mercedes cabral delivers an astonishing performance in the international film- ‘rosita’ (an acting film review)…

rosita rosita2 rosita3mercedes: a wonder!

It’s a very simple European film with sexy undertones. But what mattered most in this unpretentious small film was the pure and concise message it implied. It spoke of LOVE.

And LOVE solidifies itself in many forms- in flowers, oceans, hills, …. and human beings, too. In the film ROSITA, love was shown in the very being and image of the actress who portrayed it- no less than our own gem and pride- Ms. Mercedes Cabral.

She was the epitome of love itself in the movie. And she delivered it well, without any harsh efforts on her part, she simply did her job, polished her acting skills, minimized her moves and all- and simply used her eyes and subtle ways of reacting in the most difficult scenes of the movie. Yes, it spoke of international acclaim. We meant, her acting skills.

It was simply astonishing. Only her lips moved, highlighted by her brows and her eyes, supplicated by her cheeks, roundish ass and well-sculpted body figure. Mercedes, indeed, was a wonder.

Too bad this was only a small independent European film, if it could have been a mainstream Hollywood film, the more chaos and “promos” could have made Mercedes a real “hot one”.

ROSITA told of a story in which every Filipinos could relate to. That, of finding someone to LOVE in the twilight years of your life. Rosita’s character came to rescue a European family out to be totally eaten-out by their strong, independent culture. With Rosita’s entrance upon being invited-in to be the father’s new mistress, changes came. But beautiful ones at that.

Even when the son left because he fell in love with Rosita, too, we could say, was a beautiful change. It was a new horizon explored.

Thank you for the director and the story-maker of this film for putting Filipinos in a good light- seen in a more profound and wonderful way. Thank you… thank you!!!

With ROSITA, life could never be the same again-





(as the words were written by robert manuguid silverio)

mercedes cabral with blogger sssip
mercedes cabral with blogger sssip (PHOTO BY: MR. DON GORDON BELL)
shandii bacolod (mercedes cabral's manager) with blogger sssip
shandii bacolod (mercedes cabral’s manager) with blogger sssip (PHOTO BY: MR. DON GORDON BELL)


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