nikki co, pj aguilar ong, robin kelly ocampo and mr. martin martin visits “the kingdom of nuj nuj”

It happened last Chinese New  Year (midnight of February 7)- the “Year of the OX Monkey”, when Mr. Martin Martin, together with his talents from the Elites Model Management- Nikki Co, Robin Kelly Ocampo and Paul Jansen Ong- visited the “Kingdom of Nuj Nuj” to celebrate there the Chinese New Year.

A very lavish Chinese dinner was prepared by Mr. Junjun Ablaza (a very rich fashion entrepeneur and friend of Mr. Martin) in his palacious and mansion house. A rare kind of dog breed/puppies- which are Chinese-crested puppies- were given to Nikki and PJ as “good luck charm” for the Year of the Ox Monkey.

“Only a few of us were really invited”, Mr. Martin told a blogger. “Mr. Ablaza is a close friend of mine that’s why he gave us this very special dinner celebraion.”

Below are the photos taken at the Chinese New Year celebration at the “Kingdom of Nuj Nuj”. Photos courtesy of Mr. Martin Martin.

NUJ nuj2 nuj3 nuj4 nuj5 nuj6 nuj7 nuj8 nuj9 nuj10 nuj12 nuj13 nuj14 nuj15 nuj16

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