vince tanada’s very personal advocacy can be seen in his latest musical play…

vince tanada: a very personal advocacy
vince tanada: a very personal advocacy

It’s easier to forgive, but harder to forget. More gentle to love, but scarier to hate. Braver to express but cowardly to hide.

In a time of sorrows, only one thing emerges:

“Hope”, Vince Tanada started saying to a blogger. “That there’s still hope amidst everything. That’s the message I so badly want to imply to everybody when I started revising and writing the play Katips. In the ending of the play, you’d see the message clearly. Parang gusto kong sabihin, na nagtagumpay pa rin ang pakikibaka ng mga tao para sa kalayaan.”

And the blogger asked: Was it a ‘yellow’ advocacy?

“No, this is not a Pro-Yellow advocacy”, Vince was quick to answer. “The play KATIPS is a re-telling of a story that happened in our lives and became a part of Philippine History. But History books were silent about it. And through my play, I want the youths to know what really happened during that time.”

Vince termed it as “the darkest era in Philippine History”. And if he’ll be given a chance, he so badly want to revise PHILIPPINE HISTORY.

“Me and my family, I do admit, were victims of Martial Law”, Vince continued saying. “We had to transfer from one place to another just to escape persecutions. I was young then, barely in my teens. It was very traumatic for me. My family was deeply affected by those people in power at that time.”

That’s why, when one blogger watched the whole play, he was so moved. The painful  feelings were still so fresh via those remarkable scenes in the play. It relieved some anger, but subsided with a vision of hope.

“My Stagers all did their very best, even at the time we’re still rehearsing the play”, Vince continued on. “They were all too-passionate, so selfless in what they do, so intense. And altogether, they impressed me so much as their director.”

Great reviews about the play KATIPS were now pouring like Hotcakes in social networking sites, blog sites, and tabloids. The play, at this early, already had numerous performances in Manila and Baguio City. This pressured Vince to set a Grand Press Night and Gala Night to selected media friends on July 31 at SM North Edsa.

“I was simply so touched with all the great reviews we had so far”, Vince declared. “Our Grand Press Night will be a lot more bigger in scope and grandeur because I added some more dialogues and dances and ad-libs, too, that they will all enjoy watching. And I am inviting everyone to watch it.”

Through Vince Tanada’s gentle way of touching the hearts of the young, we know, he won’t fail.

Certainly, the play KATIPS will change the lives and ideas of the youths today,




"ang tatlong banayad' vince, robert, frannie
“ang tatlong banayad’
vince, robert, frannie

(as the words were written by robert manuguid silverio)





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