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“Tonight I shall sleep in peace 
Couldn’t help but smile when I saw your face
You glance at me 
Oh how precious could your smile be?”

“Relationships , 
Good or bad. 
Its hard to let it go . 
Mutual or not . 
It will hurt. 
Even if you lose them forever, 
the memories remains 
the presence ends
but the love never fades. 
Because loving someone doesn’t require anything. 
You just simply love.”

“Distance, tire me, break down, fighting
Silence, this train runs off its tracks
Kiss me, try to fix it, would you just try to listen
Hang up, give up, for the life of us we can’t get it back”

“His eyes looks so weary ,
his shoulders are feeling heavy. 
and his head full of thoughts 
will I ever make him happy like the way i made him love me.
in his life he feels sorrow
if only I can make him less shallow 
I can see him smile again 
I’d be here longer than forevermore”

“This is the last time, I won’t hurt you anymore.”


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“YEAR-ENDERS”: why “palitan” was the best film i saw for the year 2012!

director ato bautista
director ato bautista
mon confiado
mon confiado
alex medina
alex medina
mara lopez
mara lopez
mara lopez & mon confiado in "palitan".
mara lopez & mon confiado in “palitan”.
alex and mara: best actor & best actress
alex and mara: best actor & best actress

It’s only a very small film, an “indie” (independent) film… With a very small production budget, tight setting and a simple cast. And yet, “Palitan”, one of the digital film entries at Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival this year, ranked as the best movie that this blogger saw and watched in the year 2012.

The movie started with a ‘definition’, showing the male lead character – portrayed so convincingly by Alex Medina- in a series of sexual pleasures and ‘one-night-stands’ that greatly defined his weakness and being a drifter in a harsh reality of his existence. A young man whose innocence was interrupted by an early marriage and forced labor (as he worked in an electronics shop that he didn’t seem to enjoy).

His equally young wife, portrayed so subtly and graciously by Mara Lopez, was a mystery. She wanted a happy marriage life but failed to assert her individuality and ‘value’ to her husband. Deep inside her, she was wanting a greater “satisfaction” out of life.

The wife was the object of desire to the husband’s boss- so sensitively portrayed by Mon Confiado. He was the “Peeping Tom”, as he demanded Alex to videotape his wife while taking a bath as a payment to all his financial debts. But it went too far, and soon, the boss and the young wife got trapped in the web of an illicit sexual affair.

The story plot was simple but so deep. The dialogues were brief, but so vast. It was a great screenplay.

The director of the film was Ato Bautista, and he surely did a great tribute to the “Scorpio Nights” classic film of director Peque Gallaga wherein the movie was somehow inspired.

Director Bautista’s vision of the Cinema was unique, compact and suspenseful with his style of “unpredictability”.

He used Close-Up shots, compressed settings and locations, and a smooth flow of editing to convey his kind of ART. You would feel that you were really there on that tight space and setting (in this film, the setting was in Raon St., Quiapo, Manila), and intimately, you’d feel you were almost touching the skin of the characters in his film. Almost so real… So intimate, indeed.

Kudos also to the Cinematographer of this film- Mr. Rain Yamson, for applying “squeezed shots” and minimal lightings in his ‘camera eye’, because those techniques were both so effective and brilliant.

There was something, too, in lead actor Alex Medina’s eyes in this movie. As he delivered his words in the film, his eyes would speak something more. His voice trembled in a few scenes, but they were so effective in conveying a certain emotion. Alex was so penetrating in this film. No wonder, he won the Best Actor award at the Cinema One Fest Awards for this movie.

Mara Lopez exuded so much sexiness and bareness in this movie, but you won’t feel any “dirty kind of art”. Her sex scenes with both Alex and Mon were done and choreographed in diversity- with Alex, it’s like a “robot sex” and with Mon, a “passionate kind of making love”. But both were directed with taste and a delicate touch of a creative mind that certainly pleased the viewers.

