mon confiado: ang lalaking nakasakay sa kabayo…aguinaldo!


the creative mind of a brillian actor... mon confiado!
the creative mind of a brillian actor… mon confiado!
the cast of "heneral luna"
the cast of “heneral luna”
the all-male cast plus one woman cast of heneral luna
the all-male cast plus one woman cast of heneral luna
mon: ang heneral (photo by epy quizon)
mon: ang heneral (photo by epy quizon)

Minsan nang nanaginip ang isang blogger ng isang lalaking nakasakay sa puting kabayo… at nu’ng nagising siya, hindi niya maapuhap ang mga kasagutan…


Nalaman na lamang niya, ang taong 2014 ay taon ng “Wooden Horse”, ayon sa Chinese horoscope at astrolohiya…


Ang una niyang nakitang imahe sa Google.Com ay ang larawan ng bayaning si Hen. Gregorio del Pilar na nakasakay sa puting kabayo. ‘Yun na nga ba iyon?


Pero may isa pa pala. Isang “buhay” na lalaki. Matipuno. Artistiko. Mabait. Isang tunay na tao.




Ang lalaking nakasakay sa kabayo… bilang si Hen. Emilio Aguinaldo sa susunod niyang pelikula! Bravo!


Nakakasabik ang bagong proyektong pampelikula na ito ni Mon. Ang pagganap bilang si Hen. Aguinaldo ay isang pambihirang hamon sa baat aktor. Dahil sa opinyon namin, mahirap “i-characterize” ang imahen ng bayaning Heneral at unang Presidente ng bansang Pilipinas na Republiko.


Kailangan ng pag-ibayong pagsasanay sa pangangabayo (dahil magaling mangabayo ang Heneral), makisig na personalidad at “dignified and well-bred” na kaanyuhan. Iyan ang Heneral.


Dapat pulido ang kilos, hindi siya barumbado, dapat pinong-pino lang… pero may lalim.


Sa palagay namin, makukuhang gampanan ni Mon Confiado ang bago niyang papel na ito sa pinilakang-tabing. To the max.


Cameras will grind soon… at napakaganda ng casting ng pelikulang ito, ha. At pawang mga artistikong film artists ang involved sa pagsulat, paglikha at pagdirek ng pelikula.


Oo, si Mon Confiado nga ang lalaking nakasakay sa kabayo.




(sinulat ni robert manuguid silverio)




TOP 10 HOLLYWOOD-ISH PINOY FILM ACTORS (the choices according to sssip)!




1.) LANCE RAYMUNDO- His looks change. Versatile, trendy. Stylish actor. He was first noticed internationally in the 2011 film Fidel. Sooner, his other indie films got noticed, too, internationally. And now, in his latest international film A Thief, A Kid & A Killer, he will surely prove he deserves to be on the number one position of this list.



2.) JERICHO ROSALES- The greatest edge of Jericho over his fellow “Star Magic” is the fact that among the rest of Channel 2 actors, he’s the only one who already won a Best Actor award (via the movie Alagwa, directed by Ian Lorenos) in an international film festival. And he’s the only one, too, who can mix a matinee-idol-kind-of-appeal with serious acting.



3.) ALLEN DIZON- His socially-relevant films (the likes of Dukot, Lauriana, etc.) have already traveled all over the globe. He’s in deep character in every movies he makes that always lands in many international film festivals. Just one more great international film project, and he’s headed to Hollywood.



4.) LEON MIGUEL- He was greatly noticed in the international film- Graceland, together with fellow Filipino actor Arnold Reyes. He is in great character always- but not the protagonist type, though. But a character one.



5.) MON CONFIADO- Many of Mon’s independent films (the so-called indie films) have landed internationally. But it seems, in his latest film Gemini, Mon is out to finally get the “awe” of the Hollywood international market.



6.) ARNOLD REYES- Just like Mon and Lance, this handsome actor can change his looks to every time he is “in character”. it’s a Hollywood-style and attack of an actor. He must continue aspiring to reach the international scene.



7.) SAM MILBY- He almost made it in Hollywood, didn’t he? He got a Hollywood talent agent, too. But he chose to come back to the Philippines and continue making commercially-oriented Star Cinema films. A clear case of “heart winning over the mind”.



8.) JOHN ARCILLA- Surely, his film credits shows that he’s truly “Hollywood-ish”. He’s among the cast of Hollywood films like Bourne Legacy and Metro Manila, to name a couple. His very Pinoy looks could kill, that’s why Hollywood film artists love him.



