direk frannie zamora further moves-on with an updated “kanser” play version…

frannie zamora: moving-on with KANSER updates
frannie zamora: moving-on with KANSER updates

Moving-on? Yes, sometimes it happens. But most of the times, day and night, in your dreams, the memories of the one you love the most seems to be never-ending…

For an artist, in the caliber of award-winning theater director Frannie Zamora, new visions of art and style just keeps on coming-up. New updates, finer ideas, titillating and fresher “catches”- that all adds-up to the beauty of his own “divine masterpiece”.

For three years now, direk Frannie has been directing his own version of Gantimpala Theater Foundation’s longest-running play- Kanser. Last year, he made it an “all-out musical” and it became such a big hit. He got the services of Michael Pangilinan to portray Crisostomo Ibarra and the rest was history.

This year, another updated version of  Kanser is gonna be seen again. Updated, in a way that, according to direk Frannie himself when a blogger chatted with him during a joy ride with a fellow theater actor Norman Penaflorinda, that this year, Kanser will be a mild musical one. Not an all-out musical anymore. Lesser music, but more dramatic scenes/highlights.

“And its a more challenging one to direct”, direk Frannie told a blogger. “Because I needed to incorporate lesser music this time but still have to present the real version of the play itself. I hired new actors to play the major roles and I am now excited to work with them.”

But it’s not that easy to create a “new song”. Sometimes, you meet new people, you linger also with old friends. But whatever it is, again,  for an artist like direk Frannie, a new song brings hope to a better life, a better work, and a better love… Maybe.

Kanser is basically a love story”, direk Frannie told a blogger again. “Its the love story of Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara. A lot of people never knew that, actually. The novel was really about love. Noli Me Tangere was not the political novel that a lot of people thought it was. It was El Filibusterismo which was the political one. But Noli Me Tangere was the more personal one that focused on love and family.”

This year’s Crisostomo Ibarra is going to be Carlo Manalac, a classical singer, voice teacher and member of VIVa BOCE (a famous singing group), who was also the one who portrayed Padre Salvi in last year’s musical version of Kanser. Operatic singer KL Dizon, meanwhile, was chosen to be Maria Clara. While model and teen heart throb Jansen Aguilar will be portraying the role of Padre Salvi this year, a role that one blogger considers to be “the most dramatic and intense” character in the said play.

Padre Salvi in Rizal’s vision is a young man, not an old one”, direk Frannie stressed. “He is a young Spanish priest with a secret desire over Maria Clara. That’s why I chose Jansen Aguilar to play that part for this year’s Kanser. While Carlo, his posture and stand very well fits the character of Ibarra.”



One, two, three.

In life, sometimes you became one, then suddenly you became two.

But when you became three, a certain calmness appears upon your life….

That’s the time you further try to move-on.

For direk Frannie Zamora, the journey has just started in…

Just like,



(as the words were written by robert manuguid silverio)



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