(from philstar.com) WHY BACKROOM FIRED ERIK! directline by boy abunda

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erik: something's got to go.

“Why Backroom fired Erik”

(The Philippine Star)
Updated September 28, 2011 12:00 AM

The following letter was handed to Erik Santos personally by Rowena Salido, Backroom’s new president, after he was told that Backroom was releasing him as an artist.

Dear Erik,

Thank you for being part of Backroom for six years and seven months. Now that Backroom is moving towards a new direction and we are letting you go with best wishes, all of us will treasure the good things and learning we have gone through together.

I’m taking a break from my management chores because Nanay needs me — being the most important reason among many others.

But as I say thank you, I hope you find it in your heart as well to be grateful not to me but to the people (in the office) who were with you from the beginning. These are the people who gambled with you in the process, people who believed in the infinite possibilities, people who had so much faith in your talent.

It’s a small thing that I’m asking you. Please say thank you to them. They are not perfect. But they truly have done so much for you, for me and for all of us. Let’s not forget easily.

You are who you are because of your hardwork and talent, God’s guidance, the hardwork of many people, the support of the public, the press, and many others.

Your story (as the Prince of Pop) does not start today.

It started six years, seven months ago, long before your houses and BMW, long before your famous and beautiful friends, long before the designer clothes and shoes.

For you to get to where you want, it is important that you don’t forget. Remain humble and simple. We are all on borrowed time and everything is fleeting.

Be grateful. Thank you.

I will see you soon.


Boy Abunda


boy: helping and giving also gets something 'off' in reverse?

erik: he needs a private conversation now with kuya boy abunda.

I wanted a peaceful ending after all Erik was not only my talent, he was a friend. And I don‘t fight with my artists. I don’t quarrel with my friends. It is not my style and it is not in my nature. I have been in the celebrity business long enough to know that everything is fleeting, that fame is ephemeral, that memories are short and fickle, that gratitude should either be mandated by law or integrated into the conditional cash transfer (CCT) program of the DSWD.

But not always, I would constantly remind myself. There are those who love without conditions, there are those who are grateful even if they have given more than they have received. Some of the best people I’ve known are friends in the entertainment industry.

After the meeting with the new Backroom management, Erik sought me out. We talked over the phone. I was disappointed and mildly angry but not seething. I told him that I didn’t want to go into details so that wounds wouldn’t be so bad, healing would be easier. I delivered the message that he said some bad things about me and the office. “Patawarin nyo po ako kung ano man po ang aking nasabi o nagawa,” he meekly pleaded. I accepted his apologies. I thought it was the beginning of the Peace Process in Iraq.

However, immediately after my conversation with him he started to blabber, “Ano ba nag nagawa ko? Wala naman akong ginawang masama. Wala akong kasalanan. Bakit ako lang ang pinaalis nila?” Ironically, he was venting his feelings and ruminations to a common friend with whom he would share his complaints against me and the Backroom staff. I thought it didn’t make sense but he was perhaps coping with rejection, a pernicious blade to the ego of any royalty, more so to the Prince of Pop. It was beyond his ego that he was fired politely and claiming that there was no apparent reason for his expulsion was protecting his newly acquired designer “ego.”

But it was a chit-chat between friends and I understood. I do it. Others do it. Then the flowers and notes came from the Prince of Pop for his subjects in the office and his former chief servant, who was me. Classy act, I murmured. But then again I was told that he was whining, “Wala man lang nag-text nag-thank you, bakit? Nakapatay ba ako ng tao?” So the Prince of Pop was kvetching again because his subjects were ingrates and were sordidly déclassé for not responding properly to their master.

And then there was a press conference for Erik’s album. Trouble started to brew again in paradiso. According to one article, “Boy Abunda is sulking because of Erik’s departure from Backroom.” One said, “Boy is hurting because Erik left Backroom.”

It was time to go to (a just) war in red stilettos. It was time to tell the true story, and it’s a short, simple story. Erik Santos was badmouthing me and Backroom. “Mag-isa lang akong nag-iisip. Wala naman nagpaplano para sa akin.” So everyone was a useless nincompoop watching him steer his career towards the Pacific Ocean. Backroom as a talent management office may not be the best. It has many failings and shortcomings. There was an incident on the Sunday show ASAP where he was being taken out of his production number. Of course, he raised hell. It was no way to treat anyone, more so the Prince of Pop.

Unfortunately, there was no Backroom staff with him. “Mag-isa lang ako. Para akong tanga,” he ranted. This was a valid complaint I told Rowena Salido. “Kung hindi ko pa tinawagan si Tito Boy, he wouldn’t have called Joyce Liquicia (business unit head for ASAP).” This one was a lie. I called Joyce after the incident was reported to me by Rowena, then I called Erik to let him know that I already spoke to Joyce.

And then there were things he didn’t like in the office. For out-of-town gigs, he didn’t like Andy because he snores, Bettina overpowers, Liza doesn’t mind him. He only likes Leo because he unpacks his luggage like a dutiful geisha. Having confirmed that he had been talking behind my back and against the office, we decided to politely release him.

I took a break from Backroom because I want to take care of my Nanay. Backroom is now being run by the very people who helped me build it through the years — before and after Erik is long gone. That office is small and simple. It operates on no-frills policies. It takes care of its employees. It’s far from being a wealthy talent management house, but it is sturdy because it’s built on a solid foundation of love, humility and integrity.

I used to tell Erik that, “what sets you apart is that you’re a good person.”

Even in pain, I still believe he is a good guy who works hard for his family. He is devoted to his mother.

This is perhaps just a phase when we need to be shaken to be reminded that we all go back to dust in the end.

After I’ve said what needs to be said, I forgive Erik. I also know in my heart that one day he will realize his little mistakes and learn from them. I also wish that he finds it in his heart to forgive our little sins borne and burnt out of too much zeal and love for the people we work for.

It’s a thankless job I know but sometimes it is worth it despite the noise and posturings when someone whispers “thank you.”

I may have been hurt but I’m not broken. I pray to God that Erik, the Backroom management and staff, and I will come out better people after “bleak razzmatazz.”

jm de guzman conquers cebu city! ( a pictorial coverage)

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“miabut ka na diay”.
(i-korek niu po ako kung mali, mga cebuanos, sa visayan words sa itaas, kasi ‘yan lang ang alam kong visayan words… sssip 🙂 )

jm... sings LIVE in Cebu City.
jm relaxes at the backstage of a cebu mall...

