neneth ortega lyons: filipina!


neneth: she landed on the "top 17" of X-FACTOR (U.K.)
neneth: she landed on the “top 17” of X-FACTOR (U.K.)

It was so nice and what a wonderful feeling to have met Ms. Neneth Ortega Lyons, who landed on the “top 17” (our favorite number) of X-Factor (U.K.). She was always smiling, so sweet and friendly, and very sincere, too. Her ways were very Filipina, but there’s within her that you could feel so intently- and that is, her exuberant charm and greatness.

That was the birthday dinner party of P.R.-writer from Philippine Star broadsheet- Mr. Oggie Medina. Ms. Neneth was her very special guest that evening. And surely, she made all the guests swoon at her. She’s so friendly to everyone there.

When we asked for an interview, Ms. Neneth didn’t hesitate to say “YES”. So, below is our Q & A interview with Neneth Ortega Lyons, who made all the judges stood-up in one of the elimination rounds of “X-Factor (U.K.)”:

SSSIP: Are you just here in the Philippines now just for a vacation, Neneth?

NENETH: Yes, I am. I will be leaving this coming February 11. My husband is British. And I’ve been in UK since 2004. But it’s only four years ago when we decided, me and my husband, to reside permanently in U.K. But I plan to visit my country every year. I love my country. Philippines is my home. But you see, I am married to a British.

SSSIP: Can you tell us about your experience in X-Factor U.K.?

NENETH: That was a great experience last year, Robert. Out of 90,000 people who auditioned, I landed in the “Top 17”. My first song in the first round of eliminations was the song Somewhere, where I got a standing ovation from the whole audience, including the four judges. I also got a “four yes” from the judges. In the second elimination round, I sang Proud Mary with the 4th Impact- also Filipina girls like me. In the following eliminations, I sang Without You by Mariah Carey and One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston…. You see, that was a totally great experience for me. It opened-up new doors for me, new opportunities. I became so popular not only in U.K. but also here in our country.

SSSIP: What was the story behind you joining the X-Factor UK?

NENETH: Well, this is the story. I stopped singing for eight long years. And last year, I mean early last year, I wanted to sing again. I told my husband that I want to sing again. And my husband told me: “Why don’t you join the X-Factor?” And I joined. Out of the many thousands who joined, I became one of the finalists and landed on the Top 17. 

SSSIP: And we, Filipinos, are so proud of you, Neneth. You showed to the world that Filipinos are great singers. Can you share to us now the post-impact of X-Factor in your life?

NENETH: The exposure at X-Factor helped me a lot, really. I’ve been guesting in many shows and events in U.K. I am being invited here and there. There are so many offers. But you see, I have a two-year old baby girl now whom I have to be with everyday because I love her so much. I am a mother and a family woman who values her family more than anything else.

SSSIP: What about a concert here in the Philippines, Neneth?

NENETH: As I’ve said, I am leaving on February 11. I miss my baby daughter in U.K. I would love to have a concert here soon. In the meantime, I have to be back in U.K. in two weeks time. And lately, I find it hard because my voice is still adjusting to the weather. It needs more days before my voice gets totally adjusted.

SSSIP: Last question, Neneth. After achieving so much in X-Factor, what’s your dream now?

NENETH: My dream is to be able to continue portraying a good image as a Filipina singer. I feel so good to be able to do something now in my life. And being famous is now a bonus factor. And I want to continue singing.

SSSIP: Thank you so much, Neneth. You made us PROUD.

NENETH: And thanks to you all who supported me. Thank You!!!


(by robert manuguid silverio)

neneth in the Phils.
neneth with writer oggie medina
neneth with writer oggie medina
blogger sssip, neneth and violinist emil neu lisco
blogger sssip, neneth and violinist emil neu lisco


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