no more septembers…



no more septembers…
no more goodbyes…
no more waitings…

just no more.

september is just an alibi…
soldiers never die…
heroes are always welcome

warriors of the skies
tasks are hard…
but friends, families and girlfriends-
are hard to find.

i will always bear
i can always sacrifice…

but please, just please…
from now on…



robert manuguid silverio, as the words were written on the date of april 30.



attuy. vince tanada, the director of the four competing written plays by the members of philippine stagers foundation, with psf's best actress awardee cyndi liper.
attuy. vince tanada, the director of the four competing plays, written by the members of philippine stagers foundation, relaxes on the picture above with psf best actress awardee- cindy liper.




jomar tanada bautista
jomar bautista
kevin posadas
kevin posadas
gabby bautista
gabby bautista
jm encinas
jm encinas
john san antonio
john san antonio



This play was written by a young newcomer-member of Philippine Stagers Foundation, in person of Ms. Arien Santos. It tackled the enormously complicated relationship of a gay father and his gay son, as they both

died and they both were being held on a ‘heavenly and unique trial’ before they could enter HEAVEN.

The setting of this play was quite absurd and unique.

The characters were all gay, even the old ‘woman-like’ prosecuting judge and at the same time, also the ‘holder’ of the keys to heaven (portrayed with ‘angst’ by Jomar Tanada) was a ‘cross-dresser’ who wore a sexy evening gown. This old gay angel, along with two gay angels- one sent forth by heaven, and the other one, represents a dark angel sent forth by ‘purgatory’- added more delight to this dark comedic play with a dramatic twist.

JM Encinas, the very promising theater actor of PSF, was very impressive with his sensitivity and dramatic attacks to his gay character-son of a physically disabled gay father.

Kevin Posadas as the pretty transvestite angel assigned by heaven looked elegant, cool and candid-with a delicate touch of humor in characterizing his fantasy role, and to add, this handsome actor looked very much like a very pretty and ‘poised’ angel of death.

The other transvestite angel, portrayed by Angelo Camus, who was the ‘angel of death’ on purgatory’s side acted it out in ‘total character’ and wit. But Kevin stole the show away from him in most of the scenes.

John Paul San Antonio as the gay father was convincing and fitted the role so well, along with the other members and supporting players of the cast.

But somebody else stole the attention, aside from JM Encinas. It was Gabby Bautista, the child theater actor of PSF. He really ACTED with great “awe and wonder”. His role in this competing play for the National Theater Festival of PSF (Philippine Stagers Foundation) was the main ingredient and ‘soul’ of the play. The revelation of his character at the ending and final scene of the play was tremendous, heartwarming and captivating to the hearts of the audience who watched this play on its special and intimate preview.

It was the message of this play- that, of FORGIVENESS and LOVE- that made this play truly wonderful.

And the play’s director- Atty. Vince Tanada, put so much justice and execution in providing that.


cindy liper
cindy liper
patrick libao
patrick libao


Written by Patrick Adrian Libao, this play tackled violence, sorrow and hatred. But it was presented by the writer in different way and with total originality and form, that somehow, the violence and hatred within

the story was totally embraced, understood and accepted.

Ms. Cindy Liper, a Best Actress awardee of PSF, portrayed the role of an endearing but mysterious Catholic nun who dared challenge the profound machismo and unaltered ego of the lead male character portrayed by the writer of the play himself, Mr. Patrick Libao.

The nun and the bandit were caught in a web “of burdening mental anguishes as the results of the Japanese occupation in the most saddening episode of Philippine history”.

The male bandit recalled in one scene of the play his very tragic past – wherein his whole family were all slaughtered by the Japanese soldiers and his female neighbors in a town- raped. While many infant babies were stabbed by the bayonets of the Japanese.

It changed him as a man and he became a fugitive.He couldn’t forgive.

But there was a great twist in the character of the female nun when she finally revealed to the bandit her true self- that she was the one who was raped and almost killed by this same male bandit she’s facing now and convincing to forgive for a chance and a closure to his dark past. The male bandit, upon realizing the true identity of the nun he was in confrontation with, was in an undescribable state of shock.., in agony, and in great disbelief.

For the first time, a female member of PSF proved her greatness and shone so brightly in this very dramatic play. From hereon, other female ‘Stagers’ would no longer suffer less in comparison to the male ‘Stagers’. With this great deliverance of an acting prowess from Ms. Liper, the female ‘Stagers’ have redeemed themselves and would no longer be labeled inferior to the men.

