FLOWERS FOR ST. THERESE (and a personal note to st. therese by robert manuguid silverio)




Dear St. Therese,
Hi there. Last night, I saw you in my dream again. We were playing and biking amidst the fields, together with our two other friends… In that dream, we were kids and the FOUR of us were so happy, so candid, so excited…

I knew it was you, St. Therese. When I googled your pictures at the internet- I was so enthralled when I saw the girl in my dreams…

Last Sunday, I went to your church. And I was so happy to be there. Maybe, I need to pray to you, more often from now on…

Every time I walk in our subdivision, I kept on looking at the flowers at the garden of the many houses there and at the sidewalks, too. Especially the rose gardens…

Now I am thinking of bringing you flowers soon. You imparted something so deep within me…

Something I have never felt before. Your presence in my life now is one great thing.

Now, I wanna say that I wanna see you more in my dreams soon. Together with our other two friends.

We’ll see the beauty of the world, and the love that people seemingly had forgotten.

My best regards to you, my St. Therese.


yours truly,

young st. therese of lisieux

tere3 tere4 tere5 tere6 tere7YOUNG ST. THERESE OF LISIEUX.

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