“HEY, JOE!” (impressions and a personal look at ‘joe, the rock’sical’ stageplay of philippine stagers foundation)…

another great performance from atty. vince tanada in the musical play "joe: the rock'sical".
another great performance from atty. vince tanada in the musical play “joe: the rock’sical”.


dr. jose rizal: the philippine national hero.
dr. jose rizal: the philippine national hero.

History versus Art.

Passion versus Love.

Change versus Heroism.

These are the ‘contradicting’ topics very clearly presented in the musical play “Joe, The Rock’sical” by the Philippine Stagers Foundation. Written and directed by no less than Atty. Vince Tanada (a Carlos Palanca and Aliw Awards awardee), the musical play was such a delight to see. 

Every scene of the play counted, and quenched our “overwhelming thirst for the Arts and its soul”. It struck this blogger “dumbfounded”. And made him feel that our Philippine national hero “is still very much alive” – conquering the deepest souls of every young person whom he called “the future of every nation”.

Without the great performances, this musical play could have suffered in vain. But the actors knew so well the writer of the play- the PSF (Phil. Stagers Foundation) man himself- Mr. Tanada. And they delivered what ‘the man’ wanted, what ‘the man’ challenged them to become and what ‘the man’ worked hard for and researched fully to be able to present something real and precise about the life of Dr. Jose Rizal.

Mr. Vince Tanada was not just a mentor to the actors who all performed – he’s their ONLY FRIEND. Someone who understood their passions and their dedications- their love and desire to do something good within their lives…

And again we say, the actors DELIVERED. Their body movements and the ‘blockings’ were something that this blogger haven’t seen yet in years of watching live stage performances. It was so accurate, so correct.

These group of new and fresh crop of stage performers were simply UNBELIEVABLE! I bow my head to ‘the man’…

But it was ‘the man’ himself also- yes, Mr. Vince T., who acted the most awesome! And the character he portrayed was the most powerful character of all- that of a writer-director-passionate man who wanted to show the other side of Rizal’s life, rather than compromise with the research and historical books.


In his eyes, you could see much pain when he accidentally saw his researcher-wife kissing another man as they were in the middle of a pre-production project about Dr. Jose Rizal.

In one great crying scene, together with the other cast of the rock’sical play, Vince was almost in a crying breakdown and you’d really cry alongside with him. It was an unforgettable scene, truly wonderful…

young & fresh PSF actor- JM ENCINAS- almost stole the show-away from atty. vince!
young & fresh PSF actor- JM ENCINAS- almost stole the show-away from atty. vince!

JM Encinas who portrayed the character of ‘Hunter’ (another PSF actor was alternating with him in this role) ranked the second best for this blogger. JM didn’t only looked so dashing onstage, but he got that kind of depth every stage actor must have.  And portraying a rebel character who was ‘handpicked’ to provide the musical score on the ‘Rizal project’ was somewhat hard to mix-in, but JM’s good performance overturned the confusion and his character on the play became the most-loved character in the end, almost overlapping Mr. Tanada’s ‘Joecaz’ role.

Mr. Jordan Ladra, our favorite PSF actor, provided the “kilig” factor in this play. He portrayed the sexy character of Bimbo and even appeared onstage clad in a bath towel only. Oh, myyyyy!!! It was tantalizing!

Patrick Libao as Dr. Jose Rizal
Patrick Libao as Dr. Jose Rizal
THIS CHILD THEATER ACTOR IS A WONDER!!!- and his name is: Gabby Bautista!
THIS CHILD THEATER ACTOR IS A WONDER!!!- and his name is: Gabby Bautista!

Patrick Libao as Dr. Jose Rizal was so unique in his performance. Absolutely funny sometimes, dignifying, though, in most of his scenes as Rizal-costumed small man. Mr. Libao had this kind of charm onstage … it was his body movements and great enigmatic appeal that “dumbfounded” this blogger.

Child theater actor Gabby Bautista was so lovable!!! His acting style was so cute! And he could easily cry, tears always gathered in his eyes in some moving scenes of the play.  We must say, this child actor is a GEM!