Mara acted so simply, delivered her lines so naturally and exuded a great aura of subdued performance. She, too, rightfully deserved the Best Actress award for Cinema One via this film.

But the one who provided a tremendous support for this movie was Mon Confiado. His style of acting here was full of essence and magnitude. His ruggedness- OVERWHELMING.

Mon was like a wet towel (in this film) and you could squeeze so much juicy talent and greatness in him as an actor. This was one of his greatest performances on screen.

Now, you ask again, why did “Palitan” became the best film for this blogger in the year 2012?

My answer: I hadn’t seen a movie that’s so real, so powerful and so imaginative as this. Even the ending shocked me. It’s the most original vision of a movie that I had ever seen.

Try to catch this film on DVD’s or any future screenings and you’ll know why.

“PALITAN”, the best Filipino film for the year 2012- for me. It’s my choice, and dare not contest it, okey?



words by robert manuguid silverio

“el presidente”: more than what it takes to be a FILIPINO


Governor E.R. Ejercito should have won "Best Actor" for MMFF awards for his authentic performance in the movie "El Presidente".
Governor E.R. Ejercito should have won “Best Actor” for MMFF awards for his authentic performance in the movie “El Presidente”.
cesar montano
cesar montano
christopher de leon
christopher de leon


felix rocco made the female augiences giggle & swoon over his good looks in the movie "el presidente".
felix roco made the female augiences giggle & swoon over his good looks in the movie “el presidente”.

Here is a Filipino film. A true Filipino film. At par with Hollywood film standards, showing what’s true, what’s beautiful, what’s so meaningful…

Dare not show the “ugly” side of Filipinos just to be noticed at film festivals abroad. Dare not show the ‘unreal’ just to imply DEPTH & STYLE.

But rather, show the life of a gentle Filipino, the first President of the Philippine Republic – in all its authenticity and originality- and life would never be the same again.

The movie: “El Presidente” simply showed more than what it took to be a FILIPINO.

The film was greatly acted by its powerful array of actors and actresses. A great ensemble cast, a great casting call.

Governor E.R. Ejercito should have won Best Actor for this film. He portrayed a dignified man of principles and nationalistic pride, and yet, he was there as the major front-runner in every field battles- fighting, riding horses, igniting passion and revolution.

A character like this was so hard to portray, it took a great deal of research and imitation, of personification and angst. And yet, Gov. Ejercito delivered it so fully- with a quenching satisfaction for an ordinary moviegoer.

The direction of diretor Mark Meilly was so “uncopied”, so fresh and vivid in details. Just wondered how did he get this kind of style in directing an epic film of historical proportions. It might have took him great pains to do so.

Among the supporting cast, this blogger was so awed with the performances of Cesar Montano (as Andres Bonifacio), Christopher de Leon (as General Antonio Luna) and Felix Roco (as General Emilio del Pilar). Their characters were so important in the film. It reshaped the Philippine history. Though they all died in the film, and Gen. Aguinaldo was the lone survivor of the Philippine Revolution, their deaths and sacrifices helped a lot in building a new nation of independence and freedom.

Felix Roco made the young audiences watching the film (yes, the cinema house was full when we watched this film) felt so “kilig” (giggling) with his so handsome looks and great “eye-stares”. He should be given more challenging roles like this in the future.

Meanwhile, actor Baron Geissler who portrayed a Spanish brat official in the film, looked like a DRUNKARD in his scenes rather than a distinguished Spanish military man. Sorry to say, but Baron almost destroyed the movie with his annoying style of bad acting!

The production design was almost like a deja vu. It was so superbly done.

The cinematography was simply great. The music, fabulous.

As I went-out of the cinema after watching this film, I was walking tall and standing proud.

My ancestors did a good job of where I am now. Without them, I felt, I would never know for sure of what it truly took me to be a FILIPINO.





“sisterakas”: blood is thicker than water!