“miabut ka na diay”, DUMATING KA NA PALA in tagalog.
Oo, dumating ka na pala, Mr. Jm de Guzman sa Cebu City. Isa sa pinakamaganda at pinakamasayang lugar sa Pilipinas.
And again, you conquered the land.
You left a special place in their hearts…
& the Cebuanos!


JM de Guzman, in photos in the land of smiling faces, sincere friends & people and loving hearts: CEBU, here came JM!


jm arrives at cebu airport...
jm's hukbong jm fans (cebu chapter) welcomed him at the cebu airport.

jm with very sweet and sexy miss carmel marie castronuevo of hukbong jm...
i miss you, jm.


jm at his cebu mall show, being interviewed by a cebuano host.
jm's cebuana fans hold-on tight with the jm posters!
jm sings.

jm's hukbong jm (cebu chapter) rocks!!!!

photos courtesy of:

miss carmel marie (sweet & sexy) castronuevo

THE ‘FIRST’ FILIPINOS! (my choices)

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“The filipinos are worth dying for.”
-ninoy aquino (a filipino hero).

from sip & sip 😉
my own personal choices of ‘My First Filipinos’ in a slideshow below:

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the blessed lorenzo ruiz (beatified by pope john paul II), the first filipino saint, together with the other martyrs.
the "bayanihan" image/symbolism of THE TRUE FILIPINO SPIRIT!

Now, we can indeed and very-well show to the world- that Filipinos are not just ‘domestic helpers”! Filipinos could compete globally. They could withstand the ‘tests of time’. And their “humble greatness” is one outstanding and remarkable trait that no one could ever imitate.

Sip & Sip has compiled a list of his “First Filipinos”. First, in their achievements. First, in their ‘originality’. First, in their greatness. The choices didn’t only look upon the impact they created internationally, but more on their homeland Philippines, which was the greatness they imparted among their fellow Filipinos. That, they have served their own countrymen with the very best!

Hope you all enjoy reading my list!
(Note: These are simply THE PERSONAL CHOICES of this ‘blogger’ (sip & sip), and not to be contested by others. Okey?)*

1.) The Blessed LORENZO RUIZ- The First Filipino Saint, beatified by Pope John Paul II.

2.) DR. JOSE RIZAL- The Greatest National Hero of the Philippines.

3.) BENIGNO ‘NINOY’ AQUINO- The First and the Greatest Real Filipino Hero & Martyr.

4.) GLORIA DIAZ- The First Filipina to win the title of Miss Universe ( in 1969).

5.) LEA SALONGA- The First Filipina to ever become the ‘main LEAD star’ of a Broadway musical play in Hollywood (Miss Saigon).

6.) BRILLANTE ‘DANTE’ MENDOZA- The first Filipino director to win a grand Best Director trophy at Cannes International Film Festival.

AND ON THE SEVENTH POSITION OF MY CHOICES FOR THIS PERSONAL LIST OF MINE IS NO LESS THAN: Mr. BOY ABUNDA- The First Real Filipino Advocate & Inspiration for Filipino LGBT’s (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals & Transgenders).

8.) President NOYNOY AQUINO- The first President of the Philippone Republic who was the son of the first female President of the Philippines (Cory Aquino) and a beloved filipino martyr & hero- (Ninoy) as his father, to ever become a President himself also.

9.) Sen. RAMON ‘BONG’ REVILLA, JR.- The number one Philippine Senator who’s so loved by the common masses.

10.) Gov. VILMA SANTOS- The First Filipina movie actress who transformed herself into becoming a very good political governess (she’s now a well-loved provincial Governor in the province of Batangas).

11.) FLASH ELORDE- The First and the Greatest ‘Original’ Filipino Athlete.

12.) DOLPHY- The most remarkable & Greatest Filipino Comedian.

13.) JUAN LUNA- The Very first Internationally-Renowned Filipino Painter.

14.) ALEX TIZON- The Greatest & The Very first Filipino Journalist to ever win a Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Reporting (1997).

15.) Gen. CARLOS P. ROMULO- The first Filipino general who became the President of The United nations General Assembly (1949).

16.) PILITA CORALES- The first ‘Asia’s Queen of Songs’ is a Filipina.

17.) MELANIE MARQUEZ- The First Filipina Supermodel.

18.) FANNY ‘TF’ SERRANO- The first Filipino Gay Actor & Celebrity Hairresser & Performer who abled to uplift the standards of every ‘Gay’ (Homosexual) Filipino in terms of respect and “beauty artistry”.

19.) Dr. FE DEL MUNDO- The first Filipina to have entered the prestigious Harvard School of Medicine (1936).

20.) LOIDA NICOLAS-LEWIS- The first ‘listed in Forbes Magazine’ in terms of wealth- known to be the richest Filipina businesswoman based in the U.S.A.

“MABUHAY ANG PILIPINO!” — sip & sip 🙂

taylor lautner in ‘abduction’!

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Taylor Lautner On Set: ‘Abduction’ Co-Stars Weigh in

from THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, link below:
8:41 PM PDT 9/23/2011 by Sophie Schillaci

While Taylor Lautner has earned countless fans and admirers through his role in The Twilight Saga, he will attempt to show the world a new side of himself in the Lionsgate action-thriller, Abduction.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the 19-year-old’s co-stars at the film’s Hollywood premiere, who detailed the commotion surrounding their Pittsburgh set and how Lautner adjusted to his new role of leading man.

“First of all, let me explain the pandemonium that Taylor has: He has like three to four hundred fans coming out each and every day, showing up with posters, showing him love, showing us all love,” said Denzel Whitaker. “But the cool thing about it is that he supports his fans, he loves them. He’s real humble about it. Hollywood hasn’t gotten to him, that’s the type of dude he is. Working with Taylor, it’s just like working with anybody else. We got along well, we were chillin’, having a good time, playing football in-between. It was good.”

“To me, he’s a young actor taking on a bigger challenge,” noted Sigourney Weaver. “Which he certainly seemed to meet at every opportunity when I was there.”

“He was incredibly lovely,” added Jason Isaacs. “I’ll confess that I was worried, because I worked with all those lovely Potter young actors. They’re very humble and courteous, and this is different. This is America. But he turned out to be very, very gracious and incredibly hard working.”

“He’s just got so much phenomenal energy about him and without doing much. A lot of actors have to do a whole lot to really hold the attention of an audience. But he doesn’t have to do very much,” touted director John Singleton. “I always say if I can watch an actor and see right through them, then they’re not holding my attention. Taylor is not like that.”

“He’s a sweetheart. He’s a really, really nice guy,” gushed Antonique Smith, before likening Lautner to a young Tom Cruise.

