Designer Interview: Jun-Jun Cambe for EsAc (courtesy of philippine fashion week blog site)

“Designer Interview: Jun-Jun Cambe for EsAc”

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Q: What were you thinking of when you were designing your collection?

Jun-Jun Cambe (JC): The Heritage, looking over my grandmother’s picture – the baro’t saya, and not the terno – there’s so much richness in that three or four piece collection. To assemble a baro’t saya, you need a top, a camisole, a palda, a tapis; there are so many components, you just have to separate it so that it becomes now. That’s why I did what I did, separated everything and put it together to come up with a look that’s now.

What’s the theme of this particular collection? What’s your personal favorite piece in your collection?

JC: The theme is simple – the Filipiniana. My favourite was the opening number, the printed ones. It’s very casual, it’s eye-catching, at the same time it’s trendy and young.

The camisole, the saya, the tapis – the design, I turned it into a kimono, and matched it with batik pants, the fabric of which they used as a tapis before. The idea just came to my mind. I thought a raw fabric like sinamay and pina would work well with a batik, because it’s all natural. Batik is hand-dyed, it’s not printed with machines, so it’s all personalized.

Q: Why do you think these types of designs will be ideal to the summer collection/season?

JC: These are very, very ideal for summer – because all the pieces are now sold out! But seriously, I think it’s perfect for summer because the material is light, flexible, and it’s relaxed. I think the look created a great airy appeal. It’s free and easy, and at the same time, it’s so simple.

The woman who wears my pieces is a jetsetter, she

travels a lot. She can wear the batik bottom to her son’s football practice, and then when she needs to go to a dressier engagement, she can wear the kimono top. It’s a round-the-clock piece.

Q: What was the response you have been receiving from the public? Your patrons? How do they make you feel?

JC: In social media, it was a blast. In Yahoo, they posted it twice after two months. People said it was so different, so relaxed, it was very Filipino but very trendy. They didn’t expect that such a collection would emerge from the collection of designers. Basically it was something new for them.

As for the clients, there were a lot of inquiries and sales – as a matter of fact, because of this collection’s feedback, I’m doing another big show. All these feedback made me feel great, and inspired me.

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