Aiai should have won Best Actress MMFF awards. She was so great in "Sisterakas".
Aiai should have won Best Actress at MMFF awards. She was so great in “Sisterakas”.
Kris emereged as a greater actress in "Sisterakas".
Kris emereged as a greater actress in “Sisterakas”.
Vice Ganda: A standout!
Vice Ganda: A standout!
direk wenn deramas: a FILIPINO director.
direk wenn deramas: a FILIPINO director.

As I watched four MMFF entries in two different new malls in the East side of the Metropolis, I was so enlightened. It was the kind of enlightenment I had been wanting to see for years now. A clear vision of LIFE. Of seeing families and friends gather together to enjoy and celebrate the most simplest JOY of living- that is, watching a movie altogether.

And I saw that beautiful reality inside the cinema house as I watched the movie “Sisterakas” (produced by Star Cinema), which starred Miss Aiai delas Alas, Kris Aquino and Vice Ganda. I saw faces smiling so fully; in their eyes I saw the great appreciation of a good movie, and in their pockets, the contentment of a well-spent luxury.

As kids embraced their mom after watching the film, and friends gathered their arms together, I also realized one thing: THAT BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER.

Family and friends are still FAMILIES , after all. And the Filipino culture had long embraced it. In the movie “Sisterakas”, the message was present. And the more they loved it as they watched the said film.

Miss Aiai delas Alas delivered a powerful acting in the movie. I just wondered why she didn’t win in last night’s (the December 27 award-giving ceremony of all the MMFF film entries) awarding for the MMFF film entries as Best Actress. She was so candid, overwhelming, so touching in her performance as a young mother who simply wanted to give the best of everything to her two kids, but was apprehended by FATE and a past she couldn’t escape. Her comedic scenes in the film was awesome and fantastic, the moviegoers laughed a great deal with her natural way of showing her funny side.

Kris Aquino, meanwhile, was also a revelation in this film. Portraying a ‘contravida’ this time, Kris emerged as a comedian on the side. Given a good role like this, Kris would surely emerge as a greater actress and a talented comedian as well.

Vice Ganda was the favorite of the audience inside the cinema where I watched (SM Masinag cinema). In all his scenes, he was a standout! His chemistry with Aiai and Kris was so strong, you’d feel he was the one carrying the two of them in this movie all along.

The director of the film- director Wenn Deramas- knew fully well the “soul & the heart” of present-day Filipinos. How he executed and timed his scenes were simply fantastic. There were no boring moments and there were so many scenes in the film that I laughed until I dropped! A great sense of happiness for an ordinary blogger like me being belittled by many of his showbiz friends…

And maybe, the same way with the others, too. Ordinary working Filipinos were always belittled, too, by their egoistic bosses, apprehended and stepped-upon by the powerful people and always ‘unappreciated’.

Yeah,the same way this blogger felt, was the same way that any other ordinary Filipino also felt.

And in the film’s story, it was PRESENTED. 

The hardworking Filipino… The Filipino who would always smile even in hardships… And the Filipino who would always love his FAMILY.

Yes, blood is thicker than water. And the Filipino bloodlines would live FOREVERMORE.

The movie “Sisterakas” should have won the Best Picture, the Best Actress and the Best Director. But it did not.

Powerful people in control? We dare ask. But dare not  judge, too.

Our lips would remain to be SEALED.




bonus added feature, courtesy of MANILATIMES.NET:




Once again, Kris Aquino’s prediction has come true. On day two of the 38th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), Kris, Ai Ai delas Alas and Vice Ganda’s entry Sisterakas has doubled its lead in the nationwide box-office as it turned in a total gross of P71.2 million, according to data from the film fest organizer Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).
Second placer Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako, grossed P47.4 million nationwide followed by, One More Try, with P24.3 million and Shake, Rattle and Roll 14 with P16.7 million. 

Prior to the Christmas day opening of the Metro Manila Film Festival, Kris had predicted that her movie Sisterakas would be the number one movie of the festival.