Lionsgate president of motion pictures, Joe Drake, echoed Smith’s observation.

“When you watch Taylor, he’s like a young Tom Cruise. The way he handles his business, he’s such a pro and he’s got such a huge fanbase,” said Drake. “I’ve just never seen anybody handle his business the way he does. He’s been promoting this movie hard, he knows how to sell, he’s a hell of an actor.”

shamcey reveals origin of her “tsunami walk”…

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Shamcey reveals origin of ‘tsunami walk’

abs-cbnNEWS.com (link:http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/entertainment/09/23/11/shamcey-reveals-origin-tsunami-walk)
Posted at 09/23/2011 11:59 PM | Updated as of 09/24/2011 12:11 AM

2011 Miss Universe third runner-up Shamcey Supsup.

MANILA, Philippines- Shamcey Supsup has finally revealed who coined the name for her trademark strut during the recent Miss Universe pageant.

In an exclusive interview with Korina Sanchez on “TV Patrol” Friday, Supsup gave the credit for the phrase “tsunami walk” to one of her friends.

Explaining the move itself, Supsup said, “It was like a mix of all the training that I had.”

“But the term came from a friend, a Spanish friend, and he doesn’t know how to speak English and ‘yun ang lagi niyang sinasabi, ‘walk like a tsunami,’” she said.

According to Supsup, the ‘tsunami walk’ is a way of describing her strut down the pageant stage that sought to “blow away” the judges.

Supsup also shared that her own recipe for success.

In order to be successful, she said, “I think you have to be disciplined, determined, I think you have to set your goals and set them high.”


Upon her arrival in the Philippines a few days ago (fresh from winning third-runner-up at Miss Universe), Shamcey was warmly welcomed by her fellow “kababayans” in a dashing motorcade arrival from the airport.

shamcey at the motorcade upon her arrival back to the Philippines.

shamcey was warmly welcomed back by her "kababayans".

shamcey, adored by many.

She denied she had plans of joining showbusinesss, as she declared that being a part of Philippine acting and performing business is not her priority at this time. But rumours still persist that Shamcey is being offered by the Kapamilya network to be a part of the roster of talents of ABS-CBN channel 2.
Shamcey’s “tsunami walk” is now being imitated by young filipina girls who dreams of becoming another Shamcey Supsup someday. Just look at one of the videos posted on youtube below:


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"pupil" emerges anew...

ELY BUENDIA cannot just die on us. This holds true even after the glory days of his phenomenal 90’s band ERASERHEADS. Ely who is now frontman of PUPIL, is obviously rocking his way again to Pinoy Rock stardom via PUPIL’s latest hit 20/20 which is now on its 4th week at Philippines Hit Charts and Pinoy MYX Countdown.
Pupil’s remarkable and steady rise has paved way for die hard Ely Buendia fans’ clamor to enjoy more of his music and artistry. With equally enigmatic and talented bandmates Yan Yuzon, Dok Sergio and Wendell Garcia, PUPIL starts to round the country and will rock their Cebuano fans on October 1, Saturday, 8pm, at the Dalaguete Sports Complex in Dalaguete, Cebu.
The concert aptly titled ONE RARE CHANCE: PUPIL IN DALAGUETE, CEBU is produced by MediaBiz Entertainment Production, an events and entertainment company that has produced concerts for some of the biggest names in the local music industry.

mrs. mellany selario zambrano of mediaBiz.

Mellany Zambrano, MediaBiz head, who is also a native of the town ties up with the Poblacion Dalaguete barangay officials led by Barangay Capt. Ernesto Tangpos, Kagawads Dimple Almagro and Andree Alfred Navarette, to make sure that Dalaguetnons get a rare treat to highlight the town’s Poblacion fiesta..
ONE RARE CHANCE: PUPIL IN DALAGUETE is presented by Philippine Mining Service Corporation, Cool Mist Purified Drinking Water,
Kyleville Resort Bar & Restaurant, Medianet Biz World Inc., Sunstar and Super Balita.
Tickets to the concert are priced at P700, P500, P300, P200 and P100. For details call 0922104190, 09157590217, 09087440143, (032) 4845544.

the grand rapids lip dub video… and the lyrics of the great american classic song “AMERICAN PIE”!

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is there still an american dream?

will the american dream vanish soon? hope it won't...

Something you should know about American Pie Lyrics

Don Mclean, the legendary American singer wrote this song for an American beauty queen candidate. She was his crush. And with a poet’s hand and a musician’s heart, the song became an immortal classic.— sssip 🙂

a young don mclean

Artist: Don McLean

“American Pie”

A long, long time ago…
I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make those people dance
And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while.

But february made me shiver
With every paper I’d deliver.
Bad news on the doorstep;
I couldn’t take one more step.

I can’t remember if I cried
When I read about his widowed bride,
But something touched me deep inside
The day the music died.

So bye-bye, miss american pie.
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, “this’ll be the day that I die.
“this’ll be the day that I die.”

Did you write the book of love,
And do you have faith in God above,
If the Bible tells you so?
Do you believe in rock ’n roll,
Can music save your mortal soul,
And can you teach me how to dance real slow?

Well, I know that you’re in love with him
`cause I saw you dancin’ in the gym.
You both kicked off your shoes.
Man, I dig those rhythm and blues.

I was a lonely teenage broncin’ buck
With a pink carnation and a pickup truck,
But I knew I was out of luck
The day the music died.

I started singin’,
“bye-bye, miss american pie.”
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
And singin’, “this’ll be the day that I die.
“this’ll be the day that I die.”

Now for ten years we’ve been on our own
And moss grows fat on a rollin’ stone,
But that’s not how it used to be.
When the jester sang for the king and queen,
In a coat he borrowed from james dean
And a voice that came from you and me,

Oh, and while the king was looking down,
The jester stole his thorny crown.
The courtroom was adjourned;
No verdict was returned.
And while lennon read a book of marx,
The quartet practiced in the park,
And we sang dirges in the dark
The day the music died.

We were singing,
“bye-bye, miss american pie.”
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
And singin’, “this’ll be the day that I die.
“this’ll be the day that I die.”

Helter skelter in a summer swelter.
The birds flew off with a fallout shelter,
Eight miles high and falling fast.
It landed foul on the grass.
The players tried for a forward pass,
With the jester on the sidelines in a cast.

Now the half-time air was sweet perfume
While the sergeants played a marching tune.
We all got up to dance,
Oh, but we never got the chance!
`cause the players tried to take the field;
The marching band refused to yield.
Do you recall what was revealed
The day the music died?

