DanceMotionUSA-2016March16-Orly (316) DanceMotionUSA-2016March16-Orly (323) DanceMotionUSA-2016March16-Orly (331)


THE Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Arts Education Department through the Cultural Management Division implemented the Management Intensives Online talks on March 16, 2016 at the CCP Silangan Hall.  The event aimed to reach partners in the regions, share best practices and provide tips to enhance arts and culture work.

The first Management Intensives Online talk was a round table meeting and a video conference with Ms. Adrienne Bryant, Managing Director of Dance Heginbotham and Ms. Valerie Oliveiro, Production and Stage Manager based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. arts managers, art educators, artistic and production directors, production experts and arts enthusiasts from the National Capital Region were present for the meeting. Simultaneously, the regional participants joined the meeting through a component of facilitated live chat / video conference.

The said event was launched during the Dance Motion Program, a joint project of the CCP and US Embassy, a US Department of State program produced by BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) that facilitated cultural exchange while showcasing the best in contemporary American dance abroad. This year’s program featured the American contemporary dance group Dance Heginbotham for the conduct of lectures, workshops, and performances in the Visayas, Metro Manila,and at the CCP. (Photo by Orly Daquipil)

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