“gemini”: what you don’t see won’t hurt you…



Habang naniniwala ka sa nakikita mo, sa kuwento mo, walang puwedeng magsabi sa iyong hindi ito totoo… Simulan natin sa pangalan mo (While you still believe in what you see, in your own story, no one has the right to tell you that it isn’t true… Let’s start with your name).”



The mind creates, it takes you to journeys, in life’s many labyrinths and puzzles… Sometimes, once you took those journeys, you’ll never gonna come back again. And very seldom, you can manage to cope those mind’s journeys and go back all over again.


Only a soul or a human being with a great and powerful love can save you from the bondage of your own “phantoms”. There’s a hand reaching out on you, a love as powerful God’s grace and sacrifice, that will awaken you and cuddle you with coldness and with warmth.

It could be a FANTASY recreated by human beings. It could be a work of certain imaginations… but only then, you would be FREE.

Science, Love, Fantasy. All combined in one very delicate and intellectual film, that only a few could analyze and comprehend- just like the DUALITY that existed in the film Gemini.

Once more, the indie film industry has mastered its freedom away from commercialism. It went further beyond the horizons, traveled in and out of a mind set- and fulfilled an artistic work of ART.

Director Ato Bautista surely got there. The flow and the rhythm of the movie Gemini could be more appreciated when you close your eyes because you could feel its heart beating and pulsing, even if you’re gone and dead. To achieve this was such a monumental task- because you could feel the beauty of the film Gemini even if you didn’t see anything, even if you were blind- because what you didn’t see won’t ever hurt you.

Sometimes, the movie just stood still (as in “still life”), but even when it stood still- it journeyed far beyond your wildest imaginations.

But you would want to open your eyes again to see how the lead actor of this film- in person of Mon Confiado- acted-out with great subtlety, power and compassion. His speaking lines in the film were all too perfect, and very challenging to deliver. And only an actor like Mon could do justice on those very meaningful lines.

A very underrated actor, that is, Mon, was the one who brought life into this film. Despite the director’s very artistic rhythm and flow and the cinematographer’s graphic but beautiful “eyes” (for the camera)- someone had to stay to make it all ALIVE. And, only the ACTOR, could very well do that.

Surprisingly, the scriptwriter of this film was only just a KID. With the name of Shugo Praico. How could he ever travel so much in terms of psyche, love and conflicting feelings and versions of a marvel-like life by one set of twins- whether conjoined or not- was indeed a fantastic mission and assignment. But he delivered.

The ending of the film’s story was a mixture of science winning over love, but if you’d analyze it all over again, it was love who prepared the WAY to make Science win.

The other half twin was gone in the mind of the more natural twin-mate, but the more that the other half twin EXISTED … and lived. Yet, in the film, it was presented only in a VERY PHYSICAL WAY. Just analyze further, you’d know.


Someone would be calling again… but you’d never see who’s on the other line.


it was meant to be that way…

as the truth suffers, the eyes lingers on.



(A Film Review By Robert Manuguid Silverio, written outside the journeys of his “book of love”, dated: December 18, 2014).

“GEMINI”, 5 STARS *****!


THE DIRECTOR AND THE CAST OF "GEMINI" (photo by: sigfried barros-sanchez)

the director and the cast of the film "gemini". (photo by: sigfreid barros-sanchez)
the director and the cast of the film “gemini”. (photo by: sigfreid barros-sanchez)


(from robert manuguid silverio’s facebook status, reprinted below):

A MILESTONE! Mon Confiado’s superb and very subtle acting performance in the movie Gemini is comparable to the acting styles of Hollywood actors like Nicholas Cage, Robert de Niro and Benicio del Toro (actors who can do character roles and lead roles at the same time, with much intensity and clarity)… Napaka-low key lang kasi ni Mon dito movie industry natin, lagi siyang nano-nominate sa mga acting awards pero bakit tila mailap yata ang acting trophy sa kanya? Ang dating tuloy niya ay tila Richard Burton sa Hollywood na more than 9 times na-nominate as best actor sa oscar awards, but never nanalo? Kainis. Watch another splendid performance of Mon sa “Gemini” movie niya na entry sa darating na MMFF sa New Wave category. It’s the kind of acting I have hungered for in years!!!… P.S.: Kudos to direk Ato Bautista for his very artistic kind of direction and story, Shugo Praico for a superb script and Rain Yamson II for his majestic cinematography… In this film, ibang Lance Raymundo na naman ang nakita ko, a total change of look and acting style, while the Mcbride twins- Brigitte McBride & Sheena McBride Bonus were good, too, as new actresses, nakuha nila ang “soul” ng characters nila. Maski walang dialogue o speaking words si Don Gordon Bell sa movie, ang lakas ng dating niya onscreen. While ang actor na si Alvin Lorenz Anson naman, kay lakas ng sex appeal sa film na ito!…Congrats to all the people involved in this film!