Kudos to the director of this play- Atty. Vince Tanada, again, for motivating fully the only two characters of this ‘play-act’. Without the director’s touch, the fragility of the characters within this play could have been easily broken.

A well-researched play that would put you in a ‘time travel’ of a long and almost forgotten past of the true Filipinos as they were then before, this play stood uniquely with itself. It captured the perfect texture, mood and feeling of a historical but conflicting, ‘tearful’ past.


jv cruz
jv cruz
rotsen etolle
rotsen etolle
cherry ann bagtas
cherry ann bagtas
nikki villaviray
mark miranda
mark miranda
poul garcia
poul garcia
art gabrentina
art gabrentina


3.) “COURSE-OH!”

Written by JV Cruz and Rotsen Etolle, this another competing play for the National Theater Festival of PSF gathered an array of fine PSF theater actors. It featured Cherrie Ann Bagtas, Nikki Joy Villaviray, Mark Miranda, Art Gabrentina, Poul Garcia and Kevin Posadas.

The setting was so lovable and charismatic that complemented to the very light attack of how the play was written and somehow transformed. And it left one member of the audience- a blogger-, breathless and overjoyed.

The simplicity of this play was the main ingredient why it really stood-out among the rest of the competing plays, plus the fact that it made the audience laugh a lot and get delighted. With the play’s lightness of delivering a powerful message to the youth and to the graduating highschool students as well, who are about to go into College and decide which College course to take, it only showed great concern and apathy to the young.

The excellence felt via this play could not be easily be pointed at. Could it be the fine acting of the whole cast? Or, the direction of Atty. Vince Tanada? The superb setting? The writers? Nevertheless, it all boiled into one: The play greatly delivered its pure intention.

That, of making you feel young all over again.

monique azerreda
monique azerreda
kierwin larena
kierwin larena



Written by Monique Azerreda, this melodramatic play which highlighted a love triangle and woman pregnancy’s ill-results to the lives of lovers and partners with great hopes for the future-, was intense but subdued, moreso, TIGHT.

And looking at the main three performers at the opening scene of the play was indeed, profoundly HEAVENLY.

They were all very beautiful and handsome. They exuded a great aura of angelic looks, totally enthralling. Even the most beautiful popular actresses and actors could be less at par- with the very polished and beauteous/handsome looks of the three leads in this play that implied a ‘personal touch’.

You’d feel happier after that, a little short after gazing at them at the opening scene wherein the three of them sat in all the three sides of a white table infront of the stage- all dressed in white, and looking like enigmatic statuesques- because you’d know that theater actresses and an actor like these were better not to be exposed too much, but rather, kept and stored like tasteful & expensive wines. It’s good, too, that they’re now  in the theater world exclusively, because the ‘essences’ of their good looks and magnifying acting talents would be much more cherished, valued… and respected. Rather than be put into some scandalous tabloid rumors and gossips to boost a star’s popularity.


The main three performers of this play were: Monique Azerreda, Allence Villanueva and Kierwin Larena.

The play was intact but stylish. All the three performers- Monique, Allence & Kierwin acted with a great kind of “intense subtlety”.Truly, they were all so very good.

Atty. Vince Tanada, who again directed this play, achieved what the play had desired for- that of showing a woman’s ‘roller-coaster ride’ to a man’s heart and a man’s fault.

While loving two women at the same time.



words written by robert manuguid silverio

atty. vince tanada, resident director and founder of PSF (philippine stagers foundation) with actor kevin posadas
atty. vince tanada, resident director and founder of PSF (philippine stagers foundation) with actor kevin posadas



note: Philippine Stagers Foundation’s National Theater Festival will conclude on Saturday, May 4, 2013, with its last two competing plays to be performed and staged on that said date. PSF’s New Theater Season will begin by the month of July by staging two new plays- “Bonifacio: Isang Zarzuela” and “Pedro Calunsod: The Musical” simultaneously.

sssip 🙂


chris: a real & eternal theater actor.
chris: a real & eternal theater actor.



MEN. The most perfect creation of GOD.

MEN. Grown-up boys that continues ‘play’ with life’s many struggles.

MEN. The brave ones. The fighters in the field. The advocates of goodwill. The prime movers of CHANGE.

MEN. The warriors. The saviours. The soldiers. And most of all, the ‘revolutionaries’ and the ‘democrats’…


IN THE latest play written by Atty. Vince Tanada, all these definitions and infinite feelings about men were clearly captured and felt.

The title of the play: “Dilaw O Pula”.

