“i go where life takes me”— lance


Who says that handsome and boyish Lance Raymundo is sad these days? Those who says that, better think twice. Because Lance is as happy as ever, handsome as ever, sincere as ever, and most of all, sizzling as ever!!!

During a cool late lunch date with actor Lance Raymundo more than a week ago at Teresita’s restaurant, the actor showed so much positive insights and now ready to face more challenges that will come his way, after nearly winning as one of the Councilors in San Juan City. He may have lost, but the experience gave him a more clearer view on the world of Politics- and as what he had said to his blogger-friend: “The next time I run again, I know now, and I’ll definitely not lose once I run again!”

What a very positive thought. It really can’t stop the feeling.

“First of all, I guess it’s not yet my time yet to win”, Lance said at the start to the blogger. “Let’s think of it more on the brighter side, di ba? I am a first-timer to run, and that gives a lot more reason that I may fail. I already campaigned late. My dad got hospitalized pa during my campaign season in San Juan, I was hospitalized also because of Dengue. Those reasons left me with very minimal time to campaign and to further promote myself to the people of San Juan. But surprisingly, I still landed the top 9th spot among all the bets for Councilors in San Juan.

“Considering that I am still a newcomer, that’s not bad enough”, Lance continued. ‘I can honestly say, it was a clean elections there in San Juan. If ever I run again in six years time, sisipagan ko nang talaga ang pag-ikot all-over San Juan. But now, I am still so thankful to all those who voted for me. Among the 18 wanna-be Councilors in San Juan, I landed the top 9th place, and that’s fair enough.”

Indeed, Lance is heading for a lot more tasks, conquests and adventures.

“I go to where life takes me”, Lance meaningfully continued to say. “What really provoked me to run in San Juan is the thought of spreading my message to the people, especially to the youth. I know that I touched so many lives there. I know that in my own little way, I imparted something to them, gave them hope and inspired them anew. That alone was a fulfillment for me.

“To the hearts of the people, I already won. I wanted to show to them that here’s a candidate who held-on to his moral beliefs and values. Who didn’t compromise and stood-upon on his own convictions.”

Those words alone of Lance indeed made us think what will happen now to the new Governance of the land. We don’t want to be presumptive, but we feel now, CHANGE is not enough. Only sincerity and faith can make a NATION grow.

Anyway, Lance is now preparing to be active again on the movie scene. he also have pans to resume his singing career before the year ends. But now, Lance is officially the new endorses of the Calayan Surgicentre (by Dr. Manny Calayan and his wife Dr. Pie Calayan). A billboard is underway which will feature Lance as their model.

More on Lance on the coming issues of this blog site. Watch out!


(words by robert manuguid silverio)


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