed ‘Enzo… Santo’. He also did challenging roles in other PSF’s plays. He was a standout as Mindy in ‘Cory ng EDSA’ and Ambo in ‘Joe, A Filipino Rock’sical’.



JP LOPEZ played the role of Padre Balaguer in the controversial ‘Joe’. In ‘Cory ng Edsa’ he worked on the technical side as the production’s sound spinner. He made remarkable performances as Col. Agustin in ‘Ako si Ninoy’, Padre Domingo in ‘Enzo… Santo’, Cardinal Mazarin in ‘San Vicente a Zarzuela , Adonis in “‘Si Adan at si Eba’ and Floran in‘Ang Papeng ni Kiko’ to name a few. Offstage he was the stage manager in the various competing plays during the PSF Theater Festival. As a playwright, he wrote the plays Geymshow, Stars and Tang Na Mo Funeral Parlor. He also facilitates acting workshops.



JERIE SANCHEZ started as a chorus girl in various PSF productions,which led her to do character roles with different age range such as Margarita in ‘Enzo… Santo’ and a nun in ‘Cory ng EDSA’. To enhance her talent she participated in various summer productions such as Lola in ‘I Went to My Funeral’, Inang Mother in ‘Kung Hei Batsoy’, Juday in ‘Stars’, and as one of Jose Rizal’s sisters, Narcisa in ‘Joe A Filipino Rockssical’.


D'rotsen (the one holding the knife) Etolle in a significant scene in PSF's latest play "Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela" (also in the picture: daryl cajucom and vince tanada)
D’rotsen (the one holding the knife) Etolle in a significant scene in PSF’s latest play “Bonifacio: Isang Sarsuwela” (also in the picture: daryl cajucom and vince tanada) photo credits: mr. bourne legacy

DE’ ROTSEN ETOLLE graduated from the PSF Summer Workshop in 2011. He played the role of Ninoy during their recital, from the musical ‘Ako si Ninoy’. Since then he was called back to join PSF. He is part of the chorus for the plays ‘Cory ng EDSA’, ‘Ako si Ninoy’ and ‘San Vicente A Zarzuela’. In the PSF Theater Festival he played the role of Eagle in Pitik Surplus and Moksha in Tang Na Mo Funeral Parlor. He was Mr. Aldeguer in Joe A Filipino Rock’sical.



DARYL CAJUCOM was among the 3 graduates in the PSF’s annual summer workshop in 2011. This is his third season for the company. He became part of the chorus for the plays ‘San Vicente a Zarzuela’, ‘Ako si Ninoy’,‘Cory ng EDSA’ and ‘Joe, A Filipino Rock’sical’.



GERALD MAGALLANES was a former member of the Ramon Obusan Dance Company prior to his joining PSF. He started out as part of the chorus of ‘Ako si Ninoy’ and ‘San Vicente’. Later he was assigned as one of the production staff for ‘4C-1’, ‘4C-2’, ‘4C-3’, ‘Enzo Santo’ and ‘Bangkay sa Corintho’. In 2011 he was with ‘Cory ng EDSA’, and in 2012 he was with ‘Joe A Filipino Rocks’ical.

Next time you watch a stage play, try to look for these great theater performers and cherish them. After all, they’re certainly one of the best things that could happen in the local theater scene now!





A SON REMEMBERS A GREAT DAD (from celsokid castillo III’s own words on how he remembers his dad, the late celso ad castillo…)


from sssip 🙂

Our fathers are the main reasons why our memories becomes vivid, clear and vibrant. They are the reasons why we existed, and why we continue to exist. In the heart of one young boy, a father is all he ever wanted. But when a father has gone somewhere and left us, we have no other choice but to ACCEPT.

Here is one very simple literary piece, written by the youngest son of the late great film director, Celso Ad Castillo. It will touch your hearts, the same way it did touch mine. My tears fell as I read it. And I suddenly miss my friend- direk Celso.

