don gordon bell portrays a different kind of role in the film “gemini”…

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A veteran Hollywood film actor at that, Don Gordon Bell portrays another unique kind of role in the film Gemini, one of the ‘New Wave’ film entries in this coming 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival.

With countless international movies on his cap, Don embraced the country Philippines and pursued, rather, continued his acting career here. Alongside acting is his passion for Photography, that’s why he’s now deep into taking pictures at different entertainment events in the Philippines.

The film Gemini is his one remarkable film for him. Because he’s so happy to star here opposite his real-life Filipino friends – actors Mon Confiado and Lance Raymundo, also with the director of the film Ato Bautista.

“Both Mon and Lance knew I was a war veteran in Vietnam”, Don told a blogger one time. “That’s why they were both impressed. And I admire them both as actors.”

Don portrayed the role of a father of psychollogically-disturbed twins in the movie Gemini. But there’s something more in his role here.

“That’s going to be a surprise and I won’t reveal it”, Don said. “Better watch the movie as its shown on December 25th for the Metro Manila film fest. It’s on the New Wave category. See u then.”

Very well, Don.


(words by robert manuguid silverio)