Pyesta Kolon Datal 2015

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“Pyesta Kolon Datal 2015”

The City of Koronadal, in cooperation with the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Department of Tourism and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, holds its first ever Koronadal International Folklore Festival dubbed as “Pyesta Kolon Datal” on August 9-18, 2015 featuring twelve participating countries and four Philippine cultural groups. The event was discussed by Koronadal City mayor Peter B. Miguel in a recent press conference held at the CCP.

The countries include performing groups from Armenia, Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey. The Philippine cultural groups consist of the UP Filipiniana Dance Group, PNU Kislap-Sining Dance Troupe, Philippine Baranggay Folk Dance Troupe, ECD Dance Company of the Philippines and Koronadal Hinugyaw Cultural Dance Troupe. These groups will showcase hundreds of their own traditional songs and dances in full shows, pocket performances and lecture-demonstrations.

The event is held in celebration of the intangible cultural heritage fostered by CIOFF (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Art) in partnership with UNESCO under the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) Committee. Pyesta Kolon Datal of Koronadal Philippines is recognized by CIOFF as its associate member chaired by Dr. Peter B. Miguel.  (Photos by Kiko Cabuena)