MISS WORLD 2013: “Megan Young is Miss World 2013”

megan young: "too young... too deserving to be miss world..."
megan young: “too young… too deserving to be miss world…”
megan: FILIPINA!
megan: FILIPINA!

Megan Young is Miss World 2013



(Newslink Courtesy of: http://www.rappler.com/life-and-style/specials/miss-world/39817-megan-young-miss-world-2013)



MANILA, Philippines – Miss Philippines Megan Young is Miss World 2013.

In the coronation held Saturday, Sept 28, in Bali, Indonesia, the actress turned beauty queen bested 126 candidates from all over the globe, earning for the Philippines its first Miss World title.

Young, who placed first among the top 10 semifinalists also won in the Top Model challenge event and excelled in the Beach Fashion pre-pageant challenge, where she placed 5th.

In the question and answer portion where the candidates were given 30 seconds to tell the judges why they deserve the crown, Young expressed her belief in a “core value of humanity” which guides people’s actions. She hopes to use this to show others how they may contribute to society.

 For the “Beauty with a Purpose” challenge, Megan chose to extend aid to flood victims in the Philippines.

In line with tradition, Young will head straight to London where she will reside during her reign.


Here are the winners:

3rd place: Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter (Ghana)

2nd place: Marine Lorpheline (France)

1st place: Megan Young (Philippines)

– Rappler.com





“mga alaala ng tag-ulan”: a very poetic approach to the art of looking at a very handsome face…

ImageAKIHIRO BLANCO: a very magnetic face



Just because I got so carried-away watching the movie Mga Alaala Ng Tag-Ulan, I already forgot the names of all the characters in the movie. What I simply remembered were the names of the stars in this film, because they exuded so much warmth and tenderness all-throughout the movie, far more outstanding than the characters they portrayed.

Let me excuse myself again, for using the word “I” in this film review/article of mine on the film. Because I could very well relate myself on the film- as if the handsome director of this film (no less than director Ato Bautista) exclusively made this film for me! (?) Ha-ha

As I watched the film, I felt like I was being “swayed-upon” or rocked-upon by an invisible hand that rocks a cradle when I was still a “baby”. The music and the rhythm of the film had a melancholic beat . . . and touch. Up to the very start, until its very precise ending, I was comforted by a great feeling of a poetic scramble within my very soul.

And I knew, it was the director’s intention to do so. And he succeeded.

It’s been more than half of my life since I saw another film like this one. The last one I felt like this was in the American musical movie All That Jazz, done in the year 1979 and directed by the legendary Hollywood film director Bob Fosse. I was barely in my teens then and I was at the very front of the cinema chair when I watched it. It swayed me back and forth like a little baby in a cradle. Now, it happened again… via this film- Mga Alaala Ng tag-Ulan.

I admired the versatility of this film director- Ato Bautista- in which he proved this time around, he could change his directing style for a film in a sudden abrupt way. He could change looks like a chameleon. He could change a feeling or two.

In his last movie Palitan (a film entry in last year’s Cinema One Filmfest), director Bautista applied a different technique. Which was, a realistic approach for a dark-themed movie (Palitan). Now, in Mga Alaala Ng tag-Ulan, he did able to please again one blogger-fan of his- ME. To the max.

What could be more beautiful than Poetry? Because Poems are Eternal. They linger forever like a song that comes from a heart. Like a beautiful vision of an ‘ecstatic’ woman or an ‘angelic’ dream of a very handsome young man. Poetry, like the movies, is a “glimpse” to Eternity.

I felt something oozing out of my innermost juices whenever I looked at the very magnetic and beautiful face of Mr. Akihiro Blanco, the young lead actor of this film. With his simple facial gestures and stares, with his boyish smiles and precise acting nuances via this film, this teen actor, we predict, is next in line to become the next Piolo Pascual and Dingdong Dantes of contemporary Philippine Cinema.

Plus the fact that Akihiro could really act so well in this film! As a matter of fact, he was a revelation! He carried the film all throughout. And he should have won the Best Actor award here for the recently-concluded Cine Filipino awards night.

