fun run with the stars on june 29!

fun run

 Katipunan ng mga Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebisyon (KAPPT) na pina-ngungunahan ng Presidente na si Rez Cortez at ang RUNtarantantan Sports Management kasama ng Kapamilya, Kapuso, Kapatid at iba pang TV Networks ay magsasagawa o mag o-organisa ng isang Fun Run Activity.
Parte ng malilikom na funds sa suporta ng mga artistang magsisilahok ay makakatutulong sa mga proyekto ng KAPPT at sa mga myembrong na nga-ngailangan at may karamdamang pang kalusugan na mang-gagawa sa industriya ng Pelikula at Telebisyon.


And Good News! Your Actors Guild membership dues of P1K annually will be waived upon joining the fun run!

“Fun Run with the Stars
June 29, 2014 @ 4:30am
Quirino Grandstand, Manila
Organizer: RUNtarantantan and (KAPPT) Katipunan ng mga Artistang Pilipino sa Pelikula at Telebisyon

Registration Fees:
3K – P450
5K – P550
10K – P650
16K – P750

– Inclusive of Singlet, Bib, Access to Zumba Party, New Balance Discounts
– Everyone gets a Finisher’s Medal
– 16K gets a Finisher’s Shirt
– Register on the first 10 days and get guaranteed finisher’s shirt sizes

Registration Venue: (In Store: June 1-27, 2014, Monday-Sunday 1-8pm)
1. New Balance Glorietta
2. New Balance Alabang Town Center
3. Vibram Five Fingers – SM Megamall
4. Toby’s Mall of Asia
5. RUNNR Trinoma

fun run2 fun run3


evangeline pascual: delivering a new task and a new mission
evangeline pascual: delivering a new task and a new mission
Evangeline Pascual has a new task, and that will keep her more dutiful and worthwhile.This beauty queen-actress, also a painter-artist and family counsellor, is getting more challenges in life and that makes her a lot more productive- as an artist and as an individual.
After showcasing her artistic ‘wonder’ as a painter in the recently-concluded Beauty & Arts III (a painting exhibit of beauty queens, organized by fellow beauty queen-actress Maria Isabel Lopez and which was held last February 12 at the Ricco Renzo Galleries), Evangeline was so happy to reveal to a writer-blogger that she’ll now also be busy accepting her new duties as the new Chairman of KAPPT (Kapisanan ng mga Artista sa Pelikulang Pilipino at Telebisyon), which happened during a recent meeting with fellow officers and members of KAPPT.
It’s no less than Rez Cortez (veteran actor and the newly-assigned President of KAPPT) who assigned Evangeline as the present Chairman of this prestigious organization by actors and actresses of the Philippine movie industry.
“I am now going over to all the names of actors and actresses in the list of KAPPT members- more than one thousand of them”, Evangeline,or Vangie for short, continued on as she told a blogger.”We will soon call for a General Assembly- a big major assembly by the month of May. We will all unite them again and let them participate and become active members of this actors’ organization. One of my targets, as the present Chairman, is to recruit new members. But we will screen them carefully. Not everyone can be accepted, not everybody can just apply and become a member. They should offer their utmost time and dedication once they joined the club.
“You see, we want to ‘reinvent’ KAPPT“, she continued saying.”We need some reinventions this time so that we can entice new & rightful members and serve and uplift the status of this organization. We need also to protect the extras, the bit players and supporting players who all suffer from low talent fees and wrong treatments from movie and TV productions.”
evangeline pascual: a worthwhile celebrity
evangeline pascual as she poses beside her painting: a worthwhile celebrity
But the ‘reinvention’ would not be an easy task, according to Vangie. They need to fix some financial and internal problems first at the office of KAPPT.
“KAPPT is zero balance, no funds at all!,” Vangie said once more to the blogger who interviewed her at the Sports Lounge of Quezon City Sports Center. “That’s why we’re thinking of holding some fund-raising events. We need funds to mobilize the ‘reinvention’ thing. Every actor-member must do his or her own share of duties and goals for the group. And I guess, this will all come clear once we soon all gather together again at the General Assembly on the month of May this year.”
And Vangie furthermore, was able to reasses that indeed,  the greatest investment here is TIME.
“They must offer their time for the sake of the group”, she said.”They must participate, they must involve their selves more fully and more dutifully- … and again, they must give time.They should also must attend the meetings once a month. They must attend the acting workshops, too, the seminars, events and the likes. And if they do that, I believe, the reinvention thing will come true.”
But one more good thing about Vangie, as the new Chairman of this actors’ group, she’s got a personal and loving attack to fulfill her vision to everyone.
She wants to enhance, still coming from her own words, the personal growth and artistry of every artist-actor in this worthwhile group…
“Let’s look at it this way, some of them might be having problems with the family- some domestic quarrels or conflicts at home, before they did able to go to work for a shooting of their film or a TV taping”, Vangie assesed.”They will bring their problems at work and it will affect their attitude on things around them. That’s why I want to give a personal touch. To let them feel that being a part of this actors’ organization, they will function well even if they have some inner conflicts with their families or personal lives. And that’s why I told the officers of our organization that our acting workshops is a must for every aspiring member. Through the workshops,they will be more confident, talented and competitive.”
maribel lopez, evangeline pascual (center), and friend precy yulo
maribel lopez, evangeline pascual (center), and friend precy yulo in a recent event.
And lastly, Vangie was so happy to have Maria Isabel Lopez as her Vice-Chairman for External Affairs.
“Maribel is very precise and has good leadership”, Vangie said in the end.”She’s going to be a very good support for me as my Vice-Chairman. She’s a strong leader and with great determination to keep our group going.”
First, a Beauty Queen… then, an actress. But in a happier note, it’s nice to know that the Beauty Queens are now the ones who’s got the unselfish love and utmost concern for the movie/TV actors and actresses of the Philippine entertainment industry…And  they’re the ones who could offer and give their precious time, and the ones, too, who will carry-on and unite the actors/actresses once more- in the ‘reinvention’ of this actors’ union- the KAPPT (Kapisanan ng mga Artista sa Pelikulang Pilipino at Telebisyon).
It’s because maybe, they’ve got the softer hearts, And maybe also, they do really care.
That, we do guarantee.
(words by robert manuguid silverio)