RICKY MARTIN, and many other hollywood celebs support SAME-SEX marriage!

ricky: the ONE who really came OUT.

Ricky Martin, Jane Lynch, Celebrities React to Obama’s Support of Marriage Equality

Following ABC’s interview this morning with President Obama, during which he made an historic announcement that he supports marriage equality, out entertainers such as Ricky Martin, Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris were quick to commend the president’s show of support. Many straight celebrities, including music mogul Russell Simmons and singer Josh Groban, also used their Twitter accounts to express their enthusiasm.


MAY  2012 /5:35 PM

link: http://www.advocate.com/arts-entertainment/people/2012/05/09/ricky-martin-jane-lynch-celebrities-react-obama


 neil patrick harris, jane lynch & MR. RICKY MARTIN: supporters of same-sex marriage.
ricky: too sexy and perfect to be a MAN.


Ricky Martin‏ @ricky_martin

I applaud President @barackobama for affirming that ALL Americans should enjoy equal rights. Historic! I will be a very proud host on Monday


Jane Lynch‏ @janemarielynch

Pretty darn happy today. Thanks Mr President, for supporting the dignity of my family and so many others!

Neil Patrick Harris‏ @ActuallyNPH

@BarackObama: President Obama announces his support for same-sex marriage: http://OFA.BO/CLBAi9” Bravo, Mr. President, and thank you.

Andy Cohen‏ @BravoAndy


Roseanne Barr‏ @TheRealRoseanne

I have2 gay siblings that have been in long term family relationships 4over 25 yrs each-Bat Mitzvah in June-marriage equality is pro family!

Jesse Tyler Ferguson‏ @jessetyler

With @MichelleObama@JustinMikitapermission I would like to marry @BarackObamaright now!

Sandra Bernhard‏ @SandraBernhard

viva Obama who has just endorsed gay marriage. right on time drop a dime blow your mind.

Sean Maher‏ @Sean_M_Maher

Amazing. I applaud him. “@glaad: History! President Obamaannounces support of #MarriageEqualityhttp://bit.ly/KFLloM#LGBT

Audra McDonald‏ @AudraEqualityMc

How many young lives did the President just save by saying that he supports them today?

Ross Mathews‏ @helloross

OMG, it’s official! Obama becomes 1st president to support gay marriage!!! Historic day!

Suze Orman‏ @SuzeOrmanShow

I am soooo PROUD of you PRESIDENT OBAMA YES YES YES it is about time. Marriage Equality is so very very important.

Chely Wright‏ @chelywright

The President has just stated publicly that he believes “same sex marriage should be legal”. I am proud. Thank you @BarackObama


Thank you Mr. President for your support of gay marriage…

Russell Simmons‏ @UncleRUSH

thank you Mr. President for your support of gay marriage…

Perez Hilton‏ @PerezHilton

Better late than never! @BarackObamalends his support to same-sex marriage! http://perez.ly/K34trSEquality for ALL!

Michael Urie‏ @michaelurie

Well done, Mr. President. Well done indeed!

Evan Rachel Wood‏ @evanrachelwood

Wooooooo! @BarackObama

Rachel Zoe‏ @RachelZoe

Such an exciting day!!! xoRZ RT @BarackObama“Same-sex couples should be able to get married.”—President Obama

josh groban‏ @joshgroban

Historic!! #equalityRT @BarackObamaPresident Obama announces his support for same-sex marriage

Debi Mazar‏ @debimazar

Thankyou Mr.President!

mia farrow‏ @MiaFarrow

Actually, now that Obama has come out in support of gay marriage, I feel less pressure to find a woman to marry

Jamie Bell‏ ‪@1jamiebell

Good for you Mr. Obama. Good for you.

Eliza Dushku‏ ‪@elizadushku

President @BarackObama#THANKYOUfor your support of equal rights marriage! RT & show the#POTUSsome love, guys-n-gals!! #FreedomToMarryRT

Sean Hayes‏ @theseanhayes

Thank you to @BarackObamafor taking a forward-thinking stance on equality for all gay Americans and for supporting gay marriage.

