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by Ilaw Ching on Friday,
January 7, 2011 at 12:00am
FOREWORD: In the mid-2000’s Mr. Ilaw Ching, experienced a tragic event in his life. His condo unit in West Mansions Apartelle in West Avenue, Q.C. got burned. His life was spared. But the traumatic experience left him with scars, and a new stronger will to live life to the fullest. Here are his thoughts, his words, his feelings…coz LIFE MOVES FORWARD. (by sssip*)

ilaw ching, the movie and TV scriptwriter who passed God's tests.

Our life depends on time… time to wake up, time to go to work, time to eat lunch… there is time for everything in our lives… sometimes we even set it 30 minutes advance to get ahead… we even set it’s alarm to remind us to wake up or of an important meeting or event. In a day can we count how many times we look at the clock? Impossible… we look at our watch every time, all the time. That’s how important time is, in our lives.
time and heaven, just like moving on- knows no boundaries.

For us, time started from the moment we were born, since then it never stopped, it never paused, never took a break… never. It goes on and on and on.
Sometimes we get so tired keeping up with time… we can take out the batteries of our clock to make it stop or even smash it to pieces… but we will just be fooling ourselves for time will still go on… for as long as the sun shines every morning and sets in at dusk… time will keep on moving forward. We don’t have the power to make time stop.

When we are grieving, when we have problems and we don’t want the situation that we are in… We want time to move faster… we want to wake up late and we want the sun to set as soon as possible so that we could call it a day… until the day comes that we solved our problems then we would want time to run at its normal pace…

a glimpse to eternity.

Stretching time is what we want we are happy… when we are together with our love one… we want to be suspended in time so that we can feel each other more, talk more… we want time to last forever… but no can do… time will and still be moving at its normal pace… that is why in every happy occasions we prepare ourselves with a camera, so that we can capture each happy moments, print them, put it in an album or frame it so that we can look at them every time we want to remember those happy moments in our past…

But did we ever ask why only capture the happy moments in pictures or even videos? Why not capture even the tragic moments, the sad moments, the times when we were so mad that we can almost transform into a giant green monster with too much rage… is it because we want to forget them… or is it because we can capture them in full details in our minds that we don’t need no cameras nor video cams? I am GUILTY with that. Most of the times I ask myself: why is it that happy moments only last for a very short period of time… and then when we look back… even with the help of a photograph or videos, we can’t even remember how happy we were during that particular time? Whereas when we look back at the most difficult times, the problematic times, our angry times in the past we can still feel our anger, our hatred, the pain almost exactly the way we felt when these were happening up to the last detail? Is pain, sufferings, anger and hatred more memorable that happiness and joy? Do tears leave a deep mark in our hearts deeper than smile and the sound of laughter?
PAST is PAST-and we have to power to turn back the hands of time and go back to our past to change it-It’s HISTORY. All we have is the PRESENT- the NOW. The future- no one knows what will happen in the future for it’s yet to come and no crystal ball, tarot cards, positioning of the stars and alignments of the planets can tell us exactly what will happen in the future- not even in the next thirty minutes of our lives.

That is why many creative minds came up with the idea of a time machine, a worm hole, a time warp, of reincarnation even the idea that we live in a simultaneous time continuums, that our past, present and future are happening all at the same time, only in different dimensions. It’s all hoax! We just want it so bad for us to go back to the past and change whatever bad decision we did to make things right, or to avoid a tragedy, to save a life, to be together again with a lost love one… or to go forward in the future to see what the result will be of our present situation… it is ALL IMPOSSSIBLE.

I believe that time is God’s gift to us… He gave us time to be born and experience life… life as it is…. with both sadness and happiness… but do we really see the true essence of time? How important each minute… each day… that passes by? We cannot do anything about our past, we can never change it… good or bad we need to accept it. Whatever failures that happened in the past we need to embrace it… same as the victories and achievements that we had be happy for them but strive for more… learn from our past mistakes… then leave them behind and never let yourself be imprisoned by your past mistakes… move on… go forward with time… and if possible share the wisdom that we gained from them… For what we have is the PRESENT to use in preparation and planning for a better FUTURE, with the PAST, as our strong and solid foundation.

