lance’s film in world premieres filmfest- “edsa”- wins five awards!

lance: inspired anew
lance: inspired anew

“Our Film EDSA (directed by Alvin Yapan) won 5 Awards! in the recently-concluded World premieres Film Festival!”— (LANCE RAYMUNDO’S FB POST)

It won:
1. Best Editing
2. Best Sound
3. Best Cinematography
4. Best Ensemble Performance
5. Best Movie


And yes, Lance is very happy to be a part of this film which he shot late last year. he is so proud of the director of this film- in person of direk Alvin Yapan who is both acknowledged internationally and locally via his own credits of truly artistic films.

The film “Edsa” chronicled the lives of people of got entangled in the historical period of Edsa Revolution. And Lance was among the great cast ensemble of this film.

“This is a such a good start for my movie career after a brief hiatus when I went into the world of Politics last year, but now I am back again into the movie scene”, Lance told a blogger. “It’s a good sign, a refreshing one. It makes me inspired to do more movies again.”

Lance is now currently very busy doing films left and right, aside from some modelling commitments. He also plans to revive his singing career very soon. Better watch out!


(words by robert manuguid silverio)


lance with ms. jaclyn jose
lance with ms. jaclyn jose


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