One blogger could almost touch the ‘souls’ of the two male characters of the play, as they tried to escape the past that kept on coming back inside the tiny jailhouse cell they both shared together.

It was all too painful. You’d cry as they enacted the tortures inflicted on them by the “people in authority” who both jailed them.

The physical dillemas, the sufferings, the mental anguish…

And it was presented in such a very dark & artistic “torment” acted onstage as the two lead characters briskly changed emotions- minute by minute- and the mood varied and the texture changed.

It was a very hard task for the actors. Changing your emotions at once onstage could bring you DELUSIONS. But the two male leads bravely handled it- the result was FANTASTIC.

Beautiful, horrifying, dramatic.

KIERWIN LARENA played the “red” man.

His face was extremely handsome onstage, but it didn’t distract the many unique “characterizations” he sensitively portrayed as he acted-out those “evil” characters, mingled with “good & symphatetic” ones that dwelt upon his life as a RED man.

Yes, again, one blogger could almost touch Kierwin’s soul.

His voice was distinctly manly- deep and penetrating. The “eye-stares” were very much embracing…

He sat there onstage looking at his fellow inmate, but you’d already cried, along with his simple body movements and implied words.

When he bared his body- in one totally naked sex scene and kissing scene with his fellow male inmate- you won’t feel “off”. It was magical to look at. Almost like “an eternity”… As two beautiful male inmates bonded and shared their love in one passionate ACT…

Chris Lim was the YELLOW man.

He was the hopeful character. The fellow male inmate that the RED man loved for eternity.

The yellow man tried his best to look at life inside that tiny cell with great optimism. Lifting-up the spirit of the fellow inmate who loved him most. And took care of his unpacked clothes and things because he’s hopeful that they’d be freed soon.

In the last night of the day to come for their release, the passion became too strong and they kissed each other so hard on the lips. The kiss lasted long and they embraced each other tightly, until they both stripped totally NAKED while standing and it led to the most powerful CLIMAX that one ‘thirsty blogger of artistic performances’  had ever seen ACTED upon onstage.

Chris Lim was so awesome in this ‘nerve-wrecking’ play.

While Kierwin was so POWERFUL. He could command everyone to stare at him- the whole audience- as he masterfully delivered his ‘unforgettable’ performance.

At first glance, Kierwin might look like ‘just another guy next door’, but to almost everyone’s surprise, he’s the most powerful theater actor (most of all to the blogger who had watched the exhibition/intimate preview of this play) you had ever seen. Truly wonderful.

The play is slated to compete at the coming Palanca Awards for Literature and will soon be staged by the Philippine Stagers Foundation.

And again for the last time, for  that same ‘thirsty’ blogger, he concluded and  could confidently assure to everyone else that this play was better than the Broadway version of “Kiss of the Spiderwoman”? Though, Atty. Vince Tanada admitted that it was somehow inspired from that said Broadway play….

And to add, a lot better than the recently-staged “Halik Ng Tarantula” of Ms. Bebe Gandanghari? For now and ever, we dare say YES.

But the play “Dilaw o Pula” was independent in touch and ‘look’, it was as if, it’s the most original one. How could Mr. Vince Tanada do this?

With his sensitivity, maybe? With his compassionate soul? Or with his utmost manliness?

We could never be sure. But we would soon bend our knees infront of VINCE…
Hold his hands and say:
“You’re simply great.”



words by robert manuguid silverio


chris: an awesome performance!
chris: an awesome performance!








Isang source na hindi kami kailanman sinunog at kinuryente ang nakapagbulong sa amin na nakikipagkita na ngayon si Gretchen Barretto sa kanyang mga abogado para tilad-tilarin ang mga nilalaman ng opisyal na pahayag ng kanyang inang si Mommy Inday Barretto kamakailan.

Hindi na kailangan pang deretsahin ng aming source, kapag nakikipag-usap sa abogado ang kahit sino ay paniguradong nandu’n ang intensyon ng panghihingi ng ayudang legal, kundi nakademanda ay magdedemanda ang sangkot sa kuwento.

Reaksyon ng aming source: “Hindi na ‘yung sasabihin ng mga tao ang para kay Gretchen ngayon, sobrang naapektuhan siya sa mga pinagsasabi ng mommy niya. Of all people, sariling ina pa niya ang nangwasak sa kanya mula ulo hanggang paa!”

Madiing sinabi ng aming imormante na sampung doble ang tama nu’n kay Gretchen, sanay daw naman ang aktres na napipitik-naaalipusta siya bilang artista, pero bilang tao ay ngayon lang siya minenos at siniraan ng ganitong katindi.