“Kasi nung 2010 number three ako. Nung 2011 na festival number two yung movie. So, it’s about time na siguro na mag-number one kami,” she was quoted saying during the movie’s press conference

And true enough, Sisterakas recorded the highest single-day earnings of a local film of all time, raking in P40.7 million and getting an early lead over Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at si Ako—a movie that features perennial MMFF box office leaders Vic Sotto, Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. and Judy Ann Santos.

“We set a record! Highest single day earnings for any Philippine film in history . . . Congrats to the MMFF Queen, Ai Ai . . . Congrats undisputed #1 box office director Wenn Deramas . . . Congrats to the reigning box office champ [Vice Ganda]!” read Kris’ posts on Twitter on Wednesday.

On Christmas Day, Kris and Vice held a block screening that was attended by their family and close friends including the Aquino sisters and President Benigno Aquino 3rd. 

Kris and Vice said that they were very happy to hear the audience laughing inside the cinema with Vice boldly proclaiming that it could even exceed the box-office success of his film The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin, which is currently the highest grossing local film of all time.

Citing the film’s booking officials, Kris said that their movie earned P40,739,323.25 nationwide, quite close to the figures released by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino. 

According to Tolentino, Sisterakas grossed P23.1 million in Metro Manila and another P16.1 million from the provinces for a total of P39.2 million. In second place is the fantasy-comedy Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Si Ako, with a P29.5-million total followed by the romantic drama, One More Try and Shake, Rattle & Roll 14 with P13.6 million and P10.5 million, respectively. 

If Sisterakas does end up in first place in this year’s festival, Ai Ai delas Alas will have the distinction of starring in all of the top 3 highest grossing MMFF films of all time. 

The top 5 highest-grossing films in the history of the MMFF are Enteng Ng Ina Mo (P237.88 million); Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat (P171 million); Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote (P159 million); Ang Tanging Ina Mo (Last na ‘To!) (P157 million) and Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo (P140 million).



Alive (1993 film)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Directed by Frank Marshall
Produced by Kathleen Kennedy
Robert Watts
Screenplay by John Patrick Shanley
Based on Novel:
Piers Paul Read
Narrated by John Malkovich
Starring Ethan Hawke
Vincent Spano
Josh Hamilton
Music by James Newton Howard
Cinematography Peter James
Editing by Michael Kahn
William Goldenberg
Studio The Kennedy/Marshall Company
Cinema International Corporation
Distributed by USA/Canada
Touchstone Pictures
Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc.
Paramount Pictures
United International Pictures
Release date(s) January 15, 1993
Running time 127 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $32 million[1]
Box office $36,733,909 (USA)[2]

Alive is a 1993 American biographical survival drama film based upon Piers Paul Read‘s 1974 book Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors, which details the story of a Uruguayan rugby team who were involved in the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, which crashed into the Andes mountains on October 13, 1972.

The film was directed by Frank Marshall and narrated by John Malkovich. One of the survivors, Nando Parrado (portrayed by Ethan Hawke in the film), served as the technical advisor for the film. The film starred Ethan HawkeVincent Spano and Josh Hamilton.


The film opens with a series of photographs of the Stella Maris College‘s Old Christians Rugby Team. Carlitos Páez explains that the pictures were taken by his father and points out several members of the team, including himself as a young man, Alex Morales, Felipe Restano, Nando Parradoand the team’s Captain Antonio Balbi. Carlitos then reflects on the accident in a brief monologue, speaking of heroism, the gravity of the situation and of solitude and faith.

The story moves to October 13, 1972 as Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 flies over the Andes. The raucous rugby players and a few of their relatives and friends are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming match in Chile. Nando’s sister, Susana, praises the beauty of the mountains and happily observes that the plane will be landing in 20 minutes.

However, after emerging from clouds, the plane encounters turbulence and collides with an unknown mountain peak. During the collision, the wing and tail are separated from the fuselage of the plane, and the remnants of the fuselage slide down a mountain slope before coming to a complete stop. Antonio, the team captain, takes charge of the situation, co-ordinating efforts to help his injured teammates. Roberto Canessa and Gustavo Zerbino, both medical students, are the first to address the injured. Six passengers and one flight attendant are killed when they are ejected from the plane, and another six die shortly afterward including both pilots, Alex, Nando’s mom Eugenia, and an older couple. Nando, who sustained a head injury, falls into a coma and Susana suffers harsh internal injuries.