9.) JM DE GUZMAN & CARLO CRUZ- Both JM & Carlo haven’t landed in any international films yet. But we may say, soon, they’re both bound for HOLLYWOOD. Based alone on their good & kind characters as persons and intensity as great actors.



10.) ROCCO NACINO- What is Channel 7 doing now with the career of Mr. Rocco Nacino??? Oh, no. After he did so well in the film Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir, it seems channel 7 people doesn’t know what to do next. Gosh! Mr. Nacino must be build-up more as a serious actor, rather than a TV host or a caricature leading man of young actresses. Please!!! Give him a break, will you? He’s Hollywood-bound!!!



(words written by: robert manuguid silverio)


“mga alaala ng tag-ulan”: a very poetic approach to the art of looking at a very handsome face…

ImageAKIHIRO BLANCO: a very magnetic face



Just because I got so carried-away watching the movie Mga Alaala Ng Tag-Ulan, I already forgot the names of all the characters in the movie. What I simply remembered were the names of the stars in this film, because they exuded so much warmth and tenderness all-throughout the movie, far more outstanding than the characters they portrayed.

Let me excuse myself again, for using the word “I” in this film review/article of mine on the film. Because I could very well relate myself on the film- as if the handsome director of this film (no less than director Ato Bautista) exclusively made this film for me! (?) Ha-ha

As I watched the film, I felt like I was being “swayed-upon” or rocked-upon by an invisible hand that rocks a cradle when I was still a “baby”. The music and the rhythm of the film had a melancholic beat . . . and touch. Up to the very start, until its very precise ending, I was comforted by a great feeling of a poetic scramble within my very soul.

And I knew, it was the director’s intention to do so. And he succeeded.

It’s been more than half of my life since I saw another film like this one. The last one I felt like this was in the American musical movie All That Jazz, done in the year 1979 and directed by the legendary Hollywood film director Bob Fosse. I was barely in my teens then and I was at the very front of the cinema chair when I watched it. It swayed me back and forth like a little baby in a cradle. Now, it happened again… via this film- Mga Alaala Ng tag-Ulan.

I admired the versatility of this film director- Ato Bautista- in which he proved this time around, he could change his directing style for a film in a sudden abrupt way. He could change looks like a chameleon. He could change a feeling or two.

In his last movie Palitan (a film entry in last year’s Cinema One Filmfest), director Bautista applied a different technique. Which was, a realistic approach for a dark-themed movie (Palitan). Now, in Mga Alaala Ng tag-Ulan, he did able to please again one blogger-fan of his- ME. To the max.

What could be more beautiful than Poetry? Because Poems are Eternal. They linger forever like a song that comes from a heart. Like a beautiful vision of an ‘ecstatic’ woman or an ‘angelic’ dream of a very handsome young man. Poetry, like the movies, is a “glimpse” to Eternity.

I felt something oozing out of my innermost juices whenever I looked at the very magnetic and beautiful face of Mr. Akihiro Blanco, the young lead actor of this film. With his simple facial gestures and stares, with his boyish smiles and precise acting nuances via this film, this teen actor, we predict, is next in line to become the next Piolo Pascual and Dingdong Dantes of contemporary Philippine Cinema.

Plus the fact that Akihiro could really act so well in this film! As a matter of fact, he was a revelation! He carried the film all throughout. And he should have won the Best Actor award here for the recently-concluded Cine Filipino awards night.

Another great delight and “awe” when I watched this film was seeing actor Lance Raymundo in an entirely different kind of a personality. He did transform himself to become that character he portrayed, which was a very sacrificing way to do so for an actor of his fine caliber. In this film, it was not the “clean-cut” Lance that we saw, but a “man of the world”, which saw women as simply objects of sex and pleasure. And that’s the reason why Akihiro’s character in the film KILLED him. That kind of man is surely evil, we might say as we watched Lance dying and vomiting blood and Akihiro sitting there like an angel of “triumph”.

It was a very beautiful scene and both actors acted so fine!

Mr. Mon Confiado’s great presence in the film was truly felt. How fascinating it could be to watch an actor without any speaking lines (as he portrayed the character of Akihiro’s dad who suffered in silence and persecution from Akihiro’s mom in the film) but still, you could feel his overpowering “aura” and intensity in each scene. It was a subtlety in an acting style, but no actor could ever portray a hard role like this one- except Mon. With that, we’d want to bow our head to Mon when we see him again in person soon.

