come, let’s take-off with the freshmen on their “JOURNEY”…


Sometimes, little things could make you cry…

a gentle tap on your shoulder by a friend,

a warm look from your mom,

a generous thought from a veteran female celebrity,


a simple invitation from the manager of a boy singing group called the FRESHMEN…


It will make you think,

they still care for you

they still think of you…

and they still value the very little things you have done for them-

And with that,

it makes LIFE all so worthwhile.


On June 19, 2015


Be a part of Freshmen’s journey…

As they celebrate their second year anniversary as a boy singing group.

Amidst all the hardships, laughters and great accomplishments

the FRESHMEN will sing with you on that day

Serenade you with all their hearts’ desires…



Let’s take-off

join the FRESHMEN in their flight-

with love and zest.


And life will never be the same again

Just like







freshmen freshmen2 freshmen3 freshmen4 freshmen5 freshmen6 freshmen7 freshmen8

“I LOVE YOU, FRESHMEN!”— sssip 🙂

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