Wherever you are now, direk Celso, I offer these great loving words of your son to you. The words written below were precisely his words, direk Celso. Read below now! (by sssip).

the late celso ad castillo: a father first, then a husband, being a director comes-in third, and being a friend- is the fourth.
the late celso ad castillo: a father first, then a husband, being a director comes-in third, and being a friend- is the fourth.
celsokid castillo III: looks up... for his dad.
celsokid castillo III: looks up… for his dad.

Thoughts on Celso Advento Castillo: “A SON REMEMBERS A GREAT DAD (from celsokid castillo III’s own words on how he remembers his dad, the late celso ad castillo…)”


The only memories that I remember nu’ng bata pa ako ay nu’ng nakatira pa kami sa Antipolo, sa Town and Country Subdivision… Sa mga panahon na ‘yun masaya talaga maging bata, lalo na kapag kasama mo sina Papa at Mama…Tanda ko pa nu’n, ang ‘pag papabili ko ng laruan kay Papa kada umuuwi siya galing ng shooting ng movie niya… May mga oras na nag-aaway kami ng kuya ko, siyempre, si Papa ang taga-settle…. Isa sa mga karanasang hindi ko malilimutan ay nu’ng pinagbintangan ako ni kuya Amir ko na ako raw ang sumunog sa kama namin… Ayan, napalo kami sa puwet, hahaha!… Alam kasi namin na iba magalit nu’n si papa…. Sa tuwing nauwi nga ‘yun ng lasing ay magkadikit kami ni kuya sa isang sulok nakatulukbong ng kumot…. Hanggang sa lumipat na kami sa Kingsville Subdivision sa Antipolo pa din…. May mga pagkakataon na tinatakot kami ni Papa gamit ang isang maskara na ang design ay kapreng puti na kulay,  eh di takbo kami lagi kay Mama…. Tapos pagsasabihan ni Mama si Papa… Sabay tatawa na lang si Papa. Haha! Lakas trip, eh…

Lumipas ang ilang taon lumipat na kami sa Laguna, sa Siniloan na kung tawagin pa minsan ni Papa ay- “Small fucking town!”  Haha… Dahil na din sa laging pag-brownout sa lugar namin na ‘yun. Haha….

Grabe talaga, napakasaya ko kapag kapiling ko si Papa…  Kapag may katanungan ako sa sa kanya tungkol sa pag-aaral ko nu’ng highschool pa ako ay nasasagot niya lagi… He is a Great Father and a Great Teacher!

Napaka-generous din talaga ni Papa dahil sa dami-dami ng mga aklat dito sa bahay, ni hindi ko mabilang sa dami, nabasa na niya lahat!… Talagang napakahusay ni Papa sa larangan ng sining at pelikula…. Siyempre talented si Papa sa sports at musika…. Sa kanya ko natutunan ang mga talent ko ngayon sa pagtugtog ng gitara, pagguhit at pag pinta…. Pati sa pagsulat ng nobela, pag lalaro ng basketball, billiard, tennis at marami pa bang iba.

Higit sa mami-miss kong makita ay ang mga ngiti niya at pagpapatawa… Madalas niya akong mapatawa!  Hahaha… Naging pasaway man ako sa kanya, mahal na mahal ko naman siya…. Siya ang nagbibigay-kulay sa Pasko at Bagong Taon namin…. Sad to say hindi na namin siya makakasama ngayon Pasko at Bagong Taon…. Pero siguro naman, okey na din kami ngayong Pasko dahil tanggap na namin na kasama na niya si God…. He will enter the kingdom of God, I am sure of that!… I LOVE YOU DAD!



celso's kid!
celso’s kid!
the very mabait & loving wife of the late celso ad: mrs. ofhelia castillo
the very mabait & loving wife of the late celso ad: mrs. ofhelia castillo
direk celso: a smile from heaven
direk celso: a smile from heaven
celso kid, jr. joins his older step brother, direk christopher ad castillo at the cinemalaya events a few months ago, as he mingles with the likes of vilma santos and other film celebrities.
celso kid, jr. joins his older step brother, director christopher ad castillo at the cinemalaya events a few months ago, as he mingles with the likes of vilma santos and other film celebrities.

