kierwin larena: something personal this way comes…

Day and night, noon fades and night moon shines…

In minutes and passing days… Come rain or shine.

Feelings can never seem to hide. Dreams continue to linger, wherever you may go.

When something personal this way comes, all you’ve got to do is hide… and smile.


It was a jolly Kierwin Larena when we managed to interview him during a break in his rehearsals for the play Katips, the latest theatrical production of Philippine Stagers Foundation. He smiled so often, and his rounded but gentle eyes spoke of something within your soul. He was quick in answering questions and was sensitive enough to know the true, hidden meanings of every word you say.

This young stage actor seems to be low-key, unassuming but kind. But whenever he started acting on stage, the aura and the magnificence of his acting style could make you cry out loud.

It’s been sometime since he last performed on the theater scene, and that right question one blogger thought could be, was: “Was it hard convincing you to act again on stage?”

Kierwin smiled. Because he himself knew, the question was WRONG.

“No one convinced me to make a comeback”, he answered.“I was the one who convinced my mentor, Vince Tanada to allow me to act again, this time for Katips. I approached him one time, and I told him I so badly wanted to act again on stage. You see, it’s my tenth year now as a Stager, something so personal to me. And happily enough, direk Vince agreed and it was like a very special bonus for me.”

In the currently-running musical play Katips, Kierwin alternates with another come-backing fellow  Stager, Kevin Posadas, in the male lead character as Greg. It’s such a very meaningful character that highlighted the full meaning and message of what the play was all about- because in Greg’s character, the HOPE was fulfilled.

Can Kierwin further describe the character he portrays on the play Katips?

“The role of Greg is someone who likes to take care of people”, he again answered. “He is a student leader with a great mission in life. He doesn’t mind doing brave acts and he DOESN’T like to dismiss historical facts. The character of Greg is very symbolical. It conveys a message-that what you see, what you feel within AND the factual circumstances around you, should never be denied. And he wants to fight for it.”

Oh, my. What a brave character, indeed. But characters like this one is hard to portray. Why? It’s because it’s kinda scary to portray a NPA young rebel and student leader that may endanger the very life of an actor. Did Kierwin thought about this?

“Nope, I was never afraid”, Kierwin answered mightily. “Because first of all, I am not portraying a character without me knowing the truthfulness of it or any basis for that matter. “The people who lived and participated during the Martial law years fully knows that. Those incidents actually happened, those characters really lived to tell a story. I am not afraid of showing the truth. As an artist, I must really do my part, too.”




Sometimes, people comes back… Sometimes, people had never left at all.

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to run… or, escape the feelings that you feel-

You will be cornered.

And you will never know WHY.


“I left because I needed to do some personal things, some very personal things”, Kierwin declared to a blogger. “There was a point in my life that I needed to leave my acting profession for a while because I wanted to finish my law degree. I wanted to become a Lawyer…. But you see, the passion for the Arts simply MAKES ME SANE plus the fact that this is my 10th year as a Stager. Aren’t you happy at all that I came back?”, he finished answering with a question.

Not really, one blogger thought. 

Because of all the scenes he saw in the play KATIPS, especially those scenes with Kierwin on it, shone so much brightness in MAGNITUDE and STYLE.

“All my scenes in Katips are challenging. I cannot pick a particular favorite because all are symbolic and so hard to deliver”, Kierwin continued on. “Most of my scenes were set during the ’70’s and ended up in 1986 at the time of EDSA Revolution. In different ages, the character had to manifest developing or growing principles in life. The character’s ideology in different periods of time is indeed a rare chance for an actor like me to portray.”

And the last question goes like this: How was it working with Vince Tanada again, after some time?

“It’s so much fun working with a friend like Vince whom I also consider as my mentor in theater”, came Kierwin’s last words. “We learn a lot from Vince. He’s there to guide us, too. He simply wants us to explore our artistry, or,  our own artistic judgement, and this is actually very important for me as an actor. At Philippines Stagers Foundation, we create exceptional camaraderie. Eventually, it reflects in our performances. I mean, the unity that we all shared as a team, it produces a masterpiece like Katips.”


Wherever you may go, a soft heart goes for you.

If someone else owns you,

well, that’s something personal for you.

But what matters most…

day and night,

a heart cares… 




(as the words were written by robert manuguid silverio)

kierwin: on thresholds of forever
kierwin: on thresholds of forever


vance as GREG in the play "KATIPS"
vance as GREG in the play “KATIPS”



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