We started singing,
“bye-bye, miss american pie.”
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
And singin’, “this’ll be the day that I die.
“this’ll be the day that I die.”

Oh, and there we were all in one place,
A generation lost in space
With no time left to start again.
So come on: jack be nimble, jack be quick!
Jack flash sat on a candlestick
Cause fire is the devil’s only friend.

Oh, and as I watched him on the stage
My hands were clenched in fists of rage.
No angel born in hell
Could break that satan’s spell.
And as the flames climbed high into the night
To light the sacrificial rite,
I saw satan laughing with delight
The day the music died

He was singing,
“bye-bye, miss american pie.”
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
And singin’, “this’ll be the day that I die.
“this’ll be the day that I die.”

I met a girl who sang the blues
And I asked her for some happy news,
But she just smiled and turned away.
I went down to the sacred store
Where I’d heard the music years before,
But the man there said the music wouldn’t play.

And in the streets: the children screamed,
The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed.
But not a word was spoken;
The church bells all were broken.
And the three men I admire most:
The father, son, and the holy ghost,
They caught the last train for the coast
The day the music died.

And they were singing,
“bye-bye, miss american pie.”
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, “this’ll be the day that I die.
“this’ll be the day that I die.”

They were singing,
“bye-bye, miss american pie.”
Drove my chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, “this’ll be the day that I die.”


LESLIE . . . take my hand.

“In my life, I did nothing bad. Why does it have to be like this?”
-leslie cheung (1956-2003)

leslie: an artisitic soul that continues to fly… even when he’s gone.
take my hand, leslie.
leslie… forever.

please take my hand.
I can feel
you’re there still…

please take my hand.
don’t be afraid
of the shadows
that haunts you…
the dark
that sorrounds you.
just take my hand,
take my hand…

It’s been
eight years…
since you’ve left.
eight years,
since you’ve decided
to end
a life
eight years.

so leslie,
take my hand..
we will see…
we will feel.


let me
take a peep
in your sadness…
in your art
and your new-found world.
and perhaps,
you can
take me back
in my own world.

we will be

and perhaps,
as we fly
“happy together”.
i can say:
“farewell, my concubine”.


a poem by robert manuguid silverio
dedicated to LESLIE CHEUNG (R.I.P.)

young leslie cheung
leslie: unforgettable.

It has been 8 years since Leslie Cheung committed suicide. Now the last person to see him alive has come forward to reveal Leslie’s last words.

8 years ago on April 1st, Hong Kong lost one of its most beloved stars, Leslie Cheung, after he committed suicide by jumping out of the 24th story window at the hotel he was staying at. The iconic star’s suicide shocked the world. Now, 8 years later, the last person to see him alive, his good friend and designer Alfred Mok, has come forward to talk about the last things Leslie spoke about before committing suicide.

On the afternoon Leslie took his life, he invited Alfred over for lunch During their lunch, Leslie seemed nervous to Alfred. Leslie asked for Alfred’s ID Card Number, which he gave him. This would later be used to give Alfred a special gift his will.

Leslie also asked Alfred what he would do to kill himself if he was sick and there was no cure for it. Alfred said he’d overdose on sleeping pills so he could still be saved if people cared enough to figure out what he was doing. Leslie on the other hand revealed that he would jump out a window because his death would be instant. Despite Leslie’s depression at the time, Alfred had no idea that he was actually considering this option.

Alfred also recounted that after lunch they went for a drive around town. Leslie stated during the drive that he felt pained and exhausted and wished the car would crash and end his suffering. Alfred consoled his friend, and called to make sure Leslie’s sister would monitor his behavior after he left. Despite her reassurance that Leslie was fine, Leslie was able to shock them all when he committed his suicide.

Alfred was still filled with regret up to this day that he didn’t do more to prevent the death of his friend.

leslie: an iconic man.

link below: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Cheung

Leslie Cheung
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing

Leslie Cheung at the Cannes Film Festival
Chinese name 張國榮 (Traditional)
Chinese name 张国荣 (Simplified)
Pinyin Zhāng Guóróng (Mandarin)
Jyutping Zoeng1 Gwok3wing4 (Cantonese)

Birth name: 張發宗 (Traditional)
张发宗 (Simplified)
Zhāng Fāzòng (Mandarin)
Zoeng1 Faat3zung1 (Cantonese)

Ancestry: Mei, Meizhou, Guangdong, China
Origin: Hong Kong
Born: 12 September 1956

Died: 1 April 2003 (aged 46) (Suicide)

Other name(s): 哥哥 (Go4go1; lit. Big Brother)[1][2]
Occupation: Singer, actor, director, songwriter
Genre(s): Cantopop
Instrument(s): Singing

Label(s) : Polydor, Capital Artists, Cinepoly, Rock, Apex Music, Universal

Years active: 1977–2003
Parents : Cheung Wut Hoi

Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing (12 September 1956 – 1 April 2003), nicknamed elder brother (哥哥),was a film actor and musician from Hong Kong. Cheung was considered as “one of the founding fathers of Cantopop”, and “combining a hugely successful film and music career”.

In 2000, Cheung was named Asian Biggest Superstar by China Central Television, and voted/ranked the 1st as The Most Favorite Actor in 100 Years of Chinese Cinema in 2005.Recently, he was voted the third of the CNN’s “top five most iconic musician of all time” placing behind Michael Jackson and The Beatles.

Childhood and education:

Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing was born in Kowloon, Hong Kong. His birth name was Cheung Fat-chung (張發宗), which was later changed to Cheung Kwok-Wing. Cheung was the youngest of ten children in a middle-class Hakka family. Cheung Wut Hoi, his father, was a fairly well known tailor, whose customers included the American actors William Holden and Cary Grant.[10][11][12] His parents divorced when he was quite young. While in Hong Kong, Cheung attended Rosaryhill School (Stubbs Road, Hong Kong).

At the age of 13, he was sent to England as a boarder at Eccles Hall School. After completing his secondary education, he obtained a scholarship for undergraduate course of studies in Textiles at University of Leeds. He worked as a bartender at his relatives’ restaurant and sang during the weekends. It was around this period that he chose his name, “Leslie”. According to Cheung, he chose this name because “I love the film Gone with the Wind. And I like Leslie Howard. The name can be a man’s or woman’s, it’s very unisex, so I like it.”

In several of his interviews, Cheung stated that he had had a fairly unhappy childhood. “I didn’t have a happy childhood. Arguments, fights and we didn’t live together; I was brought up by my granny.”

