sssip’s baby- ms. denz jovelle is now in London, taking up a masterial course!!!

denz jovelle in London
denz jovelle in London


Denz Jovelle, SSSIP’s AWE Blog Site’s female baby celebrity is now in London, taking up a Masterial course. If plans pushes trhough, she may come back this December of 2016, once she finishes her course there.

Denz finished shooting the movie “Butanding”, which starred international singer-actress Lou Baron and Precious Lara Quigaman before she left for London. She also did finish her Bachelor of Arts in Communication course at the University of Sto. Tomas, graduating with flying honors last year.

Denz is a figure ice skater, too. And famous ice skater Michael Christian Martinez is her contemporary in figure ice skating. She’s a member of Manila Figure Ice Skating Club, and she accomplished Basic level 1 to 5, and also accomplished Freestyle 1 to 6 in ice skating honors.

She won in the following figure ice skating contests:

Bangkok, Thailand Skate Asia 2005 – Top 1 Figure Skater ( Highest Pointer )
-Shenzhen, China Skate Asia 2006- Top 2 Figure Skater (Highest Pointer )
-Manila, Summer Skate 2011- Highest Pointer
National Youth Games (2007)- 2nd runner-up
-National Youth Games (2008)- 2nd
Runner Up
denz: so talented
denz: so talented
Born on March 1, 1995 in Manila, Philippines. Fluent in English and Filipino. Knowledgeable in
Final Cut Pro and Microsoft Programs. Passionate in Ice Skating and Gymnastics. Knows how
to sing, act and dance.
Creative, adaptable, goal-oriented, business-minded and quality-oriented- that’s Ms. Denz Jovelle.
denz: sexy, too
denz: sexy, too

Denz also attended workshops and seminars on modelling, singing and acting. Like John Roberts Powers and Thousand Oaks Personality and Modelling workshop under Patty Betita (for modelling) and, 

Instructor: Ryan Carlos
Instructor: Raymond and Jeanelle Roldan
Instructor: Eric Santos
Indeed, Denz is a GEM. And her P.R.-Manager is now preparing future projects for her once she comes back from London.
See you soon, Ms. Denz Jovelle!!!
(written by robert manuguid silverio)
denz with her mom in London
denz with her mom in London
denz with her so mabait mom- daisy.
denz with her so mabait mom- daisy.

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