i know… thank you for being with me for a time.—rob.


“We won’t stay for so long…

thanks for the candle you lighted up

‘coz they remembered us again.

We won’t stay for so long

we all simply wanted to be remembered

and to be LOVED  again.

The same way you loved

your rainbow.

Your rainbow will always be there

in times of heavy rains and water risings AND SUFFERINGS…

the rainbow,

yes, he’ll be there.

We called it- ROBERT’S RAINBOW.

and with that rainbow, we will be remembered, too.

with that rainbow,

we will be there,


Thanks for your rainbow, Robert.

More candles will be lighted-

for us.

And your rainbow is going home


He called us.

we were there when you pointed at the rainbow

in the skies.

and we envied the rainbow

but now,

no more.

One mortal soul

one great friendship

can make us alive again.

In your memories,

in your lifetime

and in any…

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