Una, hindi raw sukat-akalain ni Gretchen na si Mommy Inday pa pala ang eentra sa pagpapatsutsadahan nila ng kanyang nakababatang kapatid na si Claudine. Itinulak man ito o hindi ni Claudine, nasabi na ni Mommy Inday ang mga salitang sobrang ikinapahiya at nakapanakit ng husto sa damdamin ng kanyang anak na si Gretchen, at ayon pang muli sa aming source, ay sobrang sama ng loob at pagkaawa sa sarili ang sumuntok sa aktres nang mabasa ang mga litanya ng kanyang ina.


“Ang nasabi na ay nasabi na, eh”, patuloy na wika ng aming source. “Kahit ano’ng paliwanag pa ang gawin ngayon ni Gretchen ay nakauna na ang kanyang ina. Ang tanging hope na lang niya ngayon, eh, ang pagkakilala sa kanya ng kanyang mga kamag-anak, ng mga kaibigan ng kanilang pamilya na na nakakaalam ng totoong istorya kung bakit ganito si Mommy Inday sa kanya.”


Totoo nga ba ang kuwento na mula nang tumigil si Gretchen sa pagbibigay ng sustento sa kanyang ina dahil sa pansarili niyang dahilan at nadiskubre ay sobra-sobra na ang naging galit nito sa kanya?

“It’s not for me to nswer that, why don’t you ask Gretchen?”, makahulugang tugon pa ng aming source sa kanyang pagtatapos na kuwento.


(words by cristy s. fermin)


lance raymundo talks about “alaala ng tag-ulan”

lance: in character, but many different moods
lance: in character, but many different moods

“Napagkamalan akong Brazilian one time”, bungad na sabi ni Lance sa blogger na ito when they met more than two weeks ago sa Jollibee. “Sa premiere night ‘yun ng isang indie movie. Somebody thought I was a Brazilian hunk because of my new look.”
Lance looked darker and dirty. May balbas na sya and very shabby-looking, but very manly. A far cry doon sa dating look ni Lance na very neat-looking and decent. Magkaparehong-magkapareho na sila ngayon ng porma at ‘dating’ ng isa pa naming hinahangaang celebrity- ang indie film director na si Dan Villegas. Ganu’n na rin ang dating Papa Lance. Tipong artist na ‘artist na artist’! Naging kahawig pa niya ang Hollywood actor-singer na si Jared Leto.


indie film dan villegas
indie film director dan villegas
hollywood actor-band vocalist jared leto
hollywood actor-band vocalist jared leto

“Buti na lang I had more time to change my look and my character”, patuloy na sabi ni Lance sa blogger na ito. “Ilang delays and postponements din ang naganap bago natuloy ang story conference namin for Alaala Ng Tag-Ulan. Medyo naging hectic kasi ang skeds ng ibang co-actors ko sa said movie at hinintay pa namin. But blessing in disguise, I had more time to work-out and box at the gym to prepare for my character in the said film.”
Na-challenge ng husto si Lance sa direktor niya ditong si direk Ato Bautista. Kasi ba naman, nu’ng mag-workshop sila for the said film, direk Ato only gave Lance 25% average sa kanyang total look and character. Kaya gustong bumawi ni Lance at nagpursige sya.


Laking gulat na lamang ni direk Ato nu’ng muli niyang makita si Lance sa story conference nila. Ibang-ibang Lance na! Akmang-akma sa karakter nitong gagampanan sa film nila. And at that instant- direk Ato gave Lance an average of 100% as the perfect actor for that character in his film.
Tuwang-tuwa naman si Lance sa pangyayaring ito dahil hindi nasayang ang efforts niya. Even his co-actors were so amazed with Lance’s great transformation!
“Ang karakter ko kasi sa movie, ako yung rugged and mature na boyfriend ni Mocha”, sabi ni Lance. “Yung character naman ni Akihiro, tipong i-idolize ako. So I needed to look more mature para hindi magmukhang magka-edad lang kami ni Akihiro.”
Sandamakmak ngayon ang mga offers kay Lance since nagbago siya ng look. Kaya naman hindi magkandaugaga ang manager niyang si Shandii Bacolod kung anu-ano sa mga TV and movie offers ang tatanggapin nila.
Somebody whispered: “Lance is the new Mark Gil of Philippine Cinema.”
In terms of goodness and talent, we did agree.
Korek ba kami dyan, direk Shandii?