Ellen DeGeneres‏ @TheEllenShow

Thank you President @BarackObamafor your beautiful and brave words. I’m overwhelmed.

🙂   🙂  🙂




There’s still time! Ricky Martin discussed that he and his beau are considering marriage during an appearance on Spain’s El Progama de Ana Rosa. But since he can’t marry in the U.S., which country will we join Shirley Phelps Roper to protest the union? Photos of the happy (for now) couple after the jump.

Well, well, well, it looks like Ricky’s considering tying the knot in Spain with boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella.

Ricky Martin and his boyfriendCarlos Gonzalez are set to tie the knot on January 28, 2012, Spanish-language newspaper El Nuevo Dia reported.

An unnamed source was quoted by the paper that the “Livin la Vida Loca” singer and his longtime lover’s wedding will take place in the city of New York where gay marriage is legal.

So is the couple, who looks happy together, ready to walk down the aisle as reported?


According to Ricky’s rep, the Puerto Rican singer has “no set plans to marry,” dismissing rumors of a New York wedding this January.

“It is a completely incorrect report,” the rep told entertainment sites.

There was also a report last year that Ricky, who was awarded a Spanish citizenship recently, will be marrying his economist boyfriend in Spain where gay marriage is also legal. Buenos Aires was also abuzz when reports came out in December that Ricky and Carlos are marrying in the Argentinian capital.

Ricky Martin, who has 2 kids, revealed his sexual orientation in 2010. He revealed the identity of hisboyfriend at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York City last year.

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni Get Married

from sip & sip 🙂

Hollywood celebrities who are LGBT’s (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals & Transgenders) are now leading the way and ‘opening the doors’ for SAME-SEX marriage.

Let’s not be afraid. Let’s all hang-on…- sip & sip 🙂

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni Get Married


Update Monday May 28, 2012 

(from http://www.people.com)

link:  http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20599177,00.html

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni Get Married

Christine Marinoni (left) and Cynthia Nixon

Three years after getting engagedat a rally to support same-sex marriage in New York – which was not legal at the time – Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni were married Sunday.

“On May 27, 2012, Cynthia Nixon and her girlfriend, Christine Marinoni, were legally married in the state of New York,” her rep tells PEOPLE in a statement. “Nixon wore a custom dress by Carolina Herrera.”

No other details were immediately available.

Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni, weds.
photo credit: Laurie Rhodes

The Sex and the City actress, 46, and the education activist, 45, have beentogether since 2004. Marinoni gave birth to their son, Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni, in February 2011.

Nixon also has two children from her previous relationship with photographer Danny Mozes.

The couple waited to marry until it was legal in New York state, which happened last summer. “I’m enjoying being engaged very much,” Nixon said in 2010. “I don’t mind a long engagement, which this one is surely turning out to be.”

• Reporting by JULIE JORDAN



“Thank you, Mr. B. A.”


One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from my father were these five simple words:

“No Man Is An Island.”

He used to tell me that eversince I was but a very little boy. Because he’s been seeing me playing alone, sitting alone, hiding alone in the dark corners of my room since I was very young…

When I grew-up, my dad once asked our whole family to- “Stand together, embrace together, stick together.”

That was the time our family was having a GREAT CRISIS. That was the time my dad resigned from his job as an Editor-In-Chief in a popular showbiz magazine during the early 80’s.

But I didn’t listen to him, the same way my other kins also ignored his command. Only my mom and my eldest sis stood by his side and supported him at all costs.

And me? I faltered away, wanting my independence. Still wanting to be alone.


Many years  passed-by. And I took a different path. I always preferred the roads less traveled by. The risky roads. The dark roads. The roads hidden from the skies…

Not until yesterday, May 29, 2012.  A fateful Tuesday afternoon.

That, I realized, I could never be alone. I could never be an island. That, I would always be needing people to ENLIGHTEN me.