And the rest of the performers were all fine! One note, though, I always wonder why PSF female performers always suffer in vain with the male performers. Again, in this closing performance presentation of the play at the SM north Edsa Cinema 9, wherein a very distinguished keynote speaker delivered a speech, the female actors were less at par with the male actors, though we felt, they did their very best. This blogger wanted more out of the female actors, but somehow lacking…


“Hey, Joe”, this blogger said to an unseen ‘wind’.

Joe was the very soul of every Filipino, it’s nice to greet him once in a while on stage performances like this one.

It’s nice to remember him back, cherish his colorful life, and embrace his undying love for his native country.

Joe, or to name him fully, Dr. Jose Rizal, will stay on. Amidst the change, amidst the questions and the retractions, and amidst the renewal of every young person’s mind and spirit.

Yes, Dr. Jose Rizal lives.




(words by robert manuguid silverio)



dr. jose rizal could have wanted an honest play like "joe, the rock'sical" that presented him more as a HUMAN BEING!
dr. jose rizal could have wanted an honest play like “joe, the rock’sical” that presented him more as a HUMAN BEING!


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“this video is dedicated to the
Phillippine Stagers Foundation
hope u like it…
keep safe.”—xxsilent017xx

ang yumaong “king of comedy” na si DOLPHY, isa sa mga awardees ng GAWAD CCP PARA SA SINING!




SEVEN individuals and an organization will receive the Gawad CCP Para
sa Sining for their outstanding achievements and contributions to
Philippine arts and culture on February 27, 2013, 6pm at the CCP
Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (Main Theater). Two of the awards will be
given posthumously.

The Gawad CCP Para sa Sining is the highest award given by the CCP.
This year, the award will be conferred on Zeneida A. Amador for
Theater; Cirilo F. Bautista for Literature; Brenda V. Fajardo for
Visual Arts; Agnes D. Locsin for Dance, Ramon P. Santos for Music;
Rodolfo “Dolphy” Quizon for Film and Broadcast Arts; Florentino H.
Hornedo for Cultural Research. The Silliman University National
Writers Workshop will receive the Tanging Parangal for the development
of creative writing and the literary arts.


The late Zeneida Amador was a theater director and actress whose
career spanned 45 years. Her name is synonymous with Repertory
Philippines, the theater company dedicated to bringing Broadway and
West End productions.  As the driving force behind Repertory
Philippines and with a passion for excellence, Amador succeeded in
honing a generation of theater actors disciplined and dedicated to
their craft as well as building an enthustiastic and loyal theater

Poet, fictionist and critic Cirilo Bautista is a preeminent voice in
Philippine Literature in English and Filipino. He is the author of the
Trilogy of Saint Lazarus composed of the award-winning poetry
collections (Archipelago, Telex Moon and Sunlight on Broken Stones).
He has won all the important literary awards and he continues to write
criticism as well as literary reviews and essays in Panorama where he
serves as literary editor. Having been a lecturer and critic in
literary workshops in various universities, he has mentored many young

Visual artist Brenda Fajardo’s works carry strong historical and
nationalist themes as folk and mythological tales. Fajardo
participated in prestigious exhibitions both here and abroad and
represented the county in various biennales notably in France, Cuba,
Japan, the USA, Korea, Chile, India and Australia. Because Fajardo was
not an artist contented with isolation, she explored her expression
with other art organizations and institutions. She has been
instrumental in founding or revitalizing artist groups bonded by a
common advocacy such as art education, gender issues, and community
enrichment programs. Her efforts at revitalizing her family’s farm
through cultural awareness prove to be a further testimony to this

Choreographer, dancer and teacher Agnes Locsin is one of the most
progressive contemporary choreographers in the Philippines.  Her
neo-ethnic choreographies derives inspiration on Filipino tribal
practices, beliefs, more, folklores and rituals which gave a new voice
to our ethnic traditions.  Her body of works enriched Philippine
dance’s treasure of original Filipino works.  As a teacher, has
produced outstanding dancers that have become members of leading dance
companies abroad.

