when don mclean wrote the song “starry, starry night”, he said this world was never meant for one as beautiful as vincent…

thank you, vincent. the “91” will soon be “92” because you finally agreed to join our “circle of friends”. once again, THANK YOU!


In 1972,an American singer wrote a song about
Vincent Van Gogh’s life and about his painting “Starrry Night”.
The singer’s name was Don McLean.
The name of the song is “Vincent”.

One painting alone of Vincent van Gogh costs more than a million dollars…But, more than that, Vincent is one of the greatest artists that ever lived. No one understood him, except his brother Theo who died six years after his death. But in a song written by Don Mclean in 1972, people began to see Vincent differently. Read the lyrics of the song – “Starry, Starry Night” (at the video below)- the words were so pure, so simple, yet so touching.
It’s an artist speaking to a fellow artist, feeling his pains, loving his soul, embracing his profoundness… Vincent van Gogh and Don Mclean. Though they lived centuries apart, the hands didn’t part. They touched the music, the art…

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