Jona’s Pop Politician is set to be released worldwide on jun 24 2015. The music video is an intelligent, fun, energetic and highly controversial pop music reflection of the contemporary society and pop culture. The genre is fusion of electro pop.
JONA feels very privileged and honored to give the Philippines the first screening of his music video “POP POLITICIAN” which was produced by Famous Hollywood producer Bill Fisher(Warner Brothers) and directed by award wining director Dominic Halton.
Pop Politician can soon be downloaded on ITunes, Amazons MP3, Deezer, EMusic, Google Play, IHeart Radio, Medianet, Rdio, Rhapsody, Spotify and Xbox Live.

Jona is a superhuman alien far far away somewhere in the universe, who was sent to earth by his father to become the biggest Pop Politician of the Galaxy and help the entire human race to better themselves from greed and corruption.
He happened to land naked on American soil where he was welcomed by beautiful goddess-like human girls. They dressed him up and made him into a handsome powerful Pop Politician. Soon after, Jona started to address the issues of hate, love, money, greed, control power, drugs , painkillers, overdoze, pharmaceuticals and so on.
He succeeded with his campaign and successfully became the most powerful superhuman of the entire galaxy.
Upon Entering the political elite, he changed his sexual orientation and adapted two hot African-American lovers as his secret service agents.
Soon after, he corrupted himself as well.
Jona continues advocating the issues although people demanded him to go back to space, but the fun continues.
Pop Politician is brilliant and entertaining concept which should inspire the young generation to take control of their future by contributing their vote to the upcoming 2016 elections in the United States of America.

Directed by Dominic Haxton
Music : Premo D’Anger
Lyrics by Jona

Jona is a Hungarian-American singer – songwriter, actor and human right activists, was born in Budapest, Hungary.
Jona’s current music producers are Justin Timberlake’s signed pruducer, Premo D’Anger, from Memphis,Tennessee.
Premo first discovered Jona in Hollywood, California in 2011 while working on his music video Fascinated with Timbaland and Timberlake. Ever since they have been recording numerous original singles from which Pop Politician is Jona’s first worldwide debut.

He started his career as a ballroom dancer when he was only seven years old and earned a reputation as one of his native country’s foremost young male ballroom dancers. By captivating audiences with his fluent motions, graceful movements, soft steps and dynamic on-floor personality, he had become a household name within the Hungarian ballroom dancing community, and his track record of first-class awards has gained him international notoriety.

After moving to Hollywood at the age of 19, JONA landed on a hit TV show and DVD release on Vietnamese Paris by Night and “Celebrity Dancing aka Dancing with the Stars.” That made him popular in Vietnam and ever since, he has been gathering up a good amount of fans reaching celebrity status all over the world.

He has been featured in films and TV shows with “A” list Hollywood celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Christian Slater. JONA has been working on movies and commercials not only in the states but worldwide.

JONA was featured on the cover of GQ magazine in Vietnam and many other high-end fashion magazines and publications such as “Iron Chef and the Star”.

In August 2013, he won China’s popular TV show ” The Return of the Superstar” on Tianjin TV and was invited to Beijing, China to debut his talent on a nationwide television show which was watched over by millions of people.

Currently, Jona is recording his second album with Justin Timberlake’s signed producer, Premo Danger. JONA’s first single “POP POLITICIAN” is soon to be released.

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