garie with bf michael pangilinan
garie with bf michael pangilinan
garie and michael p. with kids-relatives as playmates
garie and michael p. with kids-relatives as playmates
garie's first cd album
garie’s first cd album
garie with dad gabby and half-sister kc
garie with dad gabby and half-sister kc
garie, gabby, kc
garie, gabby, kc
garie: the disney girl
garie: the disney girl

She looked so pretty, unassuming, relaxed and delightfully smart that day we had an appointment with her at Edward dela Cuesta Photography Studio near Roces Ave., Q.C. Her beauty and poise shone bright everytime the camera flashed and clicked. She’s indeed a ‘star material”. No wonder, it’s her genes. Her dad is no less than veteran actor Gabby Concepcion, and her half sister is, of course, Ms. KC Concepcion.

Also seen hanging by at that pictorial session were people from Erase Placenta, in persons of Mr. Marc Gamboa (Editor-In-Chief of Models of Manila). Mr. James Di, Mr. Joven Tan (film director) and Ms. Angela Muhlach (model and youngest sister of Nino Muhlach).

garie endorses ERASE PLACENTA beauty products
garie endorses ERASE PLACENTA beauty products
garie in black & white
garie in black & white

In one break from the on-going pictorial, Garie managed to answer some questions we prepared for her. So, here goes our Q & A with Ms. Garie Concepcion, the latest “magnifying beauty” of the Philippine Entertainment scene:

SSSIP: Can you tell us more about your CD album, Garie?

GARIE: Yeah. It’s my very first CD album and the album was released last June 10. The title of the album is UMAASA. And that’s also the carrier single. Warner Brothers Music reelased this album of mine. It’s a five track E.P. Digital album. All the songs there were written by me. And soon, we will be coming-up with a music video to further promote the album. We’ll start shooting the MTV by the month of September. 

SSSIP: And you are also the new celebrity endorser of ERASE PLACENTA. This pictorial of yours now, I think, is going to be used on the billboards?

GARIE: Yeah, I am very happy to be the new endorser of Erase Placenta beauty soaps.This is my first time to endorse and I am so happy and excited. This is also my very first modelling job. Yes, you are right, I will also be appearing on the billboards of Erase Placenta.

SSSIP: Is singing one of your greatest passions ever since you were a child?

GARIE: First love ko talaga ang singing, tito Robert. I call myself a ‘Disney Baby’ when I was still so little. Because I kept on watching the Disney Channel. I would imagine myself as the Little Mermaid, and I would sing songs like ‘A Whole New World’ by ms. Lea Salonga. I would always dream when I was young that I am Cinderella and Beauty in ‘Beauty & the Beast’. I would dream that a Knight With Shining Armour would soon rescue me from a deep sleep, like Snow White. That’s how I love fairy tales when I was young…. In my grade school years, I started joining girls choir up to my high school years. Then, in my College years, I started singing already in weddings, family occasions, events and the likes. After I finished my College education, that’s the time I decided to come back here in the Philippines to pursue my dreams to become a singer. Because I promised to my mom that I will finish first my studies before I venture into singing.

SSSIP: What are your other passions aside from singing?

GARIE: I write, I cook, I do boxing, I love watching foreign films, and I enjoy speaking in Spanish.

SSSIP: How can you describe the love you feel for Michael Pangilinan?

GARIE: Right now, we do it one step at a time. We’re both not in a hurry towards everything. We take life as it is right now. What’s important is, we make each other happy, and we’re both inspired to each other. That makes life more beautiful, isn’t it?

SSSIP: From someone who loves Michael Pangiilinan, how would you describe him as a person?

GARIE: Michael is very genuine. Totoo siyang tao, he’s never pretending to be somebody he’s not. he puts his family’s neeeds first above everything. Napakabait niya sa pamilya niya. For me, he is such a very special person.

SSSIP: What about a movie with Michael soon? 

GARIE: Why not. We’re both willing, if given a chance. 

At this point, the blogger got an inspiration to the female character he’s writing for a dream film- “Pitong Makata”. Garie fits the role to a “T”. That, of becoming Michael’s love interest in that dream film.

GARIE: Wow. That sounded great. I will tell Michael about it.

And that’s all for now. Garie was needed back at the pictorial session. With her smiles and nice gestures, certainly, a writer coulld be all the more inspired. And thank you, Garie, for raising our “spirits” again.

(questions by robert manuguid silverio and answers by ms. garie concepcion)

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