In my entry “Born To Die For Us” I changed my outlook in celebrating Christmas… in my notes,”Looking Back” and “New Year… New Beginnings… New Life” I changed the way I look and celebrate New Year, here I would like to change the way I look at TIME and encourage you to do the same. For we only have one life to live and for every tick-tock of the clock, time is passing us by… let us not be dictated by the clock… instead let us make use of our time in sharing ourselves, in giving love and making our mark in the hearts of our fellow men and in the heart of our Lord… it’s not easy making each minute count… to make wonders and do good things every hour… but let’s make an effort to savour each day, every little blessings that come our way and try to share them to others… let’s start by making an effort to capture in our minds and in our hearts every smallest details of every happy moments in our lives-dwell on them, memorize them, remember how it feels, remember the sound of the laughter… remember the warmth in your heart, take a photograph of that moment in your mind… instead of the sad ones… this is just borrowed time, and sooner or later our time will expire… and when that time comes, we can say to ourselves that we LIVED A FULL LIFE… and we don’t need no time machines, worm holes nor photographs to remind us of how we live our lives… for we have everything in our hearts… and in the hearts of the people we share our lives with…



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With Kind Authorization From Mr. Carlos Concepcion,
taken at his blog:
kingdom of the c



carlos, the model-blogger, being tattooed.

carlos' bare, magnificent chest: an artwork.


carlos: model, fashion artist, swimmer-athlete, blogger.


the model. carlos.


carlos' tattoo: "the truth shall set me free."



miss amalia fuentes

Kapag maganda ka, alam mo ang kapwa mo maganda.
Iyan kaagad ang pumasok sa aming isip nu’ng may nagkuwentong isang veteran movie writer sa amin na sobrang nagandahan daw si Amalia Fuentes kay KC Concepcion:
“Napanood daw ni Tita Nena (Amalia Fuentes) ang isang pelikulang dinirek ni Maryo J. delos Reyes two years ago sa Star Cinema”, kuwento pa ng veteran writer na kilala rin sa pagiging controversial in his own right at mas kilalang malapit sa karibal ni Amalia na si Susan Roces. “Hay naku, gandang-ganda daw siya sa mukha ni KC Concepcion! Nasa isang restaurant kami nu’n at tinawag niya ako, se niya-‘Hoy halika, isulat mo ito, sabihin mo, gandang-ganda ako sa mukha ni KC Concepcion! Ngayon lang ulit ako pumuri ng ganyan. Ngayon lang ulit ako nakakita ng napakagandang mukha sa showbiz. At si KC yan. Puede mong isulat yan!’ ..Ako naman, medyo nagtaka, kasi, dati, ang pinupuri niya sa kagandahan ay si Kristine Hermosa, biglang si KC na ngayon. Kaya tinanong ko siya kung bakit? Bakit biglang si KC na?
“Ang sagot niya, mas nagagandahan daw siya kasi ngayon kay KC , yun lang”, pagpapatuloy na sabi pa ng aming veteran writer na source.
Si Miss Amalia Fuentes, na pumapangalawa kay Miss Gloria Romero bilang Reyna Ng Pelikulang Pilipino ay nakilala noong kapanahunan niya bilang “Most Beautiful Actress In Asia”. Nasa authority siyang pumuri o mamintas kung gugustuhin niya, based na rin sa mga naging achievements niya sa movie industry. Pagdating sa kagandahan, number one si Tita Nena.
Maski hanggang ngayon na nagka-edad na siya at tumaba na, kapag titigan mo ang mukha niya ay napaka-exquisite pa rin. The beauty is so visible.
Pero alam ni Tita Nena, ibigay na dapat sa mga mas nakakabata ang korona ng kanyang kagandahan. At isa sa mga napili niya ay ang ‘unica-hija’ ni Megastar Sharon Cuneta na si KC Concepcion.
“Agree din naman ako kay Tita Nena”, tanging nasabi na lang nung controversial na veteran writer. “Napanood ko rin ang movie na yun ni KC na dinirek ni direk Maryo J. Napakaganda nga niya doon! Very glossy ang movie na yun at na-capture talaga ang beauty ni KC! Kaya bow ako!”
And KC’s beauty transforms, just like her mom’s beauty. Their beauties glow in the dark, even from far-away.
Naaalala pa namin minsang nakita namin si Miss Sharon Cuneta sa isang premiere night. Nasa loob na siya ng theater, pero ang beauty niya ay kitang-kita maski nasa malayo ka, naggo-glow. Nagta-transform. Iyan ang kagandahang minana ni KC sa kanyang ina na si Sharon.
And, oh yes, glamour must always be a part of showbiz! No matter what!