Mga Alaala Ng tag-Ulan is a story of a boy who’s far more better than a MAN. He fought hard to win his LOVE. He sacrificed everything just to please the one woman that touched his heart. But n the end, he failed. But his manhood won.

It was a test that came from LIFE itself. And only the rains could subside his feelings and be with his side in times of loneliness.

The woman leaves him, but the actress who portrayed that character of the woman in the film- Ms. Mocha Uson- would never, never leave an audience’s feeling of enchantment and simple beauty of an acting goodness.

Because via this film, Ms. Uson tremendously proved to everyone that she’s a great actress, after all.








(As the words were written, by ROBERT MANUGUID SILVERIO, September 25, 2013).

mon confiado shoots “badil” in biri island, northern samar

Magiging “photo-finish” to the last minute siguro ang indie film na Badil, isa sa mga film entries sa darating na National Film Festival (All Masters Edition) ng Sineng Pambansa na nalalapit na ang opening date: September 11, 2013.

Kasalukuyang “neck-deep” ang shooting nina Mon Confiado, together with the rest of the cast ng movie na kinabibilangan rin nina Jhong Hilario at Nikki Gil. Nasa malayong lugar sila ng Biri Island, Northern Samar. At talagang binubusisi ng husto ng Master film maker na si direk Chito Rono ang paggawa sa pelikulang nabanggit.

With this, masasabi nating “Festival King” talaga si Mon! O, di vahhhh? Kasi, kada may mga film festivals na kung anu-ano, laging may movie na kasali si Mon. Mapa-Cinemalaya, mapa-Cine Filipino, o mapa-Cine Manila o Cinema One, kadalasa’y may film entry ang magaling na aktor na ito na binansagan ng blogger na ito ng- “The soul of indie film artists”.

Tiyak niyan na isa na namang mapang-hamon na papel ang gagampanan ni Mon sa movie na ito. Based on the pictures below, tila action film ata ang genre ng movie na ‘to? Matagal-tagal na ring hindi nakakapanood ng action film ang Pinoy audiences, di ba?

So, go! break a leg, Mon Confiado!

(photos courtesy of Mr. Mon Confiado, grabbed without any authorization at his Facebook page, and words above by Robert Manuguid Silverio)

mon confiado stars in "badil"
mon confiado stars in “badil”
mon confiado with fellow actor jhong hilario
mon confiado with fellow actor jhong hilario
snapshots in the film "badil"
snapshots in the film “badil”
mon, the "festival king"
mon, the “festival king”

mixed reactions on the cinemalaya indie film “diplomat hotel” only creates further stir and excitement on its theatrical showing release this coming september 4!

“mixed reactions on the cinemalaya indie film “diplomat hotel” only creates further stir and excitement on its theatrical showing release this coming september 4!”


Yes, you read the title right! The indie film Diplomat Hotel is such an intriguing film! But the thing is, this indie film is among the few indie films done that’s now definitely went MAINSTREAM, with its theatrical release due this coming September 4 at major Metro Manila cinemas nationwide.

It got mixed reactions when people saw it first at the last Cinemalaya 2013 Indie fest last July. New breed of film enthusiasts & film artists loved the film. But the “old-school” type of film directors and writers hated it. And the more it sounded HOTTER for many.

When a blogger saw the movie twice at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, students, young people and “trend-setter” types clapped their hands while they watched the film. A lot of them even “screamed-to-death”! It was well-received by mostly young people.

That’s why this blogger was not surprised at all to learn that this film has now went mainstream, with a theatrical release at that! Great!

Even though the “P.R. people” who handled this film were quite ‘snobbish’ to some who supported their film? Never mind.

With director Christopher Ad Castillo’s charming ways, and with actor Mon Confiado’s utmost sincerity with the media bloggers and press people and sir Abe Pagtama’s warmth, the movie Diplomat Hotel definitely deserved to be “uplifted”!

Let’s all watch again the film’s trailer below and attest further- WHY! Go!


(words by robert manuguid silverio)


actor mon confiado in "diplomat hotel"
actor mon confiado in “diplomat hotel”
ms. gretchen barreto in "diplomat hotel"
ms. gretchen barreto in “diplomat hotel”
the haunted hotel- "diplomat hotel"
the haunted hotel- “diplomat hotel”

Imageabe pagtama who portrayed a brief but very memorable character in the film “diplomat hotel”

Imagedirector of “diplomat hotel”: chrsitopher ad castillo


mon confiado is so happy with the positive outcome of his latest film- “diplomat hotel”…

Imagemon confiado: an actor par excellence

Imagemon characterizes with “awe” in “diplomat hotel”

Imagemon with ms. gretchen barretto and sarah gaulger (partly hidden) in an important scene in the film


The most applauded actor that night of the screening of the Cinemalaya 2013 new Breed Category film entry “Diplomat Hotel” was no less than Mon Confiado.