2nd CCP International Jazz Festival to be held from September 17-22


sitti: jazz singer joins the 2nd ccp international jazz fest
sitti: jazz singer joins the 2nd ccp international jazz fest

“2nd CCP International Jazz Festival to be held from September 17-22”

Jazz fans can’t ask for anything more when jazz artists from all over the world gather and create rhythm, music and starlight at the 2nd CCP International Jazz Festival on September 17-22 at various venues of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Featuring more than 100 artists and 15 bands from the Philippines, USA, Europe and Asia, the 2nd CCP International Jazz Festival will offer performances of jazz music in all its styles, from the big band, swing, blues, fusion and experimental.


The 2nd CCP International Jazz Festival also features workshops and lectures on the various jazz genres.

Bands and artists slated to perform at the event are the Dutch quartet, Buzz Bros Band, drummer Harald Huyssen, Low-Cal, Johnny Alegre, Humanfolk, Indonesian guitarist Wayan Balawan, Italian accordionist, pianist and guitarist Fabio Turchetti, Japanese guitarist Shun Kikuta, Malaysian acoustic guitar player Roger Wang, Royal Hartigan and Blood Drum Spirit, Bob Aves, Sitti, UP Jazz Ensemble, Emi Munji and his orchestra, UST Jazz Band, New Musicians Guild and Anything Goes, A.M.P. Big Band, jazz band Akasha, chamber jazz trio MAJAM, jazz vocalist Charito, Indonesian group Bandung Blues Project, Brown Fix, Brass Munkeys, Argentine-born guitarist Neris Gonzalez, Filipina jazz singer and recording artist Sandra Lim Viray.

Various venues of the CCP will be used for the festival. The CCP Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo will feature performers and groups whose production and equipment set-up would call for a larger stage and expected audience size, while the Silangan Hall will cater to jazz aficionados who prefer a more intimate setting. In addition, partnerships with some hotels enable some of the Festival performers to provide a sampling of their expertise in these venues.

The 2nd CCP International Jazz Festival, CCP President Raul Sunico said, is a recognition of the jazz genre as a major style of musical creativity through improvisation as well as the distinct theories in its harmonic, scalar, and rhythmic components that are both appealing and inviting to the listener.

“The global attraction of jazz has reached a wide spectrum of enthusiasts including Asia where its own brand of Eastern and ethnic music seems to fuse well with its style,” Sunico said. “Through the Festival, CCP hopes to bring the Philippines into the mainstream of global jazz activity and make it a legitimate and recognized venue for International Jazz Festivals.”


Another objective the CCP hopes to achieve thorough the CCP Jazz festival, according to Sunico, would be to create a harmonious relationship among the country’s jazz figures and groups.

“With the establishment of so many of these ensembles, it is imperative for the CCP to provide a prestigious venue for our talents to perform and be discovered, to play and to listen, to seek a camaraderie with which to collaborate with other groups, and to help propagate this wonderful musical genre for everyone to enjoy,” Sunico said.

In August 2011, the CCP held its first international jazz festival billed The Story of Jazz: 1st CCP International Jazz Festival. It featured more than 150 jazz musicians from all over the world in a series of performances and lecture-workshops.

For more tickets and information, please call the CCP Box Office at tel. no. 832-1125 local 1409 and direct line 832-3704 and visit the CCP website at

ang mga nakakalokang “eksena” (pero cute naman) ni gretchen barretto sa movie press!

gretchen gretchen2 gretchen3 gretchen4

Siya ang tunay na Walkout Queen, dahil maka-ilang beses na siyang nag-walkout sa harap ng mga movie press people and media bloggers in some occasions. At ang latest ay ‘yung naganap more than a month ago na eksena sa Cultural Center of the Philippines. Ikinaloka ito ng mga media people, na mostly ay mga media bloggers, na halos ‘isumpa’ si Ms. Gretchen Barretto sa pagwo-walkout na ginawa niya or rather, sa kanyang “great escape” na ginawa sa mga ito!