Many thanks to Mr. Carlo Arreglado Orosa for this very intimate pics of Mr. Christian Bautista during his leg of work and behind-the-scenes shots at his Simfoni Luar Biasa promo 2011 in Indonesia.

A Photo Essay
“Play Me With Your Guitar and I Play You With My Life”

play me with your guitar,
i play you with my life.
strum with the melody,
and the beatings of my heart…
will soon be.
i play you with my life,
but play the guitar for me…
as i lie and hear,
i arise
and sing
the sorrows and joys
unleashed within my dreams…

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27th PMPC STAR AWARDS FOR MOVIES 2011 Official Nominees!

(FOREWORD: Our heartfelt thanks to our longtime colleague, Mr. Mell T. Navarro for this official list of PMPC Star Awaeds 2011 nominees.)

official logo of PMPC.


Official Nominees of the 27th PMPC Star Awards for Movies 2011
Awards Night to be held sometime in June 2011 (to be announced) with TV coverage

Movie of the Year:
Emir (Film Development Council of the Philippines)
Here Comes The Bride (Star Cinema/ Quantum Films/ OctoArts Films)
Rosario (Cinemabuhay International/ Studio5)
Sa ‘Yo Lamang (Star Cinema)
Shake, Rattle & Roll 12, “Punerarya” episode (Regal Entertainment, Inc.)
Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To (Star Cinema)

Digital Movie of the Year:
Donor (Spark Films)
Mayohan (Cinemalaya Foundation Inc./ Alpha Dog Productions)
Muli (MJM Productions)
Senior Year (Digitank Studios/ Metric Films)
Sigwa (Beginnings Twenty Plus Production/ Sineng Totoo Production/ Star Express)
Tarima (Blue Gold Productions)
The Red Shoes (Unitel Productions/ Unico Entertainment)

Movie Actress of the Year:
Bea Alonzo (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Anne Curtis (In Your Eyes)
Ai-Ai Delas Alas (Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To)
Angelica Panganiban (Here Comes The Bride)
Lovi Poe (Mayohan)
Lorna Tolentino (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Dawn Zulueta (Sigwa)

Movie Actor of the Year:
John Lloyd Cruz (Miss You Like Crazy)
Christopher De Leon (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Baron Geisler (Donor)
Coco Martin (Noy)
Yul Servo (Rosario)
Fanny Serrano (Tarima)

Movie Director of the Year:
Wenn Deramas (Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To)
Laurice Guillen (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Alberto Martinez (Rosario)
Chris Martinez (Here Comes The Bride)
Chito Roño (Emir)
Jerrold Tarrog (Shake, Rattle & Roll 12 “Punerarya”, episode)

Digital Movie Director of the Year:
Adolf Alix (Muli)
Raul Jorolan (The Red Shoes)
Joel Lamangan (Sigwa)
Mark Meily (Donor)
Dan Villegas (Mayohan)
Neal Tan (Tarima)
Jerrold Tarrog (Senior Year)

Movie Supporting Actress of the Year:
Gina Alajar (Sigwa)
Rustica Carpio (Tarima)
Eugene Domingo (Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To)
Dulce (Emir)
Zsa Zsa Padilla (Sigwa)
Gloria Romero (Tarima)

Movie Supporting Actor of the Year:
Tirso Cruz, III (Sigwa)
Enchong Dee (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Allen Dizon (Sigwa)
Emilio Garcia (Rekrut)
Sid Lucero (Rosario)
Coco Martin (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)

Movie Child Performer of the Year:
Nash Aguas (Shake, Rattle & Roll 12, “Punerarya” episode)
Elijah Alejo (Shake, Rattle & Roll 12, “Manyika” episode)
Mahdi Yazdian Barjani (Emir)
Abby Bautista (Petrang Kabayo)
Timothy Chan (Here Comes The Bride)
Xyriel Manabat (Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To)
Jillian Ward (Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote)

New Movie Actress of the Year:
Carla Abellana (Shake, Rattle & Roll 12, “Punerarya” episode)
Melai Cantiveros (I Do)
Frencheska Farr (Emir)
Sam Pinto (Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote)
Gwen Zamora (Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote)

New Movie Actor of the Year:
Sam Concepcion (Cinco, “Braso” episode)
Martin Del Rosario (Dagim)
Robi Domingo (Cinco, “Braso” episode)
Mohammed Ibrahim (Happy Land)
Xian Lim (Two Funerals)
Tom Rodriguez (Here Comes The Bride)
Rocky Salumbides (Tarima)