Another great delight and “awe” when I watched this film was seeing actor Lance Raymundo in an entirely different kind of a personality. He did transform himself to become that character he portrayed, which was a very sacrificing way to do so for an actor of his fine caliber. In this film, it was not the “clean-cut” Lance that we saw, but a “man of the world”, which saw women as simply objects of sex and pleasure. And that’s the reason why Akihiro’s character in the film KILLED him. That kind of man is surely evil, we might say as we watched Lance dying and vomiting blood and Akihiro sitting there like an angel of “triumph”.

It was a very beautiful scene and both actors acted so fine!

Mr. Mon Confiado’s great presence in the film was truly felt. How fascinating it could be to watch an actor without any speaking lines (as he portrayed the character of Akihiro’s dad who suffered in silence and persecution from Akihiro’s mom in the film) but still, you could feel his overpowering “aura” and intensity in each scene. It was a subtlety in an acting style, but no actor could ever portray a hard role like this one- except Mon. With that, we’d want to bow our head to Mon when we see him again in person soon.

Mga Alaala Ng tag-Ulan is a story of a boy who’s far more better than a MAN. He fought hard to win his LOVE. He sacrificed everything just to please the one woman that touched his heart. But n the end, he failed. But his manhood won.

It was a test that came from LIFE itself. And only the rains could subside his feelings and be with his side in times of loneliness.

The woman leaves him, but the actress who portrayed that character of the woman in the film- Ms. Mocha Uson- would never, never leave an audience’s feeling of enchantment and simple beauty of an acting goodness.

Because via this film, Ms. Uson tremendously proved to everyone that she’s a great actress, after all.








(As the words were written, by ROBERT MANUGUID SILVERIO, September 25, 2013).

atty. vince tanada announces his new P.R. man- robert silverio- in the “otso” cast party!

this blogger with vince's handsome nephew-theater actor- JOMAR TANADA BAUTISTA
this blogger with vince’s handsome nephew-theater actor- JOMAR TANADA BAUTISTA
vince with stager monique azerreda
vince with stager monique azerreda


Siguro, isa na nga iyon sa mga “unforgetable nights” para sa isang humble at ordinaryong blogger. One person made him feel so important that night. Isang taong marunong magpahalaga, marunong magmahal, at marunong magbalik ng kabutihan sa mga naitulong sa kanya… walang iba kundi si VINCE TANADA.

Bale ang gabing iyon ay ang cast party ng lahat ng mga taong involved sa pelikulang “Otso”, na ipinalabas kamakailan lamang sa National Film Festival (All Masters Edition) ng Sineng Pambansa. Pero may sorpresa palang nakalaan si Papa Vince sa blogger na ito. In the major highlight of the party- in-anounce niya sa madla na OFFICIALLY, ang blogger na ito na ang PUBLICIST/P.R.O. ni Mr. Vince Tanada and his Philippine Stagers Foundation!

Kitang-kita naman namin sa mga ngiti ng mga colleagues naming sina Rey Pumaloy, Glenn Regondola, at iba pa, ang labis nilang pagkatuwa. Doon ko naramdaman na very sincere pala silang mga kaibigan.

Si Monique Azerreda naman, super na na-touched din ang blogger na ito sa kanya, dahil among the Stagers of PSF, siya ang unang nagsabi sa amin ng salitang- “Congratulations!” in a very soft-spoken way pero damang-dama namin ang kanyang sinseridad sa pagbigkas. Thank you, Monique!

Si Mr. Chris Lim naman, talagang all-out sa pagtulong sa blogger na ito para maistima ng husto ang mga bisita and media press-friends ni Papa Vince. Maski ba sumasakit na ng husto ang mga mata niya sa sobrang pagod at stress. Many thanks to you, daddy Chris!

Sa ibinigay na tiwala at karangalan na ito ni Papa Vince sa amin, we promise to do our task fully and whole-heartedly. Kasi naman, isang very worthwhile undertaking ang makatulong sa isang grupo ng mga maka-sining na nilalang na malaki ang impluwensya at edukasyong ibinibigay sa bawat kabataan at mga estudyante, via their stageplays na nililibot nila all-over the country. Mga stageplays na makabuluhan at ang mithiin ay magbigay ng proper awareness sa kultura at historical values ng bansang Pilipinas.