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

taken from mocha's tweet post: lance raymundo (far right) joins his co-actors, his director and friends from the indie film project "alala ng tag-ulan"
taken from mocha’s tweet post: lance raymundo (far right) joins his co-actors, his director and friends from the indie film project “alala ng tag-ulan”
lance models C-MEN beachwear
lance models C-MEN beachwear

“isa pa nga, papa lance”…

lance: one more time
lance: one more time

Isa pa nga, Papa Lance.
Isa pang matinding film project na magpapakilig sa lahat…
Tulad ng pagpapakilig na ginawa mo sa madla nu’ng gawin mo ang mga pelikulang “Fidel” at “Paglilitis Kay Andres Bonifacio”.
Kung saan, nakita ng lahat ang angking kagalingan mo sa pagganap…

Isa pa nga, Papa Lance…
Dahil sa bawat pelikulang gawin mo, nag-iiba ang karakter mo.
At ngayon, may isa pang bago.
Ngayon, isang “totally-rugged” and “man-of-the-world” look na ang nakikita namin.
Malayong-malayo duon sa “angelic and wholesome” Lance.
May balbas ka na ngayon, moreno na ang balat at kay tagal mo na ring hindi pinapagupitan ang iyong buhok…

Isa pa nga, Papa Lance.
Dahil may bago kang pelikula ngayon na akmang-akma sa “new look” mo.
Ito ang pelikulang “Alaala Ng Tag-ulan” na ididirehe ni Ato Bautista. Kasama mo pa sina Papa Mon Confiado, Mocha at Akihiro Blanco.
At balita namin, magkakaroon ka ng mga grabeng “sex scenes” dito kay Mocha, ha…
Naku naman.

Isa pa nga, Papa Lance.
Oo, isa pa nga.

mga salitang nilikha ni: robert manuguid silverio

a new look for lance
a new look for lance

joaquin barretto defends gretchen! (from

joaquin barretto defends gretchen! (from


The more the messier: Barretto brother joins fray, defends Gretchen vs mother, Claudine
By Anna Cañoneo, · Thursday, April 25, 2013 · link below:


Joaquin and Gretchen Barretto.

Hours after Barretto matriarch Inday came to daughter Claudine’s defense in a scathing open letter to Gretchen, her son Joaquin — older brother to Gretchen, Marjorie and Claudine — released a statement late Wednesday, coming to Gretchen’s rescue in a brief but damning open letter to their mother.

First, Joaquin called her mother’s letter “shocking and hurtful”.

“But what bothers me most is that while she attacks my sister Gretchen and pictures her as evil personified, she seems to have forgotten the truth,” he said.


Joaquin wrote that their mother had put Claudine on a pedestal, magnifying her achievements while labeling daughter Gretchen as a mere ST Queen.

However, he said it was Gretchen who stood as the family’s breadwinner since she joined showbiz at an early age.

“(W)ho took over the role of her parents, worked at the age of 12, gave up her education to put her siblings to school?” Joaquin asked.

He added that it was Gretchen who provided for the family, paying the rent, electricity and even their father’s hospital bills when the latter suffered from a heart condition.

The bitter family feud stemmed from the bashing received by Marjorie Barretto’s daughter, Julia, on Instagram. Julia, a former child star, was recently launched as a member of Star Magic, the Kapamilya network’s talent agency where Claudine once glittered as one of its crown jewels.

Barretto siblings Gretchen and Marjorie came to Julia’s defense by posting messages on Instagram directed towards an unknown user believed to be their sister Claudine. Both sisters were of one mind that it was Claudine who posted the hateful messages. Their salvo had apparently prompted their mother to take her youngest daughter’s side.

A photo of Joaquin’s signed letter, which was handed out to media late Wednesday. (Anna Cañoneo/InterAksyon)

Although Gretchen remained mum on the issue, Joaquin answered their mother’s accusations point by point, even going so far as to admit that their family had been privy to Claudine’s condition and that it was their parents who had her put in a hospital to “save her from destroying herself.”

“Yes, Claudine is going through rough times. Again, if you truly love her you should take concrete steps to save her rather than hitting Gretchen simply because she is standing up to Claudine,” he said.

Joaquin also said his mother got her facts wrong about who started this latest feud between Gretchen and Claudine.

“You claimed that Gretchen has been calling Claudine’s children names to her face. But how is that ever possible when Gretchen had long stopped taking Claudine’s calls?” he pointed out.