“We should not kill each other just because we have different beliefs…”

“We should not quarrel at each other just because we do not have the same opinions…”

We should not throw stones at each other just because we do not belong to the same “families”.


There’s a beauty in DIVERSITY.

I could not force someone to believe in what I truly believe.

Or, he, too, could not force me to believe in what he truly believes.

He could be WHITE.

I could be BLACK.

The other person could be red…

the other one, blue.

“The Colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the skies… are also on the faces of people going by…I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do?… but what they’re really saying is: I LOVE YOU…”



If we can only embrace each other

regardless of  the differences

accept each other,

regardless of the stubborness…

and understand each other,

regardless of the many difficulties-

this world could, indeed, be a WONDERFUL WORLD.


Now, I do really understand.

Why people varies in many opinions. Why I questioned my Catholic faith. Why I shied-away from the Bible.

I may have been disappointed from some people (my fellow Catholics) who were unconsciously pulling me away from my Catholic leanings,

But somehow,

there are still other people.

Other people who will let me realize WHY.

And bring me back again as a CATHOLIC….

And, that being a Catholic is not the reason for all these.

But just the same,

I have to be ME.


i have to be free….

and dreaming that someday,

i will marry my same sex….

(Same Sex Marriage Advocates Rally At San Francisco Court Hearing)
Same-sex couples embrace during a demonstration outside of the Phillip Burton Federal Building on June 13, 2011 in San Francisco, California. Sponsors of Proposition 8, a California ballot measure that would deny same-sex couples to marry in the state, are back in court today to ask a federal judge to nullify U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage.
(June 12, 2011 – Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America)


Thank you,

Mr. B.A.

For reaching-out your hand to mine

and conveying yourself

to make me realize

that, indeed

it is a wonderful world.


I love you po, Mr. B.A.



words by robert manuguid silverio




ground-breaking news: from ASSOCIATED PRESS


updated 5/23/2012 2:19:59 PM 
– In this May 21, 2012 file photo, President Barack Obama speaks in Joplin, Mo. Obama’s re-election campaign is touting new polls that show growing support for gay marriage following the president’s public embrace of same-sex unions. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is beginning to express some confidence that the president’s historic, yet politically risky, embrace of gay marriage may not hurt him in the November election.

In a conference call announcing efforts to get gay and lesbian voters engaged in the Obama campaign, officials said poll numbers on same-sex marriage were increasingly tilting in their favor.

“A lot of recent polls show that support for gay marriage across the country is growing,” said Clo Ewing, an Obama campaign spokeswoman.

That includes a Washington Post-ABC News poll out Wednesday showing 53 percent of Americans say gay marriage should be a legal, a new high for the poll. Thirty-nine percent, a new low, say gay marriage should be illegal.

A separate poll showed that just 7 percent of registered voters said Obama’s public support for gay marriage raised concerns about supporting him. For 31 percent of voters, the president’s announcement reinforced their support of him and for 62 percent of voters, it did not make a difference, according to the NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll.

Immediately following Obama’s announcement of support for gay marriage, White House and campaign aides readily acknowledged that the political fallout was unclear. Obama himself said it was “very hard to say” whether the issue would hurt him in his fall campaign against presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Despite the new national polling, Obama’s embrace of gay marriage comes with political risks. Thirty states have voted against gay marriage, including North Caroline, a key battleground state where voters approved a ban on same-sex unions the day before Obama announced his public support in a television interview.



“how to speak like a teenage conyo” by kevin vitug

KEVIN VITUG: theater and indie film actor does a hilarious vid about “teenage conyos.

a lot is in store for kevin vitug now.


It was indie film actor Jonas Gruet who first mentioned to me about this vid. We were then at the casting call for Cinemalaya 2012.

Director Joey Reyes, I heard, was so amazed and so impressed to this vid by Mr. Kevin Vitug, imitatting “teenage conyos” (or, high society’s teenage ‘impressarios’?). He immediately contacted Kevin and gave him a BIG HANDSHAKE!

LAUGH TILL YOU DROP. Hoping this vid will set a CHANGE.



by sip & sip 🙂