Movie Original Screenplay of the Year:
Aloy Adlawan and Onay Sales (Shake, Rattle & Roll 12, “Punerarya” episode)
Mel Mendoza-Del Rosario (Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To)
Elmer Gatchalian (Rosario)
Jerry Gracio (Emir)
Ricardo Lee, Karen Ramos, Ralph Jacinto Quiblat (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Chris Martinez (Here Comes the Bride)

Digital Movie Screenplay of the Year:
Bonifacio Ilagan, Jr. (Sigwa)
Jerry Gracio (Muli)
James Ladioray (The Red Shoes)
Mark Meily (Donor)
Paul Sta. Ana (Mayohan)
Neal Tan (Tarima)
Jerrold Tarog (Senior Year)

Movie Editor of the Year:
Marya Ignacio (Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To)
Efren Jarlego (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Ike Veneracion (Here Comes The Bride)
Jerrold Tarrog (Emir)
John Anthony Wong (Rosario)
Tara Illenberger (I’ll Be There)

Digital Movie Editor of the Year:
Edesel Abesamis, Maui Mauricio, and Mai Dionisio (Happy Land)
Bebs Gohetia (Sigwa)
Rocky Kho (Tarima)
Neil Sayno, Mark Pandy, and Mark Meily (Donor)
Jerrold Tarrog (Senior Year)
Jesson Yap (Mayohan)

Movie Production Designer of the Year:
Jesse Bueno and Ruben Arthur Nicdao (Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote)
Adelina Leung (Here Comes The Bride)
Joey Luna and Miki Hahn (Rosario)
Edgar Martin Littaua (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Benjamin Padero (Shake, Rattle & Roll 12, “Punerarya” episode)
Digo Ricio (Emir)

Digital Movie Production Designer of the Year:
Gerry Santos (Muli)
Bella Herrero (Ang Paglilitis Kay Andres Bonifacio)
Edgar Martin Littaua (Sigwa)
Benjamin Padero (Senior Year)
Aped Santos (Donor)
Adrian Torres (Ishmael)

Movie Cinematographer of the Year:
Rodolfo Aves, Jr. (Here Comes The Bride)
Lee Briones Meily (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Neil Daza (Emir)
Mackie Galvez (Shake, Rattle & Roll 12, “Punerarya” episode)
Carlo Mendoza (Rosario)
Manuel Teehankee (Miss You Like Crazy)

Digital Movie Cinematographer of the Year:
Jay Abello (Donor)
Ike Avellana (The Red Shoes)
Albert Banzon (Muli)
Arvin Bustos (Tarima)
Monino Duque (Sigwa)
Dan Villegas (Mayohan)

Movie Musical Scorer of the Year:
Albert Chang (Rosario)
Von de Guzman (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Jessie Lasaten (Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To)
Jessie Lasaten (Miss You Like Crazy)
Jesse Lucas (I’ll Be There)
Josefino Chino Toledo (Emir)

Digital Movie Musical Scorer of the Year:
Sherwyn Castillo (Tarima)
Jessie Lasaten (The Red Shoes)
Lucien Letaba (Sigwa)
Mark Meily (Donor)
Jerrold Tarog (Senior Year)
Emerzon Texon (Mayohan)

Movie Sound Engineer of the Year:
Albert Michael Idioma (Dalaw)
Albert Michael Idioma (Sa ‘Yo Lamang)
Albert Michael Idioma (Emir)
Albert Michael Idioma (Here Comes The Bride)
Warren Santiago (Rosario)
Jerrold Tarog (Shake, Rattle & Roll 12, “Punerarya” episode)

Digital Movie Sound Engineer of the Year:
Ditoy Aguila (Ishmael)
Emmanuel Nolet Clemente (The Red Shoes)
Albert Michael Idioma (Donor)
Alfredo Ongleo (Sigwa)
Jerrold Tarog (Senior Year)
Junel Valencia, Mark Locsin, and Ditoy Aguila (Muli)

Movie Original Theme Song of the Year:
“Bakit Ako Naririto?” (Emir) – Composed by Gary Granada, Interpreted by Frencheska Farr
“Kabayozong” (Petrang Kabayo) – Composed by Edwin Marollano, Interpreted by Vice Ganda
“Super Inday” (Super Inday and the Golden Bibe) – Composed by Robert Javier, Interpreted by Jacq Dionisio

