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miss mutya laxa-buesuceso

mutya in her wedding day.

She’s a woman of class and sophistication. Humble, refined and well-educated.

Daughter of a veteran male action star and a female socialite.

A beauty queen. A former teenstar. An actress.

But she retired from the showbiz scene and opted to live a quite life.

She soon joined the world of big corporate giants and established a big name there.

But she found something else that made her happy…

Someone who really loved her and took good care of her.

The “Mr. Right”.

mr. jinggoy buensuceso

the MR. RIGHT.

He was a young man with simple joys and simple dreams.

But somebody caught an eye on his great sculpture metal works- THE WOMAN WHO WOULD SOON BE HER WIFE.

And he knew, the first time he met HER,

she was the woman he’s going to marry.

An accomplished young artist-sculptor defined the words-

“If love is all that matters, then LOVE is all there is.”

Greater than his works, greater than his life…

he found-

The “Ms. Right”…..


“I moved heaven and earth to win her love”, Jinggoy Buensuceso told this writer. “I said to her that I will take care of her. That I will make her happy. And that I will always be there for her.”

This blogger almost cried when Jinggoy said those words about his beloved wife- Mutya Laxa-Buensuceso. Because he said it with utmost sincerity and truthfulness, once you heard him speaking those lines, it could penetrate deeply within your heart.

As Mutya said- “Jinggoy maybe younger than me, and younger than the other suitors I had, but he is a very responsible guy, a very loving father and a very caring husband.”

That made a lot of difference. And their lives soon became a ‘fairy-tale-like’ life.


Jinggoy is an artist. He is a sculptor. He sculpts mostly in metals, and sometimes, wood. He won awards already all-over the globe, together with his group of other young artists. He also designs furnitures, accesories, and other products. His furniture designs called “the google chair” and the “spider chair” won awards and was critically-acclaimed. (A separate article about Jinggoy’s professional life will soon be posted on this blog, also with Miss Mutya laxa-Buensuceso’s new design products on baby pillows.)

And he is the greatest ‘catch’ any woman could ever have.

When Mutya visited him at his province in Samar, during the time of their courtship, he at once bought a brand new car just to fetch Mutya at the provincial airport. He also at once applied for a credit card that very day of Mutya’s arrival to their province coz he didn’t want to pay in cash when he treated Mutya in great restaurants and other places there. Like a real man swooning for the “yes” of the girl he so loved, he really made the impossible, POSSIBLE!

“Even my co-family members would not believe me then”, Jinggoy further said. “That it was no less than Mutya Laxa that I was courting. They couldn’t believe it. They told me that Mutya would never say YES to me. But when Mutya personally talked to them and later on visited us, that was the only time that they believed me.”

Their courtship consisted of more that 8 long hours of viewing each other and talking to each other on SKYPE. They even drank wine and rhum together over SKYPE. They would both turn days into nights and nights into days missing each other so much while video-chatting on Skype! If that’s not love, then what would that be???

And again soon, Mutya discovered a lot more fascinating good qualities about his man.

mutya and jinggoy with their first child mayumi.

the buensuceso family... soon to be added is a baby boy to be named MAGITING.

“He told me he would cook for me”, Mutya butted-in to this blogger. “And he invited himself to my mom’s place. When he arrived at my mom’s place, he brought me to the market. We bought all the ingredients and main food there. And he cooked for me and my mom. And we all really loved how tasteful and fabulous his food dishes were!”

And all the more that Mutya soon fell for the guy. Other more great qualities of the man emerged.

After only four months of courtship, they got married.

“We were in Singapore then”, Mutya continued. “There were so many people around asking their female mates also ‘will you marry me?’, so I pushed-away Jinggoy outside that very place coz I couldn’t answer YES in a noisy place. I told him to repeat the question. And he asked again: ‘Will you marry me?’ I readily said YES!”

After a year, their 17 months-old baby Mayumi was born. Now, Mutya is on her way to deliver a new baby before the year ends. It’s going to be a baby boy this time. They will name him Malaya.

Yes, people finds happiness in a simple way. Great joys of living in a meaningful way.

Mutya shied-away from the corporate world and the showbiz world, to finally be with the man she loved. Because once you found it, never let it go. Happiness was a choice. A peaceful and a silent family life was all that Mutya craved for.

“This is my third life, and definitely, this is the best life I’ve ever got”, Mutya said in the end. “My first life was my showbiz life- with all those glittering lights that sorrounded me- but full of intrigues- I decided to go away. Then I finished school and after graduating, I entered a corporate life. I became the managing director of some big and well-named corporations. But again, I was looking for something else. It was the simple life that I wanted. My own family. And the man who will take care of me forever.”

words by robert manuguid silverio

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