Pero ngayong nag-aartista na rin sina Papa Vince at ang kanyang Stagers, tila mas lalawak pa ang mundo nila. Malaki rin kasi ang maiko-contribute nila sa mundo ng pelikula.



me, sssip 🙂







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Vince Tañada, tuloy-tuloy ang pagsabak sa pelikula (Todo suporta rin ang lawyer-actor sa mga art film)

vince: a gallant man of theater, and the movies won't take him away now!
vince: a gallant man of theater, and the movies won’t take him away now!
vince: sexy man
vince: sexy man

Vince Tañada, tuloy-tuloy ang pagsabak sa pelikula (Todo suporta rin ang lawyer-actor sa mga art film)


MASAYA si Vince Tañada sa kinalabasan ng kanilang pelikulang Otso ni Direk Elwood Perez.  Bukod sa marami ang nagandahan sa malalim na mensahe at istorya nito, naging number 2 din sa box office sa Sineng Pambansa ang naturang first movie ng pamosong stage actor-director.

Dahil dito ay may follow-up movie na agad ang lawyer actor. “May kasunod po ito, pero aarte lang po ako. Ito ‘yung kay Ronnie Liang po na pelikula, magkokontrabida po ako dun.

“Indie po yun, si Direk Edwood po ang magdidirek. Next week na po yung shooting namin. Parang ano po ito e, sex drama po ito. May homosexual undertones po itong pelikulang ito,” saaad niya.

Parang My Husband’s Lover ba ito? “Hindi po, actually obsession po e, obsession ni Ronnie Liang sa isang hindi ko po alam kung ako na po yun, pero kasama po namin dito si Carlos Celdran, ‘yung tour guide na sumikat dahil sa Damaso issue,” esplika pa ni Vince.

Iyong art film, hindi raw masakyan ng masa, ano ang comment mo rito?

“Kailan pa tayo magsisimula? Kailangan po siguro ibahin na natin…  Kasi, masyado na tayong nasasanay sa mga teleserye. The formula ay paulit ulit na lang po, kasi ay wala tayong hinahain na iba. Siguro, we just attempt to present something new at kapag nasanay na po iyong mga tao, they will appreciate it naman. Kasi ang nangyayari, wala silang choice, iyon at iyon na lang din e, kaya kailangan po nating magbigay ng bago sa mga manonood.”

Nasabi rin niya na ang kagandang ng indie films ay nagbibigay ito ng alternatibo sa mga audience. “Opo, marami na nga pong nakaka-appreciate ng indie e, most especially young people. Kanina po may mga audience kami from La Salle, they were telling me, sorry for my term, ‘Mind fuck! Mind fuck, direk…!  Sabi nila sa akin at nang tinanong ko sila kung happy sila sa product, sabi nila sa akin, ‘Yes sir, kasi it gives us the opportunity to think.’

“Kasi, napakarami po kasi na mga material ngayon na given na lahat. ‘Di ba part naman ng entertainment ‘yung meron ka ring kino-contribute dahil after watching the movie, when you go home, mayroon ka pa ring pag-iisipan,” saad pa ng founder-CEO ng Philippine Stagers Foundation.

Ano ang masasabi niya sa ilang negative na komento ukol sa kanilang pelikula?

“Marami pong nagsasabi considering that I am a stage actor, stagey daw ‘yung acting ko, ‘di raw pampelikula. Gusto ko nga rin pong  sabihin na absurd yung movie. It’s an absurd movie kaya hindi po natin pwede i-judge what is stagey and what is not. Para din po itong buong movie na tungkol dun sa kasinungalingan, so,  hindi po natin puwedeng sabihin kung ano yung tama at kung ano yung mali, kasi nga kasinungalingan yung kabuuan.

“Hindi nyo rin po naman maisip na baka naman si Direk, directed it that way. Kasi I guess the entire film ay inaarte rin ni Direk. Hindi po ba? Baka po inarte ni Direk yung kabuuan ng movie, na instrument lang kami pero siya ‘yung umaarte for us.

“So, iyon yung acting side. Pangalawa po yung sa story. I’m so glad that we have to present something new. Hindi naman po tayo madalas makakita ng ganito. I truly believe that this is similar to world cinema, hindi po siya pang sa atin lang and I’m so glad that people are appreciating it.”



( SINULAT NI:  Mr. Nonie V. Nicasio, article courtesy of hataw tabloid, with internet link below):




Velvet airs the 6th Primetime Emmy Awards


The Philippines’ home of the most prestigious red carpet events is once again bringing the year’s most anticipated awards night!  Velvet airs the 65th Primetime Emmy® Awards live and exclusive from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California on Monday (September 23)

In recognition of outstanding contribution to the television industry, the Primetime Emmy® Awards bestows the U.S. television industry’s highest honors for national primetime and late night programming, with awards presented in 27 categories including areas of exceptional merit. This year’s glamorous event will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris.