Dr. Ramon Santos’ outstanding contribution to Philippine music is
comprised of his numerous Filipino contemporary compositions that
reflect traditional and Asian music aesthetics which have been
performed not only locally but also in different parts of the world. A
leading composer of contemporary music, he is recognized by other
composers in Asia for his works which have been showcased in festivals
and conferences abroad. His scholarly research in Philippine music
have been published in journals and books both locally and
internationally, helping contribute to the understanding of Philippine
and Asian music aesthetics. His active involvement as officer of
international music organizations has helped put the country in a
prominent position in the field of contemporary music in the global

The country’s most beloved comedian and King of Philippine comedy
Dolphy, who passed away on July year, is credited with elevating
Philippine Comedy in Cinema to new heights.  Through his stage, radio,
television, and film work, he has delighted generations of Filipinos
with his comic antics and touched audiences with his range of thespian
skills that include heartfelt drama as well.

Writer, scholar, researcher, anthropologist and professor Florentino
Hornedo is a leading researcher and anthropologist who has
participated in various training programs of the CCP Outreach for over
a decade.  He is a prominent advocate for the preservation of culture
and heritage in the regions, particularly in Batanes and through his
involvement in the Batanes Development Foundation Inc.  He has played
a crucial role in the cultural education of local artists and
institutions through his teaching engagements at the Ateneo
University, UST, St. Dominic College of Batanes.  He founded the
founded the St. Louis University Museum of Culture and Arts in
Northern Luzon in 1971, now the biggest museum of Northern Luzon and
Cordillera culture and arts.  He has recorded and studied Ivatan
entho-history cultural expressions & traditional arts since 1969.  He
has published books and ethnographic and historic articles.

The Silliman University National Writers Workshop is the oldest
creative writing program in Asia since 1962.  It has been bringing
together in creative and critical discussion young writers from all
over the country and honing their skills in the craft of fiction,
poetry, nonfiction and drama. Realizing the importance of regional
writing, it has endeavoured to include writers in the Visayan
languages.  Its roster of alumni and panelists is veritably a “who’s
who” in Philippine letters.  The Gawad CCP 2012 award is a timely
recognition of the Workshop as it celebrates its golden anniversary
this year.

The Gawad CCP Para sa Sining, which is given every three years, is
awarded to artists or groups of artists who have consistently produced
outstanding works, enriched the development of their art form. The
award is also given to cultural workers, who through their works in
research, curatorship and administration, have helped to develop and
enrich Philippine art.  The Tanging Parangal is given to Individual or
organizations to honor their outstanding contributions to the
development of the arts in the country.


“melodrama negra”: a low-key film entry at cinema one originals 2012

new indie film actress – ms. gee canlas, looks at the stars with a different psyche in the low-key cinema one film entry- “melodrama negra”.
stars have something to say in the film “melodrama negra”.

Cinema One Originals 2012

A Film by Maribel Legarda

Gee Canlas/Jerald Napoles/Bong Cabrera/Sheng Belmonte/Gerard Acao/Nicco Manalo/Cindy Lopez/Ria Garcia/Acey Aguilar/Mara Lopez

with: Arnel Ignacio/Bembol Roco/Upeng Fernandez/Cai Cortez/Ku Aquino/Issa Litton/Richard Manabat/Jim Pebangco/Roi Calilong/Denzel Guiao/She Maala/Mae Paner/Carla del Rosario/Ernie Conception

Production Design – Boni Juan
Director of Photography – Kerwin Go
Sound Design – Michael Idioma
Musical Score – Myke Salomon
Editors – Kevin Hindriks and Paco Raterta
Screenplay – Layeta Bucoy

Based on a play by Allan Lopez

Directed by Maribel Legarda

from sip & sip:

this film is so low-key… mystifying…”relating”.  🙂

(watch this film at cinema one originals fest 2012 starting nov. 29).

handsome acey aguilar, gives support in the film “melodrama negra”.
yes, mara lopez is also included in the film “melodrama negra”.
carizza cortez, one of the cast in “melodrama negra”.
stage actor jerald napoles portrays a ghost in “melodrama negra”.

lance raymundo joins cinema one originals grand opening tomorrow, november 28, at robinson’s galleria movieworld!