As the sun sets, the survivors begin to make preparations for the night. Canessa discovers that the seat covers can be unzipped and used as blankets. The survivors go inside the fuselage and curl up beside one another to stay warm. Antonio, Roy Harley and Rafael Cano plug the gaping hole at the end of the fuselage with luggage to keep the wind out. Two passengers die during the night from their injuries including Mrs. Alfonsín, causing Carlitos to feel ashamed after earlier yelling at her as she moaned about the pain she had been experiencing. With nothing to hunt or gather on the mountain, Antonio declares they will use rationing when the survivors find a tin of chocolates and a case of wine. After seeing a plane dip its wing, the survivors celebrate. Expecting to be rescued the next day, everyone except Javier, his wife Liliana, and Antonio eat the remaining chocolates.

The survivors listen to a radio for word of their rescue but are devastated to hear the search is called off after day nine. This causes a quarrel between Antonio and several others for eating the chocolate. Meanwhile, Nando regains consciousness through the care of Carlitos and Hugo Diaz. After learning of his mother’s death, Nando watches over Susana vigilantly. Knowing that she will die of her injuries within a few days, he vows to set off on foot and find a way out of the mountains. When Carlitos reminds him that he will need food, Nando suggests consuming flesh from the corpses of the deceased Pilots to survive his journey to find help. Susana dies from her injuries.

After great debate, the remaining passengers decide to eat the flesh of their dead companions in order to survive. Zerbino, Rafael and Juan Martino set off to search for the tail of the plane in hopes of finding the batteries for the plane’s radio to transmit their location. Among pieces of the wreckage, the teammates find additional corpses, but return to the group with news that the tail of the plane is likely a little farther away. Later in the week, an avalanche hits the plane and floods the interior with snow. Most manage to climb out of the snow, but some are unable to escape; eight of the remaining survivors are smothered by the snow or freeze to death, including Antonio, Liliana and Juan; Liliana was the final of the five women aboard to die. A second team, made up of Nando, Canessa and Antonio “Tintin” Vizintin, finds the tail of the plane. Unable to bring the batteries to the fuselage, they return to the fuselage to get Roy, who is rumoured to have experience setting up electrical equipment. They bring him to the tail of the plane, where the batteries are, to see if he can fix the radio. When Roy is unsuccessful, the team returns to the fuselage once more.

Federico Aranda and Alberto Antuna die from their injuries soon after and Rafael soon dies after from an illness, leading Nando to convince a reluctant Canessa to search for a way out of the mountains, taking “Tintin” with them. Two days into the journey, they send “Tintin” back to the fuselage so they can appropriate his rations and continue on. After a 12-day trek, the two escape the mountains and alert the authorities of their companions’ location. As helicopters land on the glacier, the other 14 survivors celebrate.

The film then shifts to the present as Carlitos explains the survivors later returned to the site of the crash and buried the bodies of the dead under a pile of stones, marked with a cross, about half a mile away. The memorial is then displayed with the film’s dedication to both the 29 deceased and 16 survivors.

ethan hawke: he starred in "alive" and delivered a poweful line in the film- "we must keepn on walking..." that haunted this blogger's mind for over the years.
ethan hawke: he starred in “alive” and delivered a poweful line in the film- “we must keep on walking…” that haunted this blogger’s mind for over the years.




keep on3

Happy new year 2013

I would never forget one scene in a Hollywood film I saw many years back (I guess, that was 1993). It was in the movie “Alive”, which starred one of my favorite Hollywood actors Ethan Hawke. In that scene, Ethan, together with a co-actor, climbed-up a great number of mountains in the Andes, in search of LIFE AND RESCUE. They had a plane crash in the middle of a great snow. Together with other young rugby players who all had to endure the great hardships of surviving the snow and the vast mountains, the movie was actually based on actual events.