Joaquin noted that it was Claudine “who had repeatedly said she was going to make an expose”. He said she made good on this threat with the bashing of Julia on Instagram, prompting Gretchen to defend Julia.

Joaquin also praised Gretchen by saying how she had protected him and his siblings for a long time, which makes him, believe that it is Gretchen who truly cares for Julia.

In closing, Joaquin issued a plea to their mother Inday to put a stop to the feuding “while there is still something to save”.

Mom tells Gretchen: ‘You are a liar!’

(from blogsite, link below):

Mom tells Gretchen: ‘You are a liar!’
Posted at 04/24/2013 9:18 AM 
Socialite actress Gretchen Barretto


MANILA, Philippines — Socialite actress Gretchen Barretto has been called a “liar” by her own mother, Inday Barretto.

In a statement published by entertainment journalist Ricky Lo in the Philippine Star newspaper, mom Inday blew her top after years of keeping all the pains brought by Gretchen to their family.

“You are a liar, Gretchen. Many of your preys will attest to that soon. That is the style that you use when you want to play with other people’s lives!” Inday said.

Inday belied all the accusations allegedly leveled by Gretchen to her sister, controversial actress Claudine Barretto.

On Gretchen’s alleged statement that Claudine will block her niece Julia Barretto’s entry to showbiz: ” Who did Claudine say it to… you? Or did you just make this up to put Claudine in trouble with Star Magic and make Julia’s big following angry with Claudine? You did that before. Besides, Julia is very much ‘in’ at Star Magic now.”

She also belied the accusation that Claudine will ruin Julia’s career.

“Why would she? Next to Marjorie, no one can love those (Marjorie’s) children more than Claudine!!! There is a track record to that. At hindi isang kagaya mo lang ang maka-manipulate niyan. Huwag mo naman gawing tanga ‘yung mga tao, Gretchen. They and we all know that ‘Claudine holds no power over the industry!’ Who do you think Claudine is — the Evil Queen of Bhutan?”

She also answered allegations that Gretchen called Claudine the “only Teleserye Princess of ABS-CBN until eternity.”

“Did she tell you that or did you make it up again to block her entry to an ABS-CBN project? First of all, Claudine was not a Teleserye Princess. She was ABS-CBN Teleserye Queen during her time, just like you were ST Queen during yours. And, hello, showbiz holds no franchise to eternity. Owners and big bosses go to hell, too, or to heaven in time!’

“You told Claudine that she has no more career to go back to. Bakit, si Malou Santos ka ba, si Vic del Rosario ka ba? Ipadadampot — for what? (Planted or framed up.) There are bashers — 10, 15 or more, when one is popular — and still you would still like to accuse your sister as the culprit!”


“Violent tendencies”


Mommy Inday also talked about Gretchen’s alleged claims that Claudine has violent tendencies and has mental problem.

“Ay, talaga? Correct! Nagbabasag ng plato at tasa ‘yan; buti na lang plastic, hindi ‘yung regalo ni Pres. Erap sa wedding. I saw Claudine nagbato ng sapatos, natamaan ang pusa! Nabasa ‘yung shoes. I also witnessed you, Gretchen, ah! When you were throwing expensive plates and vases at that time I was called to go to your place because nagwawala ka and you were threatening to swallow pills. Muntik pa nga akong matamaan kaya I ran out of the house to the car on a Typhoon Signal No. 3, soaking wet. Pinalayas ako!’

“Yes, Claudine’s career slowed down but her talent did not! What she holds on ‘record’ for achievement, is ‘not gone’ for how can you lose what you already have in your hand and kept in people’s mind? She doesn’t have to prove anything. Julia and others will fare on their own — never dependent on anyone, comparable to none. They each have a gift from God! Oh yes, Julia is terrific, another good one coming. You are insecure if you believe anyone can block that! For the record, that (your insecurity) can be supported by a well-known doctor.”

On Claudine has mental problem: “Claudine has no ‘mental illness’…’mental torture,’ yes, courtesy of an evil manipulation! Some of these incidents will support it. You attack Claudine with verbal abuse by phone and text messages, like these: Sabina — negra daughter of yours, Santino — abnoy, Raymart — bakla for not siding with you.”


“Gretchen is evil”


Mommy Inday said Gretchen has no right to call her sister evil.

“Do not call Claudine evil! Do not start giving away that title that belongs to you and you alone, now that it’s burning your palm and scarring your beautiful face.
Some basher called Julia ‘maarte’ and you blow your top! You call Claudine evil, prepare to attack her and you want me to be angelic?”