Lance Raymundo will tell you soon a lot of good things that has happened in his life and his career lately. Especially his recent U.S. trip.

But for now, first things first.

Lance is included among the many talented, handsome, famous and great stars in the Cinema One Originals Filmfest 2012.

His latest indie film, “Edsa XXX” is included in the category 2 of the said festival.

And you will be shocked when you see Lance here!

He’ll portray a female mermaid, a vampire, a rockstar, among others in this “trend-setting” musical-parody film.

Just watch the trailer and you’ll know!

By 6 p.m. tomorrow, November 28, 2012, at the Robinson’s Galleria Movieworld… Yes, Lance will be among the many stars who’s going to formally grace and open the CINEMA ONE ORIGINALS FILM FESTIVAL 2012.

Via some formal ceremonies, cocktails and speeches!

For sure, Lance’s star will sizzle, together with the rest of stars there- who are all included in this indie fest!




“sobrang kabaligtaran ng character ko in real-life ang role na ginampanan ko sa PALITAN!”—mara lopez

mara lopez: “cinema one baby”.

A “license” for ART is undeniable.

Art depicts life. And life imitates art.

With the case of Mara Lopez, this smart and brainy College student of De La salle University and daughter of famous actress-beauty queen Maria Isabel Lopez, an artist’s dedication to the field of arts was once again proven.

Denied of the good breaks that should have been given to her by a major TV network talent agency, Mara pursued her dream to act- still.

Her mom, Maria isabel Lopez, had always been supportive of her acting career. That’s why, when she got the lead part for the indie film “Palitan” (one of the film entries for Cinema One Originals, which will have its grand opening tomorrow, November 28, 2012, at Robinson’s Galleria Movieworld at 6 p.m.), she didn’t “dilly-dally” anymore. She gave her best! Granting the fact that many of her scenes there required her to do some baring and some steamy love scenes.

‘Coz Mara is not defensive of herself. She’s not putting-up a “front”.

Mara Lopez, lead actress in “Palitan”.

“I portrayed the role of Luisa in the movie”, Mara said to this blogger during one of those visits at the Lopez residence. “At sobrang baligtad sa character ko in real-life ang character ni Luisa. But I had to portray it. It’s my duty as an actress. I had no choice but to agree to do those lovescenes.”

“Luisa was just avictim of circumstances in the movie”, Mara further added. “She did things she’s not capable of doing. She was caught in a web of deceit and lies.”

Mara was already so relaxed with actor Mon Confiado when they did their steamy lovescenes in the film.

“Before we shot the film, we hanged-out, we went-out, we bonded” Mara said. “Mon would visit me and eventually, we became friends. That’s why when we did the scenes, we’re already comfortable to each other.”

According to her director Ato bautista, Mara was a revelation in the film. What could Mara say about this?

“I am flattered”, Mara said in the end. “Let’s keep our fingers crossed that people will like my acting. I’m so nervous already.”


That, we guarantee.

words by robert manuguid silverio


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Alessandra de Rossi… Assunta de Rossi… Carlo Aquino… Markki Stroem… Archie Alemania… 

Maxene Magalona… Lauren Young… Will Devaughn…

Mara Isabella Lopez… Lance Raymundo… Adrian Sebastian…

Alex Medina.

 Sheree Bautista,,, Mercedes Cabral… Althea Vega… 



Young mainstream stars, along with others, mixed-up and socialized with indie film stars at the Grand Press Conference of Cinema One Originals 2012.

It was held last November 13, 2012 at the 14th Floor, 9501 Restaurant of ELJ Tower at ABS-CBN Compound.

And it seemed, they all belonged as One. They all looked so bright and hopeful, and you couldn’t “label” which is which. Who belonged to the mainstream and who belonged on the indie film scene.

They all mixed together so well, the mainstream stars who did indie films now here on Cinema One and the ‘full-pledged’ indie film stars.