Digital Movie Original Theme Song of the Year:
“Bawat Hakbang” (The Red Shoes) – Composed by Divine Gil Reyes and Dan Gil, Interpreted by Nikki Gil
“Hiwaga” (Mayohan) – Composed by Paul Yap, Interpreted by Up Dharma Down
“Kahapon” (Senior Year) – Composed and interpreted by Johnoy Danao
“Lukso ng Dugo” (Sigwa) – Composed by Bonifacio Ilagan Jr., Interpreted by Ayen Laurel and Dessa Ilagan
“Muli” (Muli) – Composed by Jimmy Antiporda, Dingdong Avanzado and Noel Ferrer, Interpreted by Dingdong Avanzado
“Napapagod Din Ang puso” (Tarima) – Composed by Sherwyn Castillo, Interpreted by MJ Ringo

To receive this year’s Ulirang Artista Lifetime Achievement Award is actor-director Christopher de Leon. The award was formerly given to veteran movie industry artists by the Nora Aunor Foundation in cooperation with the PMPC. Years later, it was handed over to the PMPC.

The Ulirang Alagad Ng Pelikula Sa Likod Ng Kamera (a lifetime achievement award) will be awarded to movie producer Mrs. Lily Monteverde (a.k.a. Mother Lily) of Regal Entertainment.

Darling of the Press Nominees:
Governor ER Ejercito
Luis Manzano
Annabelle Rama
Daniel Razon
Senator Bong Revilla


Christopher "Boyet" De Leon had contributed so much in the film industry.

Multi-awarded actor-director MR CHRISTOPHER DE LEON is this year’s ULIRANG ARTISTA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, to be awarded by the Philippine Movie Press Club on the 27th PMPC Star Awards for Movies awards night to be held this June 2011. The award was formerly given to veteran movie industry artsts by the Nora Aunor Foundation in cooperation with PMPC… A few years later, it was handed over solely to the movie writers’ club…. Congratulations, BOYET!!!

After a thorough deliberation of the PMPC officers and members, MR CHRISTOPHER DE LEON was chosen to be this year’s recipient of the ULIRANG ARTISTA Lifetime Achievement Award – the highest form of recognition in the forthcoming 27th PMPC Star Awards for Movies.

This prestigious honor is based on his outstanding body of work, remarkable achievements in Philippine movie industry as a veteran actor-director, unquestionable credibility as a seasoned artist, integrity, and simply because he has touched the lives of the Filipino people from his humble beginnings until where he is now.

In more than the two decades’ existence of the PMPC Star Awards for Movies, the previous honorees of this esteemed accolade include: Dolphy, Eddie Garcia, Vilma Santos, Charito Solis, Gloria Romero, Anita Linda, Susan Roces, Joseph Estrada, Rosa Rosal, Ramon Revilla, Gil de Leon, Chichay, Leopoldo Salcedo, Mona Lisa, Rudy Fernandez, Boots Anson-Roa, Caridad Sanchez, Perla Bautista, Armando Goyena, Alicia Vergel, German Moreno, Gina Pareño, and Armida Siguion-Reyna.

(Guest Writer)

“SA ‘YO LAMANG”, “SIGWA” AND “ROSARIO”, top 3 sa pmpc star awards for movies 2011 NOMINEES!

Ang pelikulang idinerehe ni Laurice Guillen para sa Star Cinema, ang “Sa ‘Yo Lamang” ang siyang may pinaka-powerful na mga nominasyon ( with 13 nominations) sa taong ito para sa 27th PMPC Star Awards for Movies 2011 na idaraos sometime in June 2011 (ang venue ng awards night ay soon-to-be-announced pa). Pumapangalawa naman ang pelikulang “Sigwa”, isang indie film na idinirek ni Joel Lamangan, at produced by Carmela Honrado and Pelita Uy- na maski mas lamang ng isang nominasyon sa “Sa ‘Yo Lamang” ay masasabi naming pangalawang top nominee lamang dahil hindi siya isang mainstream film. Labing-apat ang nominasyon ng “Sigwa” sa Star Awards sa taong ito na mostly ay nasa technical na aspeto.
Pangatlo namang top nominee para sa blogger na ito ang pelikulang “Rosario”, sa direksyon ni Alberto Martinez with 10 nominations. Ang pelikulang ito, for sure, ang magiging mahigpit na karibal ng “Sa Yo Lamang” at “Sigwa” for Best Picture.
Although mas lamang ng isang point sa total number of nominations ang pelikulang “Emir” ni direk Chito Rono, we feel na mas powerful naman ang nominations ng “Rosario” dahil nominado sa Best Actor si Yul Servo sa nabanggit na movie, samantalang sa “Emir”, walang major acting nominee kaya maski mas madami ang nominations ng “Emir”, mas lamang ang impact ng nominations ng “Rosario”, and thus, ang “Rosario” ang pangatlong top nominee na personal choice para sa blogger na ito.
And yes, nominado muli si Fanny TF Serrano bilang Best Actor sa indie film niyang “Tarima”. Kalaban niya sa kategorya sina Yul Servo (“Rosario”), Coco Martin (“Noy”), Baron Geisler (“Donor”) at John Lloyd cruz (“Miss You Like Crazy”).
Sa Best Actress, ang magkakalaban ay sina Lorna Tolentino (“Sa ‘Yo Lamang”), Bea Alonzo (“Sa ‘Yo Lamang”), Aiai delas Alas (“Tanging Ina Mo, last Na To”), Lovi Poe (“Mayohan”), Anne Curtis (“In Your Eyes”), Dawn Zulueta (“Sigwa”) and Angelika Panganiban (“Here Comes The Bride”).
Para sa kumpletong list of nominees, pumunta na sa PEP.PH site. Mwahh.