The audience who watched at that screening were composed mostly of young students, young people, young professionals… and Mon captured their hearts. What more, as they watched the movie, the more they got thrilled with this awesome actor.

After the screening of the film, this blogger managed to have a brief chat with Mon. He’s so happy with the way the audience reacted positively upon watching the film.

“It’s not the usual kind of horror film”, Mon said to this blogger. “Very positive ang lahat ng mga comments nila sa film. We managed to let them feel the Diplomat Hotel, and being a part of the movie, I knew we were successful in doing so.”

Mon lost 40 pounds just to get “into character” via this movie. It’s so amazing for an actor to do that.

“I really prepared and transformed myself deeper into my character here”, Mon continued saying. “Loosing 40 pounds is not easy, but it’s my dedication to my craft that matters the most.”

And Mon even slept for 5 days, alone, at the Diplomat Hotel while they were shooting the film, while the rest of his co-actors slept in nearby hotels in Baguio City.

“I didn’t check-in at nearby hotels, I slept inside my van”, Mon said. “For five days I got an eerie feeling every night. It’s as if someone’s watching me. But I didn’t get scared. I completed my five days of sleeping there without any hassles at all. I did that to motivate myself for my role there.”

Mon was so good in the film. He portrayed the role of the son of an occult leader who formerly owned the hotel. The revelation of his true character at the end of the film was a total shock that left the audience screaming in horror!

Would he be happy to receive an acting award via this film?

“I never expect anything”, Mon said to this blogger at the end. “Whatever comes, I would appreciate it. What makes me happy now is the fact that most of my films being shown recently – all of them, I mean- do good at the box office. And it’s more than an award for me.”

Mon’s upcoming films are now being much-awaited. He’ll do another movie with director Christopher Ad Castillo very soon. Plus another one with another director Ato Bautista.

What a blast! Keep it up, papa Mon!


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

diplomat hotel, the review: a journey into the darkest phantoms of your mind…

Imagethe eerie diplomat hotel


Imagegretchen follows instructions with direk chris in “diplomat hotel”


As actor Abe Pagtama said on his brief speech before the start of the screening of Diplomat Hotel at the Little Theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines: “Fasten your seat belts, it’s gonna be a bumpy night!”

We guessed, he’s right.

It was indeed a bumpy and horrifying night, watching Diplomat Hotel. It gave this blogger scary goose bumps and screams, added with a feeling of being entertained AWESOMELY AND INTELLECTUALLY.

Yes, Diplomat Hotel didn’t simply want to scare- it meant to dig, to investigate and to wander more as to why a dark journey ended sadly, tragically, dramatically.

As the movie started, you would know, but with director Christopher Ad Castillo’s original style of ‘holding’ you suspenseful and catching your breath in every important scene, he successfully created a horror film that would not turn you DOWN, but rather, turn you HIGH.

Director Ad Castillo definitely had the ‘eye’. The vision. The true blood of a genuine film artist. This could be his first film, but this blogger was so amazed with how he handled a popular scary hotel and its high expectations of bringing it back to LIFE, notwithstanding the dark shadows that haunted it.

The film didn’t reveal in DEFENSE. Didn’t explain why. Didn’t turn in many circles of explanations and ‘wonders’. It had no pretense. It simply SHOWED.

Added with an excellent technical staff, good sound, new wave dark music, and a fantastic editing- …. it achieved its GOAL.

One more thing, this film journeyed on its own. It simply wanted to present a dark ride, a deeper look into a lost soul, and loved ones that didn’t have to die.

Imagemon confiado in “diplomat hotel”

Mon Confiado offered another new acting style and dimension in this movie. 

Sarah Gaulger was a refreshing talent here, and she delivered.

Abe Pagtama surely did a lot of justice in his brief appearance at the start of the film.

Art Acuna was so intense and aggravating.

Nico Antonio acted it out with ‘angst’.

But it was Gretchen Barretto who stood out. She was perfect for the role. She acted in subtlety, with great depth and precision. Indeed, fascinating.

Diplomat Hotel would take you into a journey. Into the darkest phantoms of your mind. 

Come, take a ride. Be thrilled. Be horrified.



(words by robert manuguid silverio)