And there was Ethan, with his FAITH stronger than the mountains, as he said this words- “We must keep on walking…At the other side of these mountains, there will be life. If we fail, at least we’ve tried, at least we did keep on walking…”- or something like those words.

yeah, those were the words somehow. As years passed by, I somehow forgot the exact words of Mr. Ethan Hawke on that tremendous film about a young group of men trapped in the snow and had to eat the fresh corpses of their dead friends just to survive on that plane crash.

But the movie was told not in a GROSS manner. The movie had a message.

That no matter how difficult it was to survive, we all had to live. We all must go on. We all must keep on walking…

My country, the Philippines, had experienced lots of tragedies already in the year 2012 up to the year 2014.

Natural calamities, poverty problems, the approval of new laws to be passed which were confusing and even nature contradicts them… and so many other problems.

But somehow, the spirit of the Filipino people lives.

They kept on fighting, they kept on living, they kept on WALKING.

And as the year 2014 continues, the new hopes of the Filipino people unveils…

Their spirits will live forevermore.




An angel will guide us all…



shoesshoes2keep on2

keep on

















(“These are my own personal choices and not to be contested by anyone, ok?”— sip & sip.)




1.) CHARO SANTOS- Her dignified look is almost like a “royalty”. Her graceful and ‘illuminating’ aura is so magical, beautiful, captivating… She’s the epitome of a beautiful woman in a wonderful dress, consistently throughout the years.


2.) IZA CALZADO- Her towering height and proportioned body curves made her a good dresser. Undoubtedly, she shines so much in a long evening gown!


3.) CHERIE GIL- A blogger was greatly astounded when he accidentally saw the wondrous beauty of this “half-retired” actress in the Opening Night of Cinema One Originals Filmfest. She was wearing a very simple ‘knee-length’ gown colored white and she looked like a “beautiful fairy”!


4.) ALESSANDRA DE ROSSI- Perfect. No words could best describe this enigmatic actress but “perfect”. She looked so trendy in a jersey sleeveless gray blouse and pants (she wore it on Cinema One Originals Grand Press Conference)- that made her look “tomboyish” but oh so lovely! Oh my!


5.) ANNE CURTIS- I could see in her the “young” Gloria Romero and Melanie Marquez- mixed into one- wearing all those designer’s clothes of Valera and Salud during their heydays… This time, though, it’s Anne’s turn!



6.) HANNA DELOS REYES- She’s Lance Raymundo’s girlfriend. A celebrity stylist herself who intellegently knows how to “style” herself in those big showbiz events wherein she’s frequently seen with her b.f.!


7.) KC CONCEPCION- She’s always so lovely in RED.


8.) AIAI DELAS ALAS- Creative, brillant, colorful. This is Miss AiAi’s style of dressing. And it’s awesome!


9.) MAXENE MAGALONA- This teen actress will reach greatness in style and bearing if she continues to be demure, soft-spoken and well-bred in the eyes of the public. Her sexiness exudes so much in a body-hugging dress that fits her slim body to the max (she wore it on Cinema One Originals Grand Press Conference)!


10.) SOLENN HEUSAFF- Her ready full smile, friendly gesture and “unassuming” personality always makes her so good to look at, much more, in a lovely skirt!



11.) DAWN ZULUETA- Her snobbish looks and arrogant attitude made people shy-away from her, but Miss Dawn Zulueta’s great fashion style could never be ignored in the eyes of everyone.


12.) EULA VALDEZ- Her poise and sophistication made her look even more beautiful, as she elegantly carries her dress in those TV teleseryes she had recently appeared in. She looked so well-dressed in one of her TV teleseryes this year- “Walang Hanggan”.


13.) KIM CHIU- Her petite body transforms her into a “living mannequin”.


14.) AGOT ISIDRO- Conservative, yetprovocative. This is Miss Agot Isidro’s great fashion sense!