“Ang dali-dali n’yo lang manakit ng tao. Power drunk! Pero pag kayo na, konting pitik gusto n’yo na magpakulong. I am taking this fight — now in front of the battle. I am going to take all the bullets you shoot. Watch and beware it will ricochet kapagka ina na ang binaril. Stop, please stop. Stop it na, ha! Stop it naaaaa!!!”

“For the longest time now and all these years you did nothing but make it your favorite pastime to play with the lives of my family, the family you are ashamed to own, in spite of the fact that I brought you all up well, humble and human! You have attacked, accused, maligned and tried to destroy each and everyone of us in the eyes of society, starting from your father, I your mother, and each and everyone of your siblings including their partners!

“People ask and some who do not know any better, might believe that maybe we’re cruel parents, neglectful and remiss in our duties to you! Only, you, alone? Because no one else is complaining about their childhood! How easy for me to have explained my side, but how can a mother defend herself without destroying a child of hers no matter that she is EVIL? Most importantly, I could not in all conscience correct the bad ‘impression’ (image) you gave us. The truth is: This impression is the ‘Deceptive Device’ you used to hook your man and landed you on the moon shining bright like a diamond! I kept mum not wanting to rock your world but you are wrecking ours!”

In the end, mommy Inday said that she’s now letting go of her child Gretchen to save Claudine, who’s always been there for her and their family.

“Gretchen, I am not a wimp, never been one, but lahat may ‘hangganan.’ I have protected you all these years without exposing to the world the real you. But you have pushed many of us to the wall. There’s no other way but for us to defend our names! I have always loved you as one of my own, and always will, but love of my family belongs to the heart and not in the garbage can!”

“I am letting go of a child now who never wanted me in order to save one who has always been there for all, and with all of her love…Claudine!”


from sssip 🙂

We believe, this is one personal family matter. Very personal, that this blogger refuses to comment or take sides with. But we hope, Miss Gretchen Barretto could still someday pick-up the broken pieces of her family life…

Gretchen has just finished shooting the film “Diplomat Hotel”, with Mon Confiado and Art Acuna. It’s under the direction of Christopher Ad Castillo, to be shown on the month of July at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.




Sa trailer pa lang ng pelikulang “On The Job”, produced by Star Cinema Productions, ay humanga na ang blogger na ito sa kakaibang approach na ginawa ng direktor nitong si Erik Matti. Kaya naman nu’ng lumabas na sa internet viral world ang trailer ng said movie, agad-agad namin itong nai-blog. At hindi kami, muli, nagkamali sa aming “panlasa”. Hayan at pasok na ngayon sa Director’s Fortnight ng Cannes International Film festival ang nabanggit na pelikula. All Filipinos must again be proud of this great achievement.
Nasa video sa itaas ang pag-announce ng isang French spokesperson na si Edouard Waintrop ukol sa mga napili nilang pelikula sa Cannes Filmfest.
Wala na kaming masasabi pa! Congrats sa lahat ng taong involved sa pelikulang ito!
“ON THE JOB”, coming soon!




La Sélection 2013

* Film concourant pour la Caméra d’OrA Strange Course of Events de Raphaël Nadjari
Première mondiale

Les Apaches* de Thierry de Peretti
Première mondiale

Après la nuit* de Basil Da Cunha
Première mondiale

Blue Ruin de  Jeremy Saulnier
Première mondiale

Le Congrès de Ari Folman

La Danza de la realidad de Alejandro Jodorowsky
Première mondiale

L’Escale* de Kaveh Bakhtiari
Première mondiale

La Fille du 14 Juillet* de  Antonin Peretjatko
Première mondiale

Henri de Yolande Moreau
Première mondiale

Ilo Ilo* de Anthony Chen
Première mondiale

Jodorowsky’s Dune* de Frank Pavich
Première mondiale

Last Days on Mars* de Ruairi Robinson
Première mondiale

Les Garçons et Guillaume, à table !* de Guillaume Gallienne
Première mondiale

Magic Magic de Sebastian Silva
Première internationale

On the Job de Erik Matti 
Première mondiale

The Selfish Giant de Clio Barnard
Première mondiale

Tip Top de Serge Bozon
Première mondiale

Ugly de Anurag Kashyap
Première mondiale

Un voyageur de Marcel Ophuls
Première mondiale

L’Eté des poissons volants de Marcela Said
Première mondiale

We Are What We Are de Jim Mickle
Première internationale

Gambozinos de João Nicolau
Première mondiale

Lágy Eső de Dénes Nagy
Première mondiale

LE QUEPA SUR LA VILNI ! de Yann Le Quellec
Première mondiale

Man kann nicht alles auf einmal tun, aber man kann alles auf einmal lassen de Marie-Elsa Sgualdo
Première internationale

