the moon river and gerald santos … (and a very wonderful night at his valentine concert at the serendipity lounge…)

“there’s such a lot of world to see…”


When a soul lingers, he journeys to places. Sometimes, looking for answers. Sometimes, just plainly drifting by- restlessly, swayed by the winds or the waves of the sea.

But a soul prefers, most of the times, to be with the people he loves. As to where they are, he chooses to be there. Unseen or not, he knows he can be felt.. by gushes of winds or embraces on a cold, cold night….

The soul lingers, too, without any expectations or assuming of wants and needs. The soul is simply happy to be there. Maybe, he had done something great and good for them, but he doesn’t really know it. After all, again, he’s just happy to be there.

He just sees things, but void of existence. He just loves all kinds of loves, but lacking of reassurances and care. He just hangs around there, until answers are explored and…

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