KATIPS: Connecting Martial Law and the Millennials

a review from someone who witnessed it all. thank you, mr. ymman!

Penny for Your Thoughts by YJMB


Last July 31st, I was invited by my fellow blogger Mr. Robert Silverio to watch the latest offering of the Philippine Stagers Foundation entitled “Katips: Mga Bagong Katipunero” on their grand opening show at the SM North EDSA Cinema 9.

The story of the musical revolved to the lives of some human rights victims during the martial rule in the 70s. A story filled with love, sorrow, courage, and fear. A story of young men and women protesting the abuses of the government during that point in our history.

Atty. Vince Tañada did again a very good job, just like his other musicals he have done before. Being the writer, director and one of the leads of this musical, it could be really hard to do it all at once. Every dialogue, action and song delivered by the cast members are realistic and penetrates deep down…

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