“What I would say most affected me as a child, was that my parents were not at home with me. As a young kid, one could not always understand why his parents weren’t at home. This made me depressed sometimes.”

Cheung attended the University of Leeds in northern England, where he studied textile management. He dropped out of university at the end of his first year, when his father fell ill. After his father’s recovery, Cheung did not return to England to complete his studies.

Early career:

In 1977, Cheung won second prize by singing Don McLean’s “American Pie” at the Asian Music Contest held by Rediffusion Television (RTV). He signed a contract with RTV, which subsequently became Asia Television Limited (ATV) and began his career in the entertainment industry. He also signed a music contract with Polydor Records, releasing Day Dreaming (1977) and Lover’s Arrow (1979).

The early days of his career were not easy. He was once booed off the stage during a public performance, and his first two albums were not welcomed by the public. He left Polydor Records at the end of his contract. Cheung’s first film, The Erotic Dream of the Red Chamber (紅樓春上春) in 1978 was a soft porn film. Cheung later stated that he was unaware of the sexual nature of the film when he signed the contract.

During the 1970s and 1980s, he appeared in a number of TV dramas such as The Young Concubine (我家的女人), Agency 24 (甜甜廿四味), Pairing (對對糊), and The Spirit Of The Sword (浣花洗劍錄). These TV dramas helped turn him into a household name in South East Asia.

Ascent to fame:

In 1982, Cheung joined Capital Artists upon the end of his contract with RTV. It was at Capital Artists that Florence Chan became his music agent and remained as such through his entire career. While at Capital Artists, he also met Anita Mui, another Hong Kong Cantopop idol, starting a long lasting friendship. In 1983, Cheung released his first hit song, “The Wind Blows On” (風繼續吹). In 1984, he released his first top ten hit song “Monica”, which became the first so-called “fast” song that won the RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award. “Monica” became representative of a new genre of Hong Kong music in the mid 1980s. Fans began to demand fast and energetic Cantopop songs that would be suitable for both dancing and listening. Other Top Ten Gold Songs released by Cheung through Capital Artists included “Wild Wind” (不羈的風) (album, For Your Love Only, 1985); “Who Can Be With Me” (有誰共鳴) (album, Leslie Cheung: Allure Me, 1986) and “Love in Those Years” (當年情) (theme song for A Better Tomorrow, album Leslie Cheung: Allure Me, 1986). “Who Can Be With Me” became the Gold of the Gold Songs (Best Song) of the Year for 1986.

Cheung’s movie career was a little slower to take off. He appeared in supporting roles in his second and third movies Encore (1980) and On Trial (1981). However, his acting talent was soon recognized with his nomination for the Hong Kong Film Awards’ Best Supporting Actor for his role in On Trial. Subsequent to this nomination, he played the leading role in Teenage Dreamers (1982) and held the lead role in almost every movie he was in from then on. From the early 1980s through 1986, most of the movies in which he had starred were teenage movies. Among them, Nomad (1982, directed by Patrick Tam Kar-ming) is widely considered by film critics as representative of Hong Kong “New Wave” films. Cheung’s role as Louis in Nomad won him his first Best Actor nomination of the Hong Kong Film Awards. Later, Cheung stated that he considers Nomad as his first “real” movie. During this period, Cheung continued to act in a number of Television Broadcasts (TVB) dramas, such as Once Upon an Ordinary Girl (儂本多情) and The Fallen Family (武林世家).

Stardom and retirement:

In 1986, he joined Cinepoly Records Hong Kong and released the album Summer Romance in 1987. Summer Romance became the Best Selling CD of the Year and IFPI Best Selling Album in Hong Kong. The success of Summer Romance made him one of the top two Cantopop idols at the time (the other was Alan Tam). In 1988, he composed one of his most famous songs “Silence is Golden” (沉默是金). Other popular albums published by Cheung through Cinepoly Records included Hot Summer (1988), Virgin Snow (1988), Leslie ’89 (Side face, IFPI Best Album of the Year, 1989), Final Encounter (1989), and Salute (1990). Salute was the first non-profit album released by a superstar in Hong Kong music history that would only compile songs originally performed by other singers. According to Cheung, Salute is his homage to music. He donated all the proceeds from the sales of Salute to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (香港演藝學院), which was named the Leslie Cheung Memorial Scholarship after his death.

With the popularity of Cheung and Tam, fans of these two stars became increasingly hostile to each other, starting a long-standing conflict that soon put heavy pressure on both singers. In 1988, Alan Tam publicly quit all pop music award ceremonies. In 1989, Cheung announced his intention to retire from his music career as a singer. Cheung then set a record by being the first singer ever in Cantopop history to hold a retirement concert series (Final Encounter of the Legend), which ran for 33 consecutive nights (he was 33 at the time) at Hong Kong Coliseum. In 1990, he left Hong Kong at the peak of his music career and emigrated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he reportedly “found peace and tranquility.” Cheung gained Canadian citizenship in 1992 and returned to Asia full-time in 1995 for his re-emergence in Chinese-language popular music.

From 1986 to 1989, Cheung acted in a number of movies that are considered as Hong Kong classics by film critics and Asian movie fans. In 1986, Cheung co-starred with Chow Yun-fat in A Better Tomorrow (directed by John Woo), which was widely considered as a trend starter for Hong Kong triad movies in the 1980s. Cheung played Kit, a righteous and idealistic young cop. Cheung’s role in the movie was widely considered his debut as a serious actor. He also starred in the sequel, A Better Tomorrow II (1987). Also in 1987, Cheung starred in Stanley Kwan’s Rouge where he played Chen-Pang Chan, an infatuated, opium-smoking playboy and doomed lover of a beautiful prostitute, Fleur (played by Anita Mui). Further, in the same year (1987), he appeared in Tsui Hark’s A Chinese Ghost Story (directed by Ching Siu-tung). Cheung played Ling Choi Sin, a well-meaning but cowardly debt collector who had fallen in love with a beautiful ghost (played by Joey Wong). His performance in these movies won him two Best Actor nomination from Hong Kong Film Awards. The success of A Better Tomorrow and A Chinese Ghost Story made his name known in the Japanese and South Korea film markets.

