denz jovelle: a refreshing new find in the world of tinseltown

denz: refreshing!
denz: refreshing!

The moment you see a pretty young lady, you would want to look at her back and back again. At first glance, she looked like the ABS-CBN actress Anne Curtis. But when you gaze on her more longer, she looks like Sunshine Cruz and Shaina Magdayao. But better be careful to conclude, this young lady has got a lovely personality distinction herself. Lively, articulate, warm.

Her name is Denz Jovelle, the latest refreshing new find in tinseltown.

denz: a time for acting this time around
denz: a time for acting this time around

Denz is included in the film Butanding, directed by Edd Palmos and which stars Lara Precious Quigaman, Lou Baron, Jerome Manzano and Tessie Lagman. She plays the role there of the young Lara Quigaman, who’s the daughter of the character that Ms. Lou Baron (a Hollywood Pinay singer) is portraying. The role is very challenging because Denz portrays a young rebel and drunkard, with many dramatic scene highlights. As a newcomer, according to director Edd Palmos (who directed the film), Denz delivered well and good.

“Her sophistication and depth added colors to her dramatic character in the film”, director Edd told a blogger. “She could be very well be the next Anne Curtis of Philippine movies.”

denz: champion world skater joins the tinsel town
denz: champion world skater joins the tinsel town

In between shooting breaks, a blogger managed to have a tete-a-tete with Denz. She’s very joyful to talk with, very jolly and casual.

How’s it acting now in the movies, Denz? A blogger asked.

“For me, this experience is something totally new”, Denz answered. “But so far, okey naman. I am quite tense at the start, but direk Edd motivated me well with my character on the film. That’s why I got more comfortable later on.”

What about the new people? The showbiz people, we mean.

“Oh, they are nice!”, Denz answered again. “You just have to bring back to them the niceness they give you, and they will be nice to you, too. With me, I just have to be careful on what to say. I am new and I don’t want to be misinterpreted. I still have to adjust fully well before I get to be carefree with what I say.”

In case you don’t know, Denz is a champion skater. She’s been skating since she was a kid. She already won awards and medals in other countries as being a world skater. She had traveled to many countries competing and exhibiting her skills on skating. And she knows Michael Christian Martinez (the Pinoy world champion skater) fully well ever since they were kids.

denz: the next anne curtis of philippine cinema
denz: the next anne curtis of philippine cinema

“This coming May 27, I will be graduating na on College”, Denz blurted on. “And I feel, why not give movies a try? A break from my studies and my being a skater. I want to give more time this time on my acting career. I plan to join acting workshops to further enhance my acting skills. I’ve been around a quite though in the world of showbiz. I have appeared in some TV drma shows and modelling jobs. But I didn’t have a full time to concentrate on it because I prioritized my studies and my skating. So, this time, why not?, I said to myself.”

Denz plans to go on a strict physical diet, too.

“Now, I’m so conscious of my body fats and all”, she said. “That’s why I really wanna go on a diet. I want to be physically looking good when I get to be busy na in showbiz.”

Director Edd Palmos is planning now a launching movie vehicle for Denz. It’s going to be a light romantic comedy film, the type of a film that Antoinette Jadaone (a young film maker of Star Cinema) does. And the film will star Denz opposite three handsome guys- JM de Guzman, Rocco Nacino and Vince Tanada. It’s entitled Okey Lang Kahit Complicated.

“I heard that direk Edd has finished the script already,” Denz told a blogger. “I am pretty excited to do that film. And I am so nervous to have these romantic scenes opposite JM and Rocco. I just hope it pushes through.”

And again, in case you don’t know still, Denz is also a blogger like this blogger. She has her own blog site named DIGITAL JOURNEY ( She features there her travels abroad as a world figure skater.

Meanwhile, let’s all welcome Denz with a big hug in showbiz tinsel town. This young lass is surely an ‘X-Factor’. Yes na yes!


(words by robert manuguid silverio)

denz with blogger sssip during the shoot of her film "butanding"
denz with blogger sssip during the shoot of her film “butanding”

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