Orig na orig ang kanyang mga ‘kadramahan’ kaya naman tunay na ‘naloloka’ ang mga media and movie press people sa kanya. Imagine, excited na excited pa naman ang lahat ng media people na magbigay si Gretchen ng statement sa pagkakatalo niya bilang Best Actress sa nagdaang Cinemalaya awards, pero hayun, ibinitin niyang patiwarik ang lahat! She kept them hanging on the air and grasping for more breath! Kaya talagang naloka ang mga bloggers na nakasaksi sa drama na yun ni Gretchen.

Pero mauna sa pangyayaring ‘yan, nag-walkout na rin si Gretchen sa isang grupo naman noon ng mga movie press people sa isang pictorial session. Isang lady scribe-editor naman ng isang glossy magazine  ang “napag-tripan” niya noon. Inokray-kray niya ito, sabay walkout! Mismong ang isang giant TV network na ngangalaga sa career ni Gretchen ang hindi makapaniwala sa pangyayaring iyon, dahil karamihan sa mga press people na naro’n sa pictorial ay mga “home-grown” writers nila!

Anyway, hindi naman TULUYANG SINUSUMPA ng mga movie scribes si Gretchen maski ba ganito ang mga kadramahan niya. Cute naman kasi ang dating sa kanila. Hindi naman nang-aaway. Tipong umiiwas lang at medyo nagtataray in an “educated manner”. O, di bahhhh?

Pero may isang unforgettable experience din pala ang isang kilalang kolumnista (identified ang kolumnista na ito bilang isang Noranian, at nagho-host sa mga out-of-town shows and fiestas at may magandang tinig na “puma-paloy”) kay Gretchen. Imagine again, nag-lecture ang aktres na ito kay Mr. Movie Scribe ng “You are not doing your homework as a writer!”

‘Yan. ‘Yan ang tumataginting na lecture ni Gretchen sa nasabing movie scribe.

Nagtanong kasi ang movie scribe kay Gretchen kung bakit tila nawala siya sa eksena sa showbiz noon. Ang sagot ni Gretchen:

“No, never akong nawala! You are not doing your homework!”

Pero sinegundahan ng eksplanasyon ng movie scribe ang sagot na depensa ni Gretchen. At muli, nag-lecture si Gretchen, sabay sabing:

“You better do a research, you better Google me, mali lahat ang mga sinabi mo!”

Ha???? Talagang na-shock ang movie scribe. Panay kasi ang deny ni Gretchen in a way na hindi ka naman mao-offend. Kaya okey lang dun sa writer. Pero ang tunay na ikinaloka niya ay nuong nagpaalam na siya kay Gretchen, may final ‘one-liner’ na ginawa si Gretchen sa kanya:

“Again, you are not doing your homework talaga!”, sey ni Gretchen sa movie scribe sabay ikot patalikod at nagmadaling umalis.

Feeling tuloy ng movie scribe, estudyante muli siya na sinermunan ng titser niya! Hahahaha!

In the final analysis, cute naman ang mga “pagtataray” at mga pagwo-walkout ni Gretchen. Nakakatuwa. Original siya sa mga eksenang iyan. O di vaaahhhh!

Meanwhile, ipapalabas na sa September 5 ang movie ni Gretchen na Diplomat Hotel (una itong ipinalabas last Cinemalaya Indie fest) sa mainstream Cinemas all-over Metro Manila. Watch kayo!