Even the three “elder” filmakers (Aureaus, Adolf  & Richard) all looked so dashing in the said event.

On the “new breeds”, handsome director Ato Bautista stood-out. The other young males & females “wannabe’s” as directors looked so snubbish, so shy, and totally ‘OUT OF ANY ARTISTIC LOOK’?… Haha. But they, in fairness, all looked so promising enough…

You’d feel, almost like Hollywood.

It’s good that many of their stars- actors & actresses- each supported their own  filmakers in the said press conference by attending and gracing the said event.

They were like DIAMONDS!

Cinema One Originals Filmfest would never be the same again after this.



words by robert manuguid silverio


Cinema One Originals 2012 proudly presents its biggest line-up for its 8th year run with 13 competition feature films; divided into two categories: “Cinema One Plus” composed of seasoned directors awarded with a two million production budget each and “Cinema One Currents” composed of new breeds awarded with a one million budget each.

Chosen through careful deliberation from hundreds of entries, these 13 films, six of which debuts as the filmmakers first feature film, hav e the potential to make names for its filmmakers, directors, writers and actors in the local and international arena.

“The festival is definitely bigger now in terms of content, variety and ambitions compared to the past years of Cinema One Originals. We have something for everyone not answered by mainstream cinema,” said Cinema One channel head, Ronald Arguelles.

Brave, bold and original, The 8th Cinema One Originals Festival line-up is composed of the following titles:

Erich Gonzales topbills “Mariposa (Sa Hawla Ng Gabi”).


MARIPOSA SA HAWLA NG GABI by Richard Somes is a tale of an innocent woman who unravels horrible truths while in search of her long lost sister in the city starring Erich Gonzales, Alfred Vargas, Joel Torre, Maria Isabel Lopez, John Lapus and Mark Gil;

MATER DOLOROSA by Adolfo Alix, Jr. is a story about a typical Filipino mother who lives a dark, shadowy life in Manila’s underground starring Gina Alajar, Cogie Domingo, Alessandra de Rossi, Carlo Aquino, Joem Bascon, and Mercedes Cabral with the special participation of Phillip Salvador.

soulful sisters Alessandra and Assunta de Rossi, with newcomer Adrian Sebastian in “Baybayin”.

And BAYBAYIN by Auraeus Solito, a unique tale of two sisters who fall in love with a man who can’t hear and speak starring siblings Assunta and Alessandra de Rossi and introducing Adrian Sebastian.




“ang paglalakbay…”

ANG PAGLALAKBAY NG MGA BITUIN SA GABING MADILIM by Arnel Mardoquio is a story about the companionship between three escaping rebels and a young war survivor against a Mindanao war backdrop;


CATNIP by Kevin Dayrit is a psychological film on two friends who despite their frequent rifts and differences find comfort in being together starring Lauren Young and Maxene Magalona;

MELODRAMA NEGRA by Ma. Isabel Legarda is a dark comedy which follows the complicated and macabre lives of a woman and her ‘dead’ friends, blood-hungry sociopaths and a wealthy political family;

“slumber party”

SLUMBER PARTY by Emmanuel Dela Cruz is a riotous comedy about a tied-up cute frat boy and three curious gays starring Markki Stroem, Archie Alemania and RK Bagatsing;


PASCALINA by Pam Miras is an untypical story of a simple girl who, after visiting her dying aunt, experiences changes in her life that will push her to the edge of madness and monstrosity;


ANAK ARAW by Gym Lumbera talks about the colonial illusion of an albino who believes that he is a son of an American;


EDSA XXX by Khavn De La Cruz is a futuristic black comedy film infused with original rock soundtrack. It tells the story of the reign of Three Eyes in the Philippines in year 2030 starring Epi Quizon, Sheree & Lance Raymundo;

“edsa xxx”

ABERYA by Christian Linaban, Cebu story about love, sex, and psychedelic potions which intertwine the lives of four people in one night starring Will Devaughn, Mercedes Cabral, Iwa Moto, and Nicholas Varela;



PALITAN by Ato Bautista depicts lovers who find themselves asphyxiated and trapped in an erotic triangle, with Mon Confiado, Mara Lopez and Alex Medina on the lead roles;

“mamay umeng”

and MAMAY UMENG by Dwein Baltazar gives a glimpse into the life of an 84-year-old man who is alone, waiting, and praying not for long life, but for a quick escape.


