a note of gratitude to my Chinese friends on my birthday this coming june 28…


I never knew I will be getting there. I mean, lasting for 51 years living on this earth (because this blogger is turning 51 years old already on june 28). It’s been a milestone. A miracle.

A vagabond, a drifter, a quitter, a loner, an individualist… but a FRIEND. That’s how I describe myself. On the regretful side, I think I never valued my life. I wasted it. But somehow, I kept on thinking, if I was not a GOOD guy, why am I still here? I kept on asking,”Why me?”

Why do I keep on seeing and appreciating the beauty of nature, the depths of love, the happiness of youth, the lasting glory of true friendships?

Why am I not bitter? Why do I keep on feeling and grasping the stars up there, who kept on landing upon my laps?

I just unleash everything… loose myself… walk aimlessly. But somehow, I felt there’s a mission tasked upon me.

In my 51 years of existence, one thing I greatly valued were my friendships to my Chinese friends. Most of them were half-Filipino, half-Chinese. Being with them were one of the happiest moments of life. Because they valued me well. They treated me with respect and KINDNESS.

That’s why on my upcoming birthday, I offer to them this little note of gratefulness. I love “China”. I couldn’t have lasted without the memories I had with them.

I may not be with them now, but one thing’s for sure, the joy and love they inflicted in my heart-






blogger sssip
blogger sssip

(as the words were written by bloggger sssip, a.k.a robert manuguid silverio, june 25, 2015- together with two “hidden Chinese friends”, along with the other “62” plus one, in between sun and rain- amidst the lasting glorification of an entity called TIME, forever).*

leslie2 china2 china3

bruce-lee.jpg CHINA

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