full story coverage on the 14th anniversary of philippine stagers foundation

The concept was TIME.  The colors were RED and BLACK.

The time itself was telling a blogger of something different beyond his comprehension, as the colors lingered in his eyes in a vivid wonder of feelings and surprises. It was one of the most beautiful party events he had attended in years- THE 14TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PHILIPPINE STAGERS FOUNDATION.

Held at the newly-renovated Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle in Estrada St., Malate, Manila- the performing artists- as we call them- the Stagers- shone like brilliant stars in the skies, headed by its handsome Artistic Director and Actor, Mr. Vince Tanada.

It was also a moment of triumph, hugs, cheers and camaraderie among all the staff and actors of PSF (Philippine Stagers Foundation) alongside with their families and friends, past and old Stagers (which was also sort of a reunion for all of them- the old and new Stagers) and the V.I.P. guests whom they consider very close friends and already a part of their FAMILY.

The moment Vince Tanada arrived at the venue hall of Hotel Benilde Maison De La Salle, the excitement ran high at once. He was so magnifying in his fabulous outfit that resembled Johnny Depp in his Chocolate factory film years back. And Vince exuded an aura of that “Johnny Depp mystique” in his outfit of red and black attire, and kisses and lips added a lot more attraction in his attire.

Guests embraced Vince at once, including his most trusted media adviser- Julio Cinco Nigado. On the lobby, you could see the other V.I.P. guests, namely: Oliver Oliveros of BroadwayWorld.Com, Ms. Connie Resurrecion- a former Board member of Aliw Awards Foundation, film enthusiast Arthur Cassanova, celebrity P.R.-Manager Dennis Sebastian, Manila Bulletin veteran columnist Ms. Crispina Belen, Manila Bulletin Managing Editor Jojo Panaligan, actress-U.P. student Trixie Dauz, film director Emmanuel dela Cruz, photographer Vino Oriarte, and others more.

V.I.P. guests who came-in a little later were radio icon Ms. Tessie Lagman-Balboa, Master film director Elwood Perez, movie columnist Nestor Cuartero, veteran movie writers like Mr. Amadis of Daily Inquirer, Dennis Adobas, Art Tapalla and Ricky Calderon of Enpress.

Close relatives of the Tanada family also mingled with the guests. And as “The Man” started speaking his “State of the Nation” speech, everybody listened. It was a very emotional speech for the man who moved heaven and earth to make PSF the top theater group in the country now, as he opened-up his courage to face all the criticisms on his theater group. Still, they are moving-on with greater tasks to educate and entertain the youths of this generation.

After the Opening Prayer, a very beautiful Invocation Video which showed the Stagers in an angelic setting, a blogger who was seated at Table Number One almost verged into tears. The music was “Heal Our Land”, and it was a very beautiful Invocation Video, masterfully created by PSF’s marketing man and one of the founders, Mr. Chris Hansen Lim.

The great event was hosted by PSF’s top leading lady- Ms. Adelle Ibarrietos-Lim, and she was such a very good event host of the night. In the first musical-dance number presentation, the Stagers danced and sang in Time’s greatest glory. A very well-choreographed number, executed by Mr. John Paul San Antonio (the choreographer and Stage Manager of PSF). In that number, they happily glorified TIME as their theater group reached its 14 years of existence that night of March 31, 2015.

Also on that night, PSF also accepted their BroadwayWorld Awards and Oliver Oliveros presented it to them. Meanwhile, one of the most emotional part was when Stagers Kenneth Posadas, JV Cruz and Gerald Magallanes bursted into big tears like kids as they accepted their awards as being Regular Stagers. It was so important for them, because they worked hard for years just to be able to get that worthwhile recognition. Fellow Stagers embraced them and they all cried onstage.

There was also a Mini Fashion number, as the past and present Stagers showed their skills in ramp modelling, alongside with kids of the Stagers- like Baby Spidey (son of Vince) and Baby Claire. In that mini-fashion number, Stagers OJ Bacor and Marina Esperida caught the blogger’s attention. They were the most beautiful Stagers of the night, and the Best-Dressed, too.

Ms. Anna Tanada-Bautista, who heads the Administrative tasks at PSF, was so vibrant and her presence, truly captivating- alongside with her sister, Ms. Elaine Tanada-Coronel. The parents of Vince- Mr. & Mrs. Emil Tanada were also present to give moral support to everyone, together with their youngest son- Cocoy Tanada. 

But the most important highlight of the event was the teaser-presentation for PSF’s next theater season play- a musical-dance number for their next musical play- “POPE-PULAR”, which will deal with the life of Pope Francis and the five Modern-Day Heroes/Filipinos that intertwined alongside with the life of the Pope.

As the 14th anniversary cake was sliced and the cocktail drinks were suddenly closed and unavailable at the mobile bar on the latter part of the event, the spirits never went down. It only ran faster and climaxed higher.

Because an unbreakable spirit in an advent of fascinating Time will never cease to leave-

Much more, in a group of artistic souls and untiring flesh bodies…

All out to create an awe of love and kindness




(As the words were written: April 10, 2015, by Robert Manuguid Silverio’s anticipation for Time and a Rainbow, and included in the pages of his “Book of Love”).*






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