This year’s ceremony is especially grand, as legendary solo artist Elton John will be performing for the first time ever on the Emmys® stage. The multi-awarded superstar’s performance will serve as a tribute to the late, world-renowned performer Liberace, whose HBO biopic, “Behind the Candelabra” is nominated for fifteen Emmy Awards this year.

This year’s Emmys® is also bringing forth a well-loved list of presenters, including past winners, nominees and other A-list talents. Among those taking the stage to present the awards are Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Sofia Vergara, Jimmy Kimmel, Alec Baldwin, Claire Danes, Anna Faris, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Bryan Cranston, Will Arnett, Margo Martindale, Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, Andre Braugher, Allison Janney, Kerry Washington, Diahann Carroll, and sisters Emily and Zooey Deschanel.

Aside from all these, the “In Memoriam” segment will be presented in a unique new format this year.  Close friends and co-workers will be paying personal tribute to five individuals from the TV industry, including Jane Lynch, who will remember her friend and “Glee” co-star Cory Monteith; Edie Falco, who will remember “Sopranos” co-star James Gandolfini; Michael J. Fox who will pay tribute to “Family Ties” producer Gary David Goldberg; Rob Reiner will pay tribute to his long time “All in the Family” cast member Jean Stapleton; and Robin Williams will remember his friend and mentor Jonathan Winters (“Mork and Mindy”).

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, deemed one of the most spectacular events in the entertainment industry, will air live on Philippine television on Velvet (SkyCable channel 53) on Monday (September 23) at 8:00 a.m., with an encore telecast at 8:00 p.m. and replays on Tuesday (September 24) at 8:00 p.m. and Saturday (September 28) at 9:00 p.m. For updates, follow @VelvetChannel on Twitter and like www.facebook.com/VelvetChannel.





Bilang bahagi ng tradisyon ng paghahandog ng mga de-kalidad at “world class” na programa sa mga Pilipino, dadalhin ng ABS-CBN sa bansa ang patok na international game show na “Bet On Your Baby” kung saan si Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo ang magho-host.

Susubukin sa “Bet On Your Baby” kung gaano kakilala ng mga kalahok na magulang ang kanilang mga supling na may edad dalawa hanggang tatlo’t kalahating taong gulang. Kaya’t simula nang mailunsad ang game show na ito ngayong taon lang sa Estados Unidos at Turkey, agad itong napamahal sa kanilang mga manonood.


Maliban sa Pilipinas, kasado na rin sa bansang China ng kanilang edisyon ng nasabing game show.


Matapos naman mag-host sa matagumpay na season ng “MasterChef Pinoy Edition” at “Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition” kung saan ginawaran siya ng Anak TV award, handa nang sumabak si Judy Ann sa pagho-host ng kanyang kauna-unahang game show kung saan siya ay nakaka-relate ng husto.

Malapit sa puso ni Juday ang hosting stint sa “Bet On Your Baby” lalo’t bilang isang hands-on mom, akma sa kanya ang mensahe ng programa na importanteng kilalanin nang husto ang sariling anak.

Tatlong pamilya naman ang lalahok sa bawat episode ng “Bet On Your Baby.” Bawat pamilya ay sasabak sa tatlong round, ang initial round, puzzle round, at ang jackpot round. Sa una at ikalawang round, isa sa mga magulang ng bata ay magbibigay ng hula kung ano ang magiging resulta ng gagawin ng anak nila sa loob ng “Baby Dome,” kung saan kasama ng kanyang partner ang kanilang anak. Ang lahat ng mga pamilyang makakakumpleto ng first round ay makakatanggap ng P10,000.

Sa pangalawang round naman ay mag-uunahan ang mga pamilya na malutas ang isang challenge, at ang unang makakalutas ay tutuloy sa jackpot round, kung saan mabibigyan sila ng pagkakataon para masungkit ang P1 milyon.

