when Pedro comes alive (a review on “san pedro calungsod, the musical” starring gerald santos)

gerald7 gerald2

We can say by now, this version and take-off of a musical theater production on the life of our beloved second Filipino Saint- St. Pedro Calungsod, is the most honest and truthful presentation that gave so much justice and meaning on the most heroic act of a Filipino youth.


As one blogger watched on, he felt Pedro coming-out alive in his very eyes. It’s almost the real Pedro he sees in dreams and imaginations. The Pedro who loved Jesus Christ so much, the Pedro who longed for his mom, the young and carefree Pedro who played with his fellow young missionaries in the beaches of forevermore.

It’s so magical to look at- and the vision set therein by the play’s director was truly wonderful. He created with scenes of proper care and deliverance, executed it with passion and defying colors. In the eyes of the viewer, a real Pedro comes alive, again we say, and indeed. Kudos to Mr. Cocoy Ramilo, the director of this version of “San Pedro Calungsod, the Musical”.

The young missionaries who all performed so graciously and so great in this play were composed of mostly new and fresh young male theater performers. They provided lightness, and a feeling of wonderment all throughout the play.

Miss Shyr Valdez as Pedro’s mom acted it out with great intensity and total dedication. Her tears flowed so freely and so much in one scene of the play that made one blogger cry. A truly unforgettable performance.

Prince Jemuel Luciano as Choco, the Chinese gossiper in the life of Pedro, was so comic and energetic. He characterized a totally unique portrayal of Choco, and thus, he created a comic kind of a performance.

Mr. Jon Achaval, the veteran character actor who portrayed Padre Diego in this play was so realistic in his performance. He didn’t over-act, he stayed calm but intense all throughout the play.

In one lingering thought of a blogger, if not for the great sacrifice of one young Filipino man, the message of Christ could have not been delivered. Because it was the greatest act of all, truly deserving of a Sainthood.

Pedro could have died many years ago, but this time, a young actor-singer almost of his age did deliver a job worthy of praise and smiles from the real Pedro himself. Because he acted so well and sang like an angel.

He was the totality of the play itself. Maybe an angel’s soul came over to guide him and perform an acting job that could last for eternity.

Gerald Santos as San Pedro Calungsod was the greatest theater act performance a blogger had seen forevermore.


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

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