the most handsome model and the greatest shot of dan santos, this blogger's choice!

dan santos, the good photographer.

His shots captures the rays of an invicible light, the enigmatic eyes of his male models (her female models are not included in this feature, next time will feature them), the perfectly-formed and well-sculpted bodies of his male adonises/models… but they look like angels, not male seductors…
Take a peep into Dan santos’ vision, penetrate his eyes in the lens, and look upon his soul…as you take a look at his amazing pictures and male gods as models. That is, the DAN SANTOS PHOTOGRAPHY.

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with her morena skin, classic jawline and charming ways, janna mara tiangco is out to steal your hearts!

Women from the province of Pampanga, especially Angeles City are known for their outstanding beauty, charming ways, and sensous delights. They have captivated the hearts of millions of men- envied by many, imitated by other provincial girls. Coz women of Pampanga, better known as Kapampangans, have an inept and inborn class, grace and mystique.
girlish, natural, exotic... that's janna mara tiangco.

Especially Janna Mara Tiangco, SSSIP’s beautiful baby and talent of this blogger. She is, indeed, creating a huge “tidal wave” in the showbiz and entertainment scene.
janna: natalie portman-type-of-beauty.

After we featured Janna here on SSSIP (Silverio’s Showbiz Silver Platter), offers from the fashion and modelling scene, television appearances and the likes, kept on pouring in! Oh my!!!!
Regal Films is now interested in getting Janna as one of their contract stars, upon the help of mainstream film director Erik Matti.
Channel 7 is also getting Janna to appear in their fantasy teleserye “Amaya”.
Talent agents are fighting and competing each other out to get more projects to Janna and prove to Janna that they are worthy to be their agents.
Angeles City-based fashion designers and topnotch hairdressers of Pampanga are also elbowing each other out to be Janna’s exclusive designers and stylists!
And more!
Soon, Janna will have two exclusive photo-shoots and pictorials with top and young photographers based in Manila and Pampanga, being coordinated by this blogger.

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This Natalie Portman type of beauty- with her classic prominent jawline, luscious lips and well-sculpted form of face and beauty- is really getting there. As a model. As a beauty queen. And most of all, as an actress!
“My idols are Iza Calzado and Lovi Poe in the local scene”, Janna revealed to this writer. “And in the international scene, my idols are Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman.
‘In fact, my dream role is like that of Natalie’s character in The Black Swan”, Janna further revealed to this writer. “It’s a very challenging role and how I wish I can portray something like that in the future. Acting is my passion.”
mama melanie: janna's idol in the modelling scene.

In the modelling scene, Janna’s all-time idol and favorite is no less than Miss Melanie Marquez.
“She’s also a Kapampangan like me. And i am proud we have the same roots”, Janna said.
janna: FHM's babe, too.

Last month of March, Janna was FHM Magazine’s “Girlfriend Of The Month”, just look at those sexy photos attached to this article. isn’t she captivating? We heard that the March issue of FHM was soldout already because of Janna’s sexy pics there? Oh my!

And just a day ago, Janna made a lot of waves, too, when she appeared in red, blue and green evening gowns in a very classic fashion show entitled “Simply Fashion At Casino Filipino Angeles”, as she wore the designs of top designers in Pampanga. Just look at the photos again, Janna was a standout!
Watchout for Janna- the baby of this blog. She’s out to steal your hearts!