O umbra de nor de Radu Jude
Première mondiale

Pouco mais de um mês de André Novais Oliveira
Première internationale

Que je tombe tout le temps ? de Eduardo Williams
Première mondiale

Solecito de Oscar Ruiz Navia
Première mondiale

Swimmer de Lynne Ramsay
Première internationale

jm de guzman, confronted by joey marquez and rossana roces in a scene from the star cinema movie "on the job"
jm de guzman, confronted by joey marquez and rossana roces in a scene from the star cinema movie “on the job”
piolo pascual as a policeman in the film "on the job"
piolo pascual as a policeman in the film “on the job”
gerald anderson's torrid kissing scene with angel aquino in the film
gerald anderson’s torrid kissing scene with angel aquino in the film
on the set of "on the job" film. now on its journey towards CANNES.
on the set of “on the job” film. now on its journey towards CANNES.

from the “writing hermit” blog: ‘Dilaw o Pula’: A Revisited Play at PSF’s Theatre Fest

chris lim: awesome
chris lim: awesome


‘Dilaw o Pula’: A Revisited Play at PSF’s Theatre Fest

POSTED BY  ⋅ 19/04/2013 

Its controversial nature was probably the ‘key’ to the late Rene Villanueva’s translation and adaptation of Manuel Puig’s novel titled ‘El beso de la mujer araña’ (Kiss of the Spider Woman), written in 1983, and had its recent local production as ‘Halik ng Tarantula’; but there is one play that could match its intensity, its sensuality and its humanity—Vince Tañada’s original play titled ‘Dilaw o Pula’.

However, after the dismay of the public on BB Gandanghari’s poor performance even with all the hype of the said production—it will have its scheduled provincial tour slated soon. Prior to that, the one-act play written and directed by Carlos Palanca Awardee in 2012 will steal the scene with its more substance, meatier, more serious tone, and fiercer take of the characters acted by Philippine Stagers Foundation’s (PSF) prized actors—Chris Lim and Kierwin Larena.


Chris Lim, Aliw Awards finalist for Best Director in 2008 and Kierwin Larena, Aliw Awards finalist for Best Actor in a Musical in 2010. Photographs by Dale Bacar.

Benjo, a staunch supporter of the former President of the Republic of the Philippines—Cory Aquino shared the prison cell with Emil, a Marcos loyalist for many years. Despite their differences, the two developed a beautiful friendship, founded on love, proving that love is a natural human tendency that nothing and nobody can stop; an innate feeling that anyone could feel regardless of sex. As they compete for the single slot for pardon, the two realized that their love is far more important than their freedom. As the innocent one stayed behind the bars, the one at fault insisted that he’s undeserving. But he was left with no choice but to leave not only the cell, which he regarded as his home but also where the love he nurtured through the years.

Kierwin Larena plays Emil and Chris Lim plays Benjo in this one-act production, which was first mounted in 2012 and cited as the Gender Sensitive play for the theatre company’s annual festival of original plays. A two-character play that guarantees breath-taking dialogues and scenes that any audience won’t let go till it reaches its peak and its conclusion.

Like the ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’, which was first staged in London in 1985 at the Bush Theatre, in an English language version by translator Allan Baker, starring Mark Rylance and Simon Callow—‘Dilaw o Pula’ is also set in a cell. The question is, will Larena and Lim’s portrayals match the actors’ sensitivity who portrayed in Puig’s piece? Will Tañada outshine Puig?

Also, what makes this one-act play interesting?

Tañada, opted to have two straight guys acting out the two characters, and expected to stir the audience’s curiosity; probably questioning about the two’s sexuality. ‘Dilaw o Pula’ is reminiscent to the 2005 film titled, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ directed by Ang Lee, adapted from Annie Proulx’s 1997 short story of the same title. It featured both straight film stars Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Is it a gay play?

“It is not,” Tañada was quick to defend. “But it’s up to the audience to decide. I expect that the audience would be more mature in understanding the material.”

More plays will be shown  this coming April 27, 2013  at the PSF Studio, 4th Floor Vincent I Bldg, 411 Calabash A cor. G. Tuazon Street, Sampaloc, Balic Balic, Manila. For more details, contact             +639273913447      .