(photos: gretchen barretto, and gretchen with mon confiado, abe pagtama, director christopher ad castillo and sarah gaulger of the “team diplomat hotel”)



(sinulat ni robert manuguid silverio)


muli kayong paiiyakin sa nakakabagbag-damdamin na performance ni miggs cuaderno sa MAGPAKAILANMAN!

Imagebaby miggs with his co-stars in “magpakailanman, gloria garrido story”- mr. rez cortez, enzo pineda, janine guttierez and ms. chanda romero.


(sinulat ni robert manuguid silverio)


Papel ng isang batang may sakit na muscular scoliosis ang ginampanan ni baby Miggs Cuaderno sa susunod na episode ng top-rating TV drama program ng GMA Channel 7 na Magpakailanman.

Sa Davao City pa sila nag-taping ng nasabing episode na ukol sa buhay ng isang letter-sender sa programa na si Gloria Garrido. Pinamagatan itong Gloria Garrido Story and take note, talagang nakakabagbag-damdamin ang performance ni baby Miggs sa nasabing TV program! Lahat ng kapwa niya artista ay napapaiyak na kapag umaarte na siya sa harap ng kamera.

Bale sa episode na ‘yun, tila naman ata pinagtaksilan ng tadhana ang naging buhay ni Gloria Garrido. Tatlo sa mga anak niya ang nagkaroon ng sakit na “muscular scoliosis”! Magmula sa panganay (na ginampanan ni Enzo Pineda), sa pangalawang babaeng anak (na ginampanan ni Janine Guttierez na anak ni Lotlot de Leon in real life at apo rin ni Piita Corrales ) at sa bunso, na ginampanan naman ni Miggs.

Si Ms. Chanda Romero ang gumanap na Gloria Garrido at ang beteranong aktor naman na si Rez Cortez ang gumanap na ama nina baby Miggs at asawa ni Chanda.

Hangang-hanga si direk Adolf Alix, Jr. sa acting ability ni baby Miggs. Sadya palang pinahanap ni direk Adolf si baby Miggs na gumanap sa papel na ‘yun dahil magmula nung mapanood niya si baby Miggs sa dalawang Cinemalaya indie films nito na Quick Change at Purok 7 ay sadyang humanga na siya sa bata.

Incidentally, hindi alam ni baby Miggs na na-nominate pala siya sa nagdaang Cinemalaya awards bilang Best Supporting Actor. Nalaman na lamang niya ito nang isulat ng “Pep.Ph” writer na si Ruel J. Mendoza na isa pala si Miggs sa mga naging nominees doon. Kaya lalong nag-boost ngayon ang confidence ng bata.

Meanwhile, nai-release na sa “YouTube.Com” ang official trailer ng pelikulang Bamboo Flowers, ang next big movie ni baby Miggs na inaabangan na ng lahat. Ito ay entry sa darating na National Film Festival (All Masters Edition) ng Sineng Pambansa. Mula ito sa direksyon ng kanyang mentor at tatay-tatayan na si direk Maryo J. delos Reyes.


Imagemiggs with his mom judy at the taping of “magpakailanman”

Imagemiggs plays at davao city park where they shot the episode of “magpakailanman”

Imagemiggs loves davao city

Imagemiggs with ms. chanda romero

Imagemiggs with janine guttierez

Imagemiggs with enzo pineda

Imagemiggs with direk adolf alix, jr.

Imagemiggs with “daddy” rez cortez!

from yahoo!omg!: Charice’s chilling performance!

ImageYahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom/Getty Images – 2CHICAGO, IL – AUGUST 24: Platinum-selling, international recording sensation Charice sings “The Star Spangled Banner” before the 2013 Civil Rights Game between the Chicago White Sox and the Texas Rangers at U.S. Cellular Field on August 24, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images)


“Charice’s chilling performance!”


It only took a chilling performance to reintroduce the pitch-perfect Charice to Americans after her controversial coming out as lesbian last May.