Malapit ng mapanood sa ABS-CBN ang “Bet On Your Baby.” Para sa mga update, i-like ang “Bet On Your Baby” sa Facebook (www.facebook.com/betonyourbabyph) at sundan ang @betonyourbabyph sa Twitter o ang betonyourbabyphilippines sa Instagram.


ang gitara ni baby miggs… (a review in the pilot episode of “kahit nasaan ka man”, new tv teleserye of channel 7)




Isa na namang magandang obra-maestra ang nilikha ng magaling manunulat sa telebisyon na walang iba kundi si Suzette Doctolero. Sa pilot episode ng bagong teleserye ng channel 7 na “Kahit Nasaan Ka Man”, damang-dama mo na – na isa itong napakagandang teleserye ukol sa pagibig, pag-asa at musika. At tinitiyak namin, magiging isa na naman itong top-rater at magtatagal ng husto sa pananatili sa ere.

Dapat lang sigurong lagi nilang ipapakita ang batang aktor na si Miggs Cuaderno sa mga flashback scenes sa mga future episodes ng programa, dahil sadyang may simbolismong pinapakita ang batang aktor at ang katauhan niya sa istorya ng teleseryeng ito.

Sa pilot episode pa lamang ng programa, si “baby” Miggs na ang nagdala ng programa. Mapang-hamon ang bawat eksena niya sa pilot episode na ‘yun at nagmapanan niya ng buong husay. Si Miggs bale ang ‘batang Kristoffer Martin’ sa programang ito. At napaka-importante ng mga karanasang pinagdaanan niya nu’ng bata pa siya para mai-konek sa pangkasalukuyang istorya at mga pangyayari sa bagong teleseryeng ito.

Bukod kay Miggs, kahanga-hanga rin ang naging portrayal ng aktres na si Rita Avila sa pilot episode. Siya ang gumanap na ina ni Miggs (na kapag binata na ay si Kristofer martin na). Iniwan ng karakter ni Rita ang anak niya. Nawala na lang siya ng sukat. At kinailangang mabuhay ng mag-isa ni Miggs, ng na-iisa. Nauna rito ay namatay rin ang kanyang ama (na magaling ding ginampanan ni Eppy Quizon) sa isang trahedyang pangyayari na kung saan ay napatay ito habang lumalaban sa mga nagde-demolish sa kanilang mga tahanan sa isang lugar ng squatter’s area. Ang matindi pa rito,tinanggap ng ina ni Miggs ang “kabayaran” sa kanyang bangkay. Kaya hindi na nila naiburol pa ito ng marangal.

Tila nawala na sa sarili ang ina ng karakter ni Miggs. Naghanap pa sila ng mga trabaho, nguni’t sila’y tinatanggihan.

Sa kanyang pag-iisa, ang tanging naging karamay na lamang ni Miggs ay ang kanyang GITARA. At ang MUSIKA.

Sa mga pagbabalik-gunita niya nu’ng nabubuhay pa ang kanyang ama, ito ang nagturo sa kanya upang kumanta at tumugtog ng gitara. Dito lamang siya nakadarama ng kaligayahan at katiwasayan ng damdamin. Ito ang kanyang buhay.

Nguni’t isang araw na gutom na gutom si Miggs, naipagbili niya ang kanyang gitara sa halagang isandaang piso lamang at isang pananghalian. Kailangan kasi niyang maitawid ang kanyang sikmura. Kailangan niyang mag-“survive”.

Maibabalik pa kaya muli ang GITARA ni Miggs?

Oo. dahil ipinakita na sa pilot telecast na ‘yun ang pag-appear ng “grown-up” character ni Miggs na si Kristofer Martin. Siya ang nagkukuwento ng mga pangyayari sa buhay niya nuong bata pa siya. Isang istoryang totoong nagaganap sa bawat nilalang… Dahil marami-rami na rin kaming naririnig na mga kuwentong tulad nito sa mga tunay na tao, mga kakilala at mga kaibigan. Kaya hindi ito isang “fairy-tale” lamang.

Another “goldmine” from channel 7 for having this new teleserye that will touch everyone’s heart-



(sinulat ni robert manuguid silverio)


kahit nasaan ka man

miggs cuaderno: a sensitive portrayal
miggs cuaderno: a sensitive portrayal
miggs: should be seen more in gma 7's new teleserye "nasaan ka man"
miggs: should be seen more in gma 7’s new teleserye “nasaan ka man”
ms. rita avila: great acting
ms. rita avila: great acting