ravid kahalani in a workshop and performance at the far eastern university…

Israel - Yemen Blues

FEU’s President’s Committee on Culture and the Embassy of Israel celebrate the Arts Month and the Philippine International Jazz Festival with a free workshop, lecture and performance featuring the celebrated Ravid Kalahani on February 22 at 1 p.m. in the PCC Center Studio. He will speak on “How Languages Influence Music Styles”.
Hear some of Ravid’s music:

3.  Yemen Blues – Insaniya YEMEN BLUES OFFICIAL CHANNEL                 

More about Ravid Kalahani:

Ravid Kahalani – Singer / Composer / Producer & Performer. Born in 1978 to a Jewish Yemeni family that is known for its singing talent and includes a long line of renowned singers. Ravid has become an important star in the Israeli music scene over the past several years. Via a series of detours, Ravid was drawn to music first and foremost through his love for African-American soul and blues, roots music and traditional religious songs. Ravid’s diverse singing talent instilled an enthusiasm for the music of the Sahara and North Africa. This caught the attention of renowned Israeli singer Idan Raichel and led to Ravid becoming the lead singer in Raichel’s World Music project & had over 400 shows all over the world in the last 5 years. Nowadays, Ravid is a rare guest in Idan Raichel’s shows as YEMEN BLUES’ calendar is completely filled up. Ravid has performed in over 150 shows with Yemen Blues in the last 3 years while still performing with Idan Raichel and many more solo shows on his own. Along the way Ravid has taken part in many projects. He also has studied Opera (singing as a counter tenor), Orthodox Serbian church singing, composing & writing songs in many musical generas. Ravid has composed for and worked with top musicians around the world including Balkan Beat Box, Matiyahu, Oxmo Puccino, Idan Raichel and has been featured on many releases and Radio shows.


 For seat reservation, please call us at Tel. No. 726-4897 or email us back in this email address.  Thank you.

martin lopez: far eastern university's artistic director and President for the Arts
martin lopez: far eastern university’s artistic director and President for the Arts


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