In her August 24 gig at the MLB (Major League Baseball) Beacon Awards, Charice wowed the crowd at the jampacked, 40,000 seater -US Cellular Field in Chicago with her performance of The Star-Spangled Banner, America’s national anthem.

In a video posted by user HerculeanBreed on YouTube, Americans seemingly couldn’t help but clap even before Charice finished singing their anthem.

“America loves you, Charice. Please stay here in the U.S. Your voice is a gift to the world not just the Philippines,” one comment said.The annual MLB Awards honors three civil rights pioneers in the United States—Beacon of Life Award, Beacon of Change Award and Beacon of Hope Award.

Philippine Star’s Ricky Lo wrote that the international singing sensation also performed “A Change is Gonna Come” at a tribute luncheon for Aretha Franklin.

Charice’s series of performances in the US erased doubts that America may not fully embrace the petite singer.

Booked until December

The “Star”  also reported that according to Charice’s business manager Glenn Aldueza , the singer will hold a solo concert in Berlin with the Russian Orchestra.

Another international album with a still unidentified Grammy-winning writer-producer has been lined up for recording in London in October.

Charice is also reportedly booked for international commitments until December.

Meanwhile, “Power of  Two,” Charice’s concert with Aiza Seguerra is  set on September 28 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.



mixed reactions on the cinemalaya indie film “diplomat hotel” only creates further stir and excitement on its theatrical showing release this coming september 4!

“mixed reactions on the cinemalaya indie film “diplomat hotel” only creates further stir and excitement on its theatrical showing release this coming september 4!”


Yes, you read the title right! The indie film Diplomat Hotel is such an intriguing film! But the thing is, this indie film is among the few indie films done that’s now definitely went MAINSTREAM, with its theatrical release due this coming September 4 at major Metro Manila cinemas nationwide.

It got mixed reactions when people saw it first at the last Cinemalaya 2013 Indie fest last July. New breed of film enthusiasts & film artists loved the film. But the “old-school” type of film directors and writers hated it. And the more it sounded HOTTER for many.

When a blogger saw the movie twice at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, students, young people and “trend-setter” types clapped their hands while they watched the film. A lot of them even “screamed-to-death”! It was well-received by mostly young people.

That’s why this blogger was not surprised at all to learn that this film has now went mainstream, with a theatrical release at that! Great!

Even though the “P.R. people” who handled this film were quite ‘snobbish’ to some who supported their film? Never mind.

With director Christopher Ad Castillo’s charming ways, and with actor Mon Confiado’s utmost sincerity with the media bloggers and press people and sir Abe Pagtama’s warmth, the movie Diplomat Hotel definitely deserved to be “uplifted”!

Let’s all watch again the film’s trailer below and attest further- WHY! Go!


(words by robert manuguid silverio)


actor mon confiado in "diplomat hotel"
actor mon confiado in “diplomat hotel”
ms. gretchen barreto in "diplomat hotel"
ms. gretchen barreto in “diplomat hotel”
the haunted hotel- "diplomat hotel"
the haunted hotel- “diplomat hotel”

Imageabe pagtama who portrayed a brief but very memorable character in the film “diplomat hotel”

Imagedirector of “diplomat hotel”: chrsitopher ad castillo


“got to believe”: channel 2’s newest TV ‘teleserye’ that will blast!



got22The much-awaited series of teen stars Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo “Got To Believe” will finally premiered last August 26.

Directed by box-office director Cathy Garcia-Molina, “Got To Believe” tells the story of an unexpected romance between rich and “spoiled’ prince” Joaquin (Padilla) and Chichay (Bernardo), a simple girl with big dreams.

Last Monday night, Bernardo also promoted the soap’s newest trailer on social media.

Joining Padilla and Bernardo in the new soap are Manilyn Reynes, Benjie Paras, Ian Veneracion and Carmina Villarroel.

On Monday night, ABS-CBN announced the last two weeks of Judy Ann Santos’ hit series “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala.”