15.) ZSAZSA PADILLA- Always a good dresser, but nobody notices. UNTIL NOW!




16.) MARA LOPEZ- She’s got ‘depth’ and mystique… Subtle but enduring… Lovely and girlish- even with the way she carries her simple clothes.


17.) ERICH GONZALES- A perfect model for any fashion designer, if we may say? This actress looks like a beauty queen and a ramp model!


18.) GRETCHEN FULLIDO- Hhhhmmmmm…. so sexy whenever we see her on TV Patrol’s entertainment news.


19.) VICKY MORALES- Her TV program- “Wish Ko Lang” would never be the same minus those great-fitting pants and white blouses that totally fits well to Ms. Vicky Morales.


20.) CHARLENE GONZALES- Need we say more? Just look at her on T.V. every Sunday at “The Buzz”!



21.) TONI GONZAGA- We like her own style of dressing. Girlish yet original. Always.


22.) KORINA SANCHEZ- Never take-off those great coats and skirts, Ms. Sanchez, ‘coz they totally look good on you!


23.) BEA ALONZO- Always looking so feminine and lovely in fabulous evening gowns, especially that gown she wore on Star Magic Ball 2012.


24.) LOVI POE- This “Yesterday’s Bride” star looks like a future bride and she may be perfect in a bridal gown!


25.) MARIA ISABEL LOPEZ- A stunner. This beauty queen-actress is a gem to look at in an evening wear!










(“These are my own personal choices, and not to be contested by anyone, ok?”— from sip & sip.)



1.) BOY ABUNDA– Mr. Boy Abunda’s consistency as a good dresser made him land the number one position for our Top Ten Best-Dressed Male Celebrity this year. It could clearly be seen all-throughout the year 2012 in his weekly TV talk show- “The Buzz”. His stylist should be credited, but Kuya Boy’s own way of carrying his clothes with great ease and comfort should not be denied.


2.) XIAN LIM- His lean body & splendid male torso made him carry his clothes so well- may it be rugged or formal. His debonaire looks added charm, too,  with the way he carried his clothes in the year 2012.


3.) ALEX VINCENT MEDINA- This award-winning indie film actor is such a good dresser. He carried his coat & tie outfit so well when he appeared onstage to get his Best Actor trophy for the movie “Palitan” at Cinema One Digitals Film Festival awards night.


4.) LUIS MANZANO- Always so clean, so cosmopolitan, so enhancing. It’s visibly seen on his weekly game show on channel 2. A fashionable man.


5.) JOHN LLOYD CRUZ- He may still have to loosen-up more those unwanted baby fats, but John Llloyd Cruz always looks so much of a great dresser, especially that coat & tie he wore during the Star Magic Ball 2012.


6.) DINGDONG DANTES- His TV home studio should look at Dingdong’s formal character-type, rather than his rugged looks. This actor is clean and wholesome, even with the way he carried himself. No more shabby looks to Dingdong and he’s such a great corporate celebrity man.


7.) MIKAEL DAEZ- This ramp model walks the way a real ramp model walks. He’s oozing with sex appeal in short-sleeved polo shirts.


8.) ENRIQUE GIL- Stylish, statuesque, magnificent-looking young man in jeans and formal wear.

jm fashion

9.) JM DE GUZMAN- This actor has improved a lot with his choice of clothes to wear. But he really looked so great in shirts and denim pants.


10.) MON CONFIADO- When this actor entered a room full of people, especially during the grand press conference of Cinema One Filmfest, you will be awed with the way he carried himself in a black coat!

sip & sip’s fearless prediction: “sisterakas” will be the top-grosser for the 38th metro manila filmfest!

aiai will beat them all!
aiai will beat them all!
vice, kris, aiai: good chemistry.
vice, kris, aiai: good chemistry.

At bakit naman hindi, aber? Nakakasawa na kasi ang walang-katapusang pananakot at morbid images, nakakalungkot naman kasi ang umiyak ng umiyak kapag Holiday season, at nakakasulasok na ang walang katapusang “pagpapakalalim” kuno ng ilang new film artists diyan na nagse-seryoso-seryosohan sa mga movies nila, pero wala ka rin namang makuhang TAMANG MENSAHE.

