“I could have told you, vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you…”



Thanks for giving me the star, “Vincent”…

Coz now I understood…

what was it all about…

The star guided me, “Vincent”…

It taught me how to live.

It made me strong…

but most of all,

it gave me COMFORT, LOVE & PEACE.


People had forgotten now

To view the stars in the skies…

To gaze at it

and listen

to the beatings of their hearts…

I know where you are, “Vincent”…

As we’d been to places I could never forget…

I would always close my eyes after gazing at the stars…

put my hand on my left chest, and-

feel the heartbeats of my heart.

follow the rhythms of my soul…

and that’s WHERE YOU ARE.

Thanks for coming back, 


words by robert manuguid silverio

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