Apart from these originals, the festival will give tribute to Philippine classics through the screening of three of the most important restored films that greatly contributed to the foundation of Philippine Cinema: “Oro Plata Mata”, “Himala” and “Genghis Khan”.

“Oro Plata Mata”, the 1892 film directed by Peque Gallaga will serve as the opening film for the prestigious event while the award-winning film “Himala” will celebrate its 30th anniversary through an exclusive showing of a documentary special by “Ka Oryang” director Sari Dalena and writer/editor Keith Sicat.

An exhibition programme featuring guest films will also take place in the festival to include special screenings of “Alagwa”, “Supremo”, “Jungle Love”, and “Graceland”.

The 2012 Cinema One Originals Festival will run from November 28 to December 9 at Robinson’s Galleria Movie World and from November 29 to December 4 at the Edsa Shang Cineplex. The festival’s much awaited awards night will be held on December 3 at Studio 1 ABS-CBN Main Building.

The 2012 Cinema One Originals Festival is an annual project of the Cinema One, the local movie channel on cable, owned and operated by Creative Programs, Inc (CPI).

maria isabel lopez: pinag-aagawan ng dos at siyete?

Miss Maribel Lopez in a Victor Miller gown which she wore in Busan Int’l Filmfest.

maribel lopez beside the giant streamer of the recently-concluded Busan International Filmfest in Korea.

Ang mga established at veteran actors and actresses na tulad ni Maria Isabel Lopez ay hindi na dapat pa ini-involve sa ONGOING BATTLE OF THE NETWORK GIANTS.

Kasi, hindi naman “fan-based” ang popularity nila, meaning, hindi na naman sila mga youngstars at hindi sila sa mga fans umaasa ng kasikatan nila.

The likes of Maribel, and other veteran stars have made a NAME of their own through the years. Malayo na ang nalakbay nila sa mundo ng entertainment scene. Kaya, sa on-going “war” ng mga network giants na tulad ng channel 2, channel 7 at channel 5- huwag naman sana silang madamay pa. They are here to support the entertainment sene- not to create more ‘havoc’.

Kaya naman natutuwa si Maribel na hindi siya dinadamay ng channel 2 at channel 7 sa mga intrigahan at kumpitensyahan. In fact, pareho siyang kinukuha ng mga ito. At pinag-aagawan!

Sa channel 2, muling binuhay ang namatay na sanang karakter ni Maribel sa TV teleseryeng “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo”, na kung saan ay kasama niya sina Jake Cuenca, Shaina Magdayao at Bangs Garcia.

Maribel Lopez is included in this great poster of “Magdalena”, a TV series by channel 7.

Sa channel 7 naman, very meaty and important din ang role niya sa teleseryeng “Magdalena (Anghel Sa Putikan)” na kung saan ay kasama naman niya sina Bela Padilla, Dion Ignacio at Ryan Eigenmann.

“I both love and support ABS-CBN channel 2 and GMA-7”, tanging nasabi na lamang ni Maribel sa blogger na ito via cellular phone call. “What’s happening is a healthy competition. We should all move forward and not backwards, di ba?”

maribel as a “queen of wasteland”/ character-type in her latest indie film- “Mariposa Sa Hawla Ng Gabi”.

May ginawa ring isang indie film si Maribel para sa Cinema One Originals Digital Filmfest this coming November na idaraos sa Edsa Plaza Shangrila Cinemas. Ito ang “Mariposa sa hawla Ng Gabi”, sa direksyon ni Richard Somes at pinagbibidahan ni Erich Gonzales, kasama sina Alfred Vargas, Mon Confiado at John Lapus.

Go, go, go, Mama Maribel!


words by robert manuguid silverio