lance raymundo plays a poetry teacher in his next film!


It seems that, our friend-actor Lance Raymundo is getting the best kind of film roles lately. And his next film role which he is about to shoot on the next coming days is one very significant and caressing film role to date in the span of his film career as an actor.

“But I can not reveal yet anything about that film, everything’s a secret pa”, Lance said to his friend-blogger. “I just can’t say NO to you now. One thing I can reveal is: I am playing a Poetry teacher on my next upcoming film!”

Oh my. It’s been a blogger’s dream to see Lance like that of a POET. He had dreamed before of getting Lance appear in his “dream movie script” about the lives of Modern-Day Poets. But it didn’t push through.

Thanks to this new film project of Lance, which will also deal about Poets. The blogger can now see Lance act in a dream-like manner- that, of a Poetry teacher.

“The world of Literature is one piece of heaven for me”, Lance said. “And I will adapt to that character now, studying details about the personality-type of a Poetry teacher. I am so happy to portray this part as an actor.”

Now, we can say, Lance belongs to the “Living Poets Society”, a group of angels out to reveal still the beauty and simplicity of LIFE.

And the world will never be the same again.



(words by robert manuguid silverio)


lance lance2 lance3 lance4 lance5


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