Golden age in film:

The mid-80s to mid-90s was a golden age in Hong Kong’s film industry, which coincided with Cheung’s film career. In 1990, Cheung acted as Yuddy, a handsome, ruthless bad boy, philanderer and narcissist in Wong Kar-wai’s movie Days of Being Wild. His performance in Days of Being Wild won him the Best Actor Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards in 1991 and his first nomination of Best Actor at the Golden Horse Film Festival (Taiwan). He also acted in two other Wong Kar-wai movies. In the 1994 martial arts film, Ashes of Time, he starred as Ouyang Feng, a swordsman and assassin who spent his days in a desert. His role as Ouyang won him the Best Actor Award at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards. In 1997’s movie Happy Together which centrally depicts a complex relationship between two gay lovers (although Wong insists that it isn’t essentially a “gay” film[20]), he played the capricious Ho Po-wing, who goes to Argentina with his lover Lai Yiu-fai (played by Tony Leung Chiu-wai).

In 1992’s historical masterpiece Farewell My Concubine (directed by Chen Kaige), Cheung acted as the Peking opera star Dieyi Cheng, a Beijing opera artist who reaches fame with his exquisite performances of female roles. Farewell My Concubine is the first Chinese film to have won the Golden Palm award at the Cannes Film Festival. It also won more than twenty other film awards including a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film and Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Film and Best Cinematography. Cheung’s performance in the film won him international fame as a film star and set his steps in the mainland China film industry. In 1996, he worked again with Chen Kaige, playing the role of a misty gigolo, Zhongliang Yu, in Temptress Moon. In 1998’s A Time to Remember (directed by Yip Ying), he acted as Jin, an underground Chinese Communist leader. His Hong Kong background caused a heated debate at the time, but the film still achieved box office success in mainland China and in 2004 won a “Most Popular Foreign Film” Award at the Pyongyang Film Festival.

Other important movies Cheung starred in during this period include The Bride with White Hair (with Brigitte Lin, 1993), He’s a Woman, She’s a Man (with Anita Yuen, 1994), The Phantom Lover (1995), and Viva Erotica (with Shu Qi, 1996). His performance in these movies won him three Best Actor Award nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards and three Best Actor Award nominations at the Golden Horse Film Festival from 1990 to 1998.

As a versatile actor, Cheung also acted in many comedies. In 1991, teamed again with Chow Yun-fat and Cherie Chung, Cheung played a skillful and charming thief in John Woo’s Once A Thief. In 1992’s All’s Well, Ends Well, he acted as an effeminate brother who would later realize the meaning of true love. Other well-known comedies included The Eagle Shooting Heroes, It’s a Wonderful Life, and The Chinese Feast. Cheung was also a box office attraction in Hong Kong; from 1990 to 1998, 13 out of 39 movies in which he starred were listed as yearly top ten box office movies.

Although Cheung quit his career as a pop singer from 1989 to 1995, he continued his music career as a composer. He composed more than ten songs during that time. In 1993, he won Best Original Movie Song Award from Golden Horse Film Festival for the theme song Red Cheek, White Hair to the movie The Bride with White Hair (as a composer). In 1995, he composed all three theme songs for the film The Phantom Lover. As a composer, Cheung won four nominations for Best Original Movie Song Award at the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards and two nominations for Best Original Film Song at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Return to music:

In 1995, Cheung signed a contract with Rock Records, returning to music as a singer. At the same year, he released his first post-“retirement” album, Beloved. Beloved achieved large market success with the award of IFPI Best Selling Album, but it did not receive much acclaim from music critics as it is a collection of Cheung’s movie theme songs from 1993 to 1995. In 1996, Cheung released possibly his most highly acclaimed album, Red. Red was a fusion album, mixing smooth jazz, R&B, trip hop, etc., into Cantopop, forming a consistent unique style. Cheung worked since then on cutting-edge music as well as Cantopop, his new music style being markedly different from before his earlier retirement. In this album, Cheung also composed another important song in his music career, Red. In 1998, Cheung released his first album in Mandarin (and also the only one originally in the language), Printemps.

In 1997, Cheung held his first post-retirement concert series: World Tour 97, which lasted from 12 December 1996 to 17 June 1997. Like with the refinements to his musical style, Cheung introduced a new image to his audience. The most daring part possibly was the closing dance “Red” where Cheung did a tango duet in a pair of red high-heels with a macho dancer. World Tour 97 included 55 concerts: 24 concerts were held in Hong Kong Coliseum and 31 concerts were held in the cities around the world. Among them, six concerts were held in Japan and mainland China respectively. World Tour 97 was the first concert series that Cheung held in these two areas.

In 1999, Cheung started a music company, Apex Music, signing a distribution contract with Universal Music Group(UMG). Important albums released via UMG includes Count Down With You (1999), Big Heat (2000), and Untitled (2000). The hit songs released by him during this period include “Passing-by Dragonfly”, the top one hit song, “Big Heat”, and “Left Right Hands”, Top Ten Gold Song of the Year (1999). He also composed the song I (first released in album Big Heat), which was considered by him as a song of self-statement. In 1999, Cheung was awarded the Golden Needle award (lifetime achievement award in Cantopop music). In 2000, Cheung had been assigned as the “Music Ambassador” of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH) until his death. Cheung also composed the theme song “Noah’s Ark” for the CASH Golden Sail Award.

The later years:

In 2000, Cheung held his last concert series, Passion Tour. Passion Tour included 43 concerts, lasting from 31 July 2000 to 16 April 2001. Cheung worked at the first time as the art director as well as the singer for the concert. He invited Jean-Paul Gaultier to design all eight costumes for the concert. However, the costumes, together with his long wig and beard, were criticized bitterly by Hong Kong media at the early stage of the concerts. Cheung later disclosed that Gaultier was very angry about the criticism and claimed in an email (sent to Cheung) that he would never design costumes again for any Asian performer. Despite the early criticisms from the media, Passion Tour achieved huge success. Passion Tour was highly welcomed in Japan and made Cheung hold 10 concerts there. Together with World Tour 97 concerts, Cheung set a record of foreign artists of holding 16 concerts in Japan. In China, Cheung set a record yet to be broken by holding two consecutive night concerts in Shanghai Stadium (capacity of 80,000). He was also awarded the “Grand Salute Award” (2000) by Mingpao Weekly (Hong Kong) and “Music Salute Award” (2000) from Chinese Pop Music Media Association (mainland China) for his work in Passion Tour.

By the end of the 1990s, Cheung had begun to focus on acting in non-romance roles. In The Kid (1999, directed by Jacob Cheung Chi-Leung), he starred as a poor single father who fostered an abandoned baby boy. In the action thriller Double Tap (2000, directed by Lo Chi Leung), he played a psycho killer, Rick. In the 2002 psycho thriller Inner Senses (directed by Lo Chi Leung), he played psychologist Dr. Law, who discovered his own emotional issues when he tried to treat his patient Yan (Kar Yan Lam). His performance in these films earned him another Best Actor nomination from the Hong Kong Film Awards. He also garnered another two Best Actor Award nominations from Taiwan Film Festival. During this period, Cheung began to try his hand at film direction. In 2000, he directed his first movie, the 45 minutes From Ashes to Ashes. In 2002, he began to film his first regular length movie Stealing Heart. The film was not completed due to the deterioration of his health.

