“kakampi”: even the falling of a leaf has a reason (a film review)

kakampi kakampi2

Even the falling of a leaf has a reason. I guess, it’s one of the most beautiful and meaningful sayings of life. The falling leaf graciously falls down, but most people doesn’t give a heck of it. They don’t care. Because a dry leaf is lifeless, meaningless, senseless…

But if you will look further, the falling leaf falls because of a reason. It flies along with the movement of the wind. And you will see life in a lot more deeper way if you will only notice the FALLING LEAF, and why it fell.

After watching Kakampi, which was an entry to the recently-concluded Tofarm Film Festival, I saw life again in a different and more assuring manner. Because I was already afraid that people might see me in a bad way already, because I kept on blogging and posting on my FB account some deeper meanings of life- I thought, I was already on the loosing end. Crazy, I mean.

But watching Kakampi changed all that. For all those who loves Poetry, Beauty, Enchantment, Journeys and Self-Realizations, well, Kakampi is for you. Just hoping that this film will still have its own special screenings, even after the ToFarm Filmfest.

ms. gloria sevilla: a very warm portrayal
ms. gloria sevilla: a very warm portrayal

The movie was Avant Garde in style and form. But its a very simple, silent, calm film. It told the story of a young man who was called and invited by her grandmother (awesomely and so warmly portrayed in the film by veteran actress Ms. Gloria Sevilla) to take care of their lanzones farm and inherit their vast lands in Camiguin Island, CDO.

perry dizon: brief but magnificent
perry dizon: brief but magnificent

But soon, the young man discovered a problem- the lanzones farm didn’t bear fruits anymore and the people were getting hungry. A man who grew in a modern lifestyle from the city quickly adjusted and tried to solve the problem through one single memory he had left of his grandfather (portrayed so briefly but magnificently in the film by Perry Dizon) who really owned the land of lanzoneses. That memory that kept on coming back brought him back into discovering who he really was. A man of the land. A farmer in genes and in blood.

neil: sexy
neil: sexy

“Do not be afraid of whatever you’ll see”, were the very words that his grandfather told him. Yes, the vast land he inherited was enchanted. Unseen souls and entities continued to live there. And they might be the reason why the lanzones trees didn’t bear fruits anymore. The young man, portrayed in the film by the very sexy and appealing Neil Ryan Sese did everything to make the lanzoneses come back again. He even talked to the trees himself.

But it wasn’t the talking at all that helped. It was the love that the unseen entities needed, and wanted. A love that could bring back life to a dry and hidden rural place of vast mountains, farms and sea.

The unseen entities wanted to see a bondage of love, and after that, they did make the lanzones farm bloom again. And the farmers back to work and back to the new hopes and adventures in life.

vic acedillo: superb direction
vic acedillo: superb direction

Beautifully executed in a lyrical form of direction by Vic Acedillo, Jr., the film relaxed my mind and soul. The words spoken by the actors were brief and precise, but full of meanings and wonder. After you left the Cinema, a good soul somehow guided you happily back home.


Because that’s the main essence of the film from the start to the finish. A good soul traveled in the Modern City to fetch a young and restless man, portrayed in the film by delicious Felix Rocco. He never knew, that a good soul (the taxi driver) would soon change his views in life via the story that the taxi cab driver told him while in the middle of the road and the traffic while travelling around the Metropolis of the city of  Manila. The young man was awed by the story. He wanted to go back to the taxi driver after he had climbed down from it. But suddenly the taxi driver disappeared.

In life, only a man with a good heart and a sincere spirit could see things far beyond our innermost imaginations.

But believe me, stories like this one could only happen-

Whenever FOREVER existed.


“Kakampi” is surely a once-in-a-lifetime film.


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

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