lance raymundo plays a good cop in “beyond that door”…


lance: his new "angelic" look is not a hindrance to further move-on with his acting career
lance: his new “angelic” look is not a hindrance to further move-on with his acting career


Madali, super dali“, came Lance’s Raymundo’s quick answer when asked about how’s it playing a good cop in his latest film Beyond That Door. “Whenever they pass me a good character, I know I could easily portray it because it’s basically who I am. A good man. Pero hindi ko pinapakiusap na bigyan ako ng good roles na tulad niyan, it just comes. And I am glad I am always given good roles to portray at.

lance plays a police doctor-harvard grad, in his latest film "beyond that door"
lance plays a police doctor-harvard grad, in his latest film “beyond that door”

“In this new film of mine, Beyond That Door, I portray a good cop/police doctor who’s well-bred and a graduate of Harvard University in the U.S.”, Lance continued saying. “So I was supposed to have an accent of that kind of Harvard grad. The American thwang, as what they say. Good to realize that I do have that.”

And in one shooting scene, Lance’s co-actor thought that Lance was making a mistake for speaking in an “American thwang“. His co-actor whispered to him that he’s been ad-libing too much English words in his speaking lines. But Lance disclosed to his co-actor that it was his character in the film, and the film’s director attested to it. The co-actor simply didn’t know it.

lance in the shoot of "beyond that door"
lance in the shoot of “beyond that door” with the kids and other co-stars
lance's police i.d. in the film "beyond that door"
lance’s police i.d. in the film “beyond that door”

The film Beyond That Door will jump start Lance’s shift into portraying goodie-goodie roles again onscreen. The last film he did before this, Maskara, made Lance portray a bad character of a playboy-politician. And that would be the last “bad boy” role he’ll ever portray.

“My representative-agent, Shandii Bacolod, will now look for projects that would cast me as a good person this time”, Lance continued saying. “We’ve talked about it and we both decided that it’s high time for me to portray good persons onscreen. It’s because a lot of people now gets confused on my looks. I lost three movie projects because of the way I look now- that I look so mabait daw– and the roles they were giving were bad characters. When they saw me in story conferences and meetings, they changed their minds. But it’s okay for me. I just feel now, there’s a divine intervention towards everything- that maybe, God wants me this time to portray good and saintly roles- because I looked a lot younger and saintly after I emerged from my facial accident last year.”

With the case of the film Beyond That Door, the director of the film, Franco Arce, totally changed the character that was meant for Lance in the film just to accommodate the actor.

“When the director saw me, he was shocked at once”, Lance revealed. “I’ve worked with him in an indie film before I met my accident last year. But this time that he saw me, he was so surprised with the new look that I have. So what they did, the director and his staff had a brief meeting in a separate room, and when they emerged, they told me that they’ll be changing my character in the film which was supposed to be a bad one- to that of a good cop who just graduated from Harvard University.”

That why now, Lance and his representative- Shandii Bacolod-, opted to do a new pictorial for the actor in Tagaytay City so that the public will be much aware now in Lance’s “physical transition” after his facial accident last year. To totally let the public be aware that Lance is now looking much younger and ANGELIC. And he does not fit for any bad boy roles anymore.

“This is a special challenge in my life now, a renewed mission”, Lance declared at the end. “As an actor, we all undergo certain processes. And the only permanent thing in this world is CHANGE. Because we live in a transitional world, and Paradise is where everything would be eternal and forever. But again, I have a mission. And maybe God is preparing me for that even more.”

Very well said, Papa Lance.


(words by robert manuguid silverio)


lance: braveness makes him go on with life
lance: braveness makes him go on with life

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