Buti pa ang komedya at ang mga epic historical movies, mae-entertain ka to the maxxxx!

Kaya naman ang fearless prediction ng blogger na ito, ang pelikulang “Sisterakas” nina Vice Ganda, Kris Aquino and Miss AiAi delas Alas ang siyang maging top-grosser sa darating na Metro Manila Film Festival!

And we bet our own ass for that!

Isang warning lang, huwag naman sanang solohin lang nina Vice Ganda o Kris Aquino ang credits kung sakali mang maging top-grosser ang pelikula nila. We believe, si AiAi delas Alas ang number one factor kung bakit tatabo sa takilya ang movie na ito! That, we truly believe! Walang kokontra, ha!

Mahal na kasi ng masang Pinoy ang pagmumukha ni AiAi tuwing kapaskuhan. Makita lang kasi nila ang mukha ni AiAi, napapatawa na sila! Araguy!

At siyempre, ‘lucky charm’ si AiAi nowadayas. Very positive kasi ang aura at attitude niya.

“Sisterakas”, the movie to watch this MMFF 2012!


by sip & sip 🙂

a prediction for the top-grosser for mmff 2012: sisterakas!
a prediction for the top-grosser for mmff 2012: sisterakas!


(courtesy of: http://www.mychos.com/articles/ac627ab1ccbdb62ec96e702f07f6425b.html

            BERNICE (Vice Ganda) & DETTY (Ai-Ai Delas Alas) are half siblings whose rivalry dates back when they were young, wild, and free. Things got worse when their father died. Detty’s family refused to extend any help Bernice’s family. Hatred turned to loathing, which led to their bitter separation.
            Years later, Bernice becomes the super successful lord of apparels industry. His kabangisan matches nobody. He has just recently fired his 74th assistant. Yet despite this, he is the caring godfather to Angelo (Daniel Padilla). On the other hand, Detty falls from riches to rags when she has decided to leave her womanizer husband. She’s with her two loving daughters Kathy (Kathryn Bernardo) & Cindy (Xyriel Manabat). However, she badly needs a high-paying stable job especially now that her husband is out to claim custody from her.
            Meanwhile, the bitter rival of Bernice’s company is currently posing a strong competition against them. And this is being headed by no other than the eccentric yet equally brilliant & talented ROSELLE(Kris Aquino). With the competition getting tougher, Bernice direly needs an assistant to help him get by.
            Timing is indeed playful when Detty applies to be his 75th assistant. Realizing that he is hiring his sister, Bernice accepts Detty as his executive assistant without Detty knowing the truth. For Detty, the job is for her daughters. But for Bernice, it’s payback time.
Bernice makes Detty do all the difficult and impossible tasks. But Detty doesn’t seem to be affected at all. In fact, she does her work well which leads to Bernice’s company becoming better than Roselle’s! This makes Roselle furious – even angrier when her father wants Detty for their company.
            Until Bernice cannot take more of Detty. Things get out of hand when Detty finds out that Bernice is her long-lost sibling. He fires her. Now jobless, she takes on a new job in – of all companies in this world – Roselle’s! Roselle, out of too much fury, starts to brew up crazy plans on how to get rid of Detty out of her sight.
            With the rivalry getting tougher and more intense than ever & severely affecting each other’s intertwined lives, who among Bernice, Detty, & Roselle will emerge victorious?

“new wave” film schedules of 38th mmff at the glorietta 4 cinemas!

(on the vid above: a “new wave” film entry at the 38th mmff. 

The Grave Bandits (December 18-22, 2012, Glorieta 4, Makati

Two young thieves wanted from stealing from the graveyards picked the wrong place to hide: an island plagued with undead cannibals).

below are the schedules of the “new wave” film entries at glorietta 4 cinema for 38th mmff:

new wave