Sexual orientation:

Cheung was bisexual and once said in an interview in Time magazine: “It’s more appropriate to say I’m bisexual. I’ve had girlfriends. When I was 22 or so, I asked my girlfriend Teresa Mo (his colleague in ATV of the time) to marry me.”

Despite numerous tabloid rumors, he denied his homosexual/bi-sexual orientation for the first half of his career, until his stance relaxed considerably after emigrating to Vancouver. In the early 1990s he became one of the few Hong Kong actors who dared to play gay characters onscreen.

Cheung’s first gay role was Cheng Dieyi in Farewell My Concubine (1993). Cheng Dieyi was a Beijing opera singer or Dan (male actor who plays female roles) who had fallen in love with his male singing partner. In Wong Kar-wai’s Happy Together (1997), Cheung played another gay role, Ho Po-wing. He was nominated for the Best Actor Award at the Golden Horse Awards and the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role in Happy Together.

In 1995 a Hong Kong tabloid published a photo of Cheung with another man, Daffy Tong Hok-Tak (唐鶴德). In a 1997 concert, Cheung openly revealed that Tong was his “most beloved” after his mother. The Hong Kong media eventually accepted the two men’s relationship and the tabloid gave Tong the nickname Tong Tong (in the style of Gor Gor). After Cheung’s death, Cheung’s family published a full-page obituary in a Hong Kong newspaper, in which Tong was listed as a surviving spouse (未亡人). Tong, together with Cheung’s eldest sister, was also designated as the executor of Cheung’s estate.


Cheung committed suicide on 1 April 2003 at 6:41 pm (HKT). He leapt from the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel, located in the Central district of Hong Kong Island.He left a suicide note saying that he had been suffering from depression. He was 46 years old.

As one of the most popular performers in Asia, Cheung’s death shocked the Asian entertainment industry and Chinese community worldwide. Rumors about the cause of his death spread so fast that his family urged tabloids to let Cheung rest in peace, and not to sensationalize his sexual orientation and reasons for suicide. The day after Leslie’s death, his longtime partner, Tong, confirmed that Cheung suffered from (clinical) depression and had been seeing psychiatrists for treatment for almost a year. He also revealed that Cheung had attempted suicide in 2002. Later at his funeral, Cheung’s niece disclosed that her uncle had severe clinical depression and suffered much over the past year (2003).

Despite the risk of infection from SARS and the WHO’s warning on travels to Hong Kong, tens of thousands attended Cheung’s memorial service, which was held for the public, on 7 April 2003, including celebrities and other fans, many from other parts of the world such as mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States and Canada. Cheung’s funeral was on 8 April 2003. For almost one month, Cheung’s death dominated newspaper headlines in Hong Kong and his songs were constantly on the air.

Cheung’s last album Everything Follows the Wind (一切隨風) was released three months after his death.

Cheung’s suicide note (translation): “Depression! Many thanks to all my friends. Many thanks to Professor Felice Lieh-Mak (Cheung’s last psychiatrist, 麥列菲菲). This year has been so tough. I can’t stand it anymore. Many thanks to Mr. Tong. Many thanks to my family. Many thanks to Fei-Fei (Lydia Shum Din-ha). In my life I did nothing bad. Why does it have to be like this?”

Cheung’s suicide note (Chinese): “Depression! 多謝各位朋友,多謝麥列菲菲教授,這一年很辛苦,不能再忍受, 多謝唐先生,多謝家人,多謝肥姐. 我一生沒做壞事 為何這樣?”

Achievement lists/Selected awards

RTV Asian Song Contest Runners-up with the song “American Pie” 1977
Overseas Chinese Daily News The Best Newcomer Award 1977
RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award winner with the song “Monica” 1984
TVB Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Award winner with song “Monica” 1984
Commercial Radio Chinese Pop Songs Award winner 1984
RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award winner with song Wild Wind 1985
TVB Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Award winner with song Wild Wind 1985
Commercial Radio Chinese Pop Songs Award winner 1967
RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award winner with song Who Can Be With Me 1986
TVB Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Award winner with songs Who Can Be With Me and, Love in Those Years 1986
Commercial Radio Chinese Pop Songs Award winner 1986
RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award winner with song Sleepless Night, Summer Romance is also the Best Selling CD of the year and IFPI Best Selling Album in 1987
TVB Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Award winner with song Sleepless Night
RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award winner with songs Silence is Golden and Up Close 1988
TVB Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Award Most Popular Male Singer 1988
CRHK Ultimate Song Chart Awards Best Male Singer 1988
TVB Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Award winner with song Start From Zero, and also winner of the Most Popular Male Singer 1989
Commercial Radio Ultimate Song Chart Male Gold Award 1989 winner LESLIE, album is also the IFPI Best Album of the Year
IFPI Best Selling Album winner with Fondness 1999
RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award Millennium Gold Song Award for “Monica” 1999
RTHK Golden Needle Award (lifetime achievement award in Cantopop) 1999
RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award winner with song Left Right Hand 1999
CRHK Ultimate Song Chart Awards Top Ten Albums for Countdown With You 1999
CRHK Ultimate Song Chart Awards Best Song Award for Left Right Hand 1999
Metro Radio Hit Music Awards Best Song Award for Left Right Hand 1999
Metro Radio Hit Music Awards Top Ten Best Hits for Left Right Hand 1999
TVB Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Awards Music Salute Award 2000
Mingpao Weekly Outstanding Male Singer Award 2000
Ming Pao Weekly Grand Salute Award for Passion Tour 2000
Joint Award by RTHK, CR, TVB & Metro Radio for the Best Album of the Year winner with album Untitled 2001
Chinese Pop Music Media Awards Best Male Singer Award 2001
Chinese Pop Music Media Awards Best Concert Award for Passion Tour 2001
Chinese Pop Music Media Awards Top Ten Chinese Songs for Passing Dragonfly 2001
“Sprite My Choice” China Original Music Pop Chart Awards Golden Song Award for Fever 2001
“Sprite My Choice” China Original Music Pop Chart Awards Millennium Outstanding Achievement Award 2001
RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Awards Silver Jubilee Award of Excellence 2002
Chinese Pop Music Media Awards Lifetime Achievement Award 2003
Chinese Pop Music Media Awards Top Ten Chinese Songs for So Far So Close 2003
CASH My All-time Favorite Song for I 2003
CASH Golden Sail Music Awards Best Alternative Composition for So Far So Close 2003
Hong Kong Film Awards winner Best Actor for Days of Being Wild 1991
Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival winner Best Original Movie Song for White-haired Beauty 1993
Chinese Performance Art Association Special Achievement Award for Farewell My Concubine 1993
Japanese Critic Society Best Actor Award (Foreign Movie) for Farewell My Concubine 1994
Hong Kong Film Awards Best Original Film Song Award for Chase 1995
Winner of HK Film Critics Society Best Actor Award for Ashes of Time 1994
Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, Udn, Phoenix TV, and World Journal Global Top Ten Chinese Movie Stars Award 1996
Ming Pao Weekly Performing Arts Awards Most Outstanding Actor for Inner Senses 2002
Nikkei Entertainment Japan Top Ten Best Actors in Asia 2004
NHK Japan Top Ten Favorite Movie Stars 2006
Hong Kong Film Awards Eternal Glory Performing Arts Award 2004
Hong Kong Film Awards Most Favorite Actor Award in 100 Years of Chinese Cinema 2005
Hong Kong Film Awards Silver Jubilee Best Actor Award 2006
Standard Chartered Hong Kong Platinum Multi-Talented Award 2000
CCTV-MTV Music Awards Biggest Asian Artist Award 2000
Sina China Top 10 Cultural Idols of the 20th Century 2003
Sina China Most Missed Artist 2007
Sohu China “Remembering My 1997” Most Memorable Celebrity 2007
CNNGO Asia’s 25 greatest actors of all time 2010
CNNGO Top 5 Global Music Icon No.3 2010
CNNGO 19 most beautiful men from Hong Kong cinema No. 1 2010


I Like Dreamin’ (白版碟) 1977
Day Dreamin’ 1977
情人箭 (Lover’s Arrow) 1979
風繼續吹 (The Wind Blows On) 1983
一片痴 (Craziness) 1983
張國榮 Leslie (“Monica”) 1984
夏日精選 – 全賴有你 (Summer Best Collection – All Because of You) 1985
為你鍾情 (For Your Love Only) 1985
張國榮(迷惑我) Leslie Cheung (Allure me) 1986
Stand Up 1986
張國榮 (當年情) (The Past Love) 1986
愛慕 (國語) (Admire) 1987
Summer Romance’87 1987
Hot Summer 1988
Virgin Snow 1988
Leslie ’89 張國榮 (側面) (Side Face or Profile) 1989
Salute’89 1989
Final Encounter 1989
Dreaming 1990
寵愛 (Beloved) 1995
紅 (Red) 1996
FROM NOW ON (single) 1996
Printemps 1998
這些年來 (EP) (All These Years) 1998
陪你倒數 (Count Down With You) 1999
Big Heat (大熱) 2000
Leslie Untitled (EP) 2000
Leslie Forever 2001
Crossover 2002
一切隨風 (Everything Follows the Wind) 2003


1978 Erotic Dream of the Red Chamber
Dog eats Dog

1980 On Trial
The Drummer

1982 Energetic 21
Crazy Romance
Teenage Dreamers

1983 The Drummer
Little Dragon Maiden
First Time

1984 Merry Christmas
Double Decker
Behind the Yellow Line Paul
Intellectual Trio

1985 For Your Heart Only

1986 Last Song in Paris
A Better Tomorrow

1987 Rouge
A Better Tomorrow II
A Chinese Ghost Story

Nomination (1988)
1988 Fatal Love
1989 Aces Go Places V: The Terracotta Hit
1990 A Chinese Ghost Story Part II

1991 Once a Thief
Days of Being Wild
Party of a Wealthy Family

1992 Nam Kong Legend: Anti-Punk Squad
All’s Well, Ends Well

1993 Farewell My Concubine
The Eagle Shooting Heroes
All’s Well, Ends Well Too
The Bride with White Hair
The Bride with White Hair 2

1994 Ashes of Time
Long and Winding Road
Over the Rainbow Under the Skirt
He’s a Woman, She’s a Man
It’s a Wonderful Life

1995 The Phantom Lover

The Chinese Feast

1996 Temptress Moon

Viva Erotica
Shanghai Grand
Who’s the Man, Who’s the Woman

1997 All’s Well, Ends Well 1997
Happy Together

1998 Ninth Happiness
A Time to Remember
Anna Magdalena
1999 Moonlight Express
The Kid Wing

2000 Double Tap
Okinawa Rendez-vous
From Ashes to Ashes
2002 Inner Senses

Leslie Cheung (born:September 5, 1956 …died: April 1, 2003)

STAGES welcome JayR and Krista Kleiner

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daring and sexy: this picture ahot of JAYR for a centerfold of Cosmo Mag didn't make me sleep...

Prince of Soul and beauty queen Krista Kleiner are the newest members of the growing STAGES family. The two formally launched as STAGES artists in a press conference held last September 16, Thaipan Restaurant, Q.C.
Jay R and Krista join Christian Bautista, Karylle, Sam Concepcion, Enrique Gil, Zia Quizon, among others in the stable of stars of STAGES, headed by Mr. Carlo Orosa.

“Aside from being a responsible company, I believe that Stages has this vision for me and my music”, says JayR. “With their experience as a management company, I believe they are knowledgeable enough to market me as a singer, and my music.”

slim, with perfect body symmetry, jay r is not just a goddamn good singer/hiphopper/performer, but he's also an ADONIS.

JAY R is currently seen in two GMA 7 shows “Protege’ and “Party Pilipinas”. Soon, he will have an international tour for Universal Records, his music label.

kRISTA: not just great beauty, but also great talent.

On the other hand, Krista will be launched as an ultimate performer. This former beauty queen, after all, sings, dances, acts and hosts. She is set to release her new album, produced by real-life sweetheart JayR.

“I expect STAGES tp help further and develop my career”, declares Krista. “Their (Stages) trust, understanding, support and guidance will help me become a better artist and will give me opportunities to show it.”

Head of STAGES Talent Group Carlo Orosa expressed that he is impressed by the artistry of Jay R as a music person and Krista’s love and dedication for performing.

“To partner with both Jay R and Krista, who are both very talented, is a great honor and privelege for our humble agency”, says Carlo. “STAGES is proud to have them in our stable of stars.”

Not everybody knows that Jay R is the star of STAGES’ very first musical production “Footloose”, so their partnership is sort of a homecoming for The Prince of Soul also.