a journey with a common friend of “2”: mr. gerald santos, and his “metharmophosis”…


Yeah, it’s been such a “journey”…

The “two” had a friend… an unseen friend who guided both of them and joined them on their journeys…

an anonymous friend who doesn’t want to be identified, but simply stays on the background…

But this friend embraces, cares, loves so deeply…

Whoever he is, the “two” thanks HIM.



Now, there’s another young man in person of Gerald Santos…

A blogger had seen him grown, his independent career, away from the mainstream packaging and media hypes, STOOD ON ITS OWN.


With the great guidance of his manager, Mr. Cocoy Ramilo, Gerald has proven to everybody that even without the “backings” of giant TV networks, once you’ve got real great talent- YOU WILL STAY. YOU WILL SOAR HIGHER, TOO.

And Gerald had now greatly shown that to everyone.


His METHAMORPHOSIS will soon be celebrated via a great and major musical concert at the PICC Plenary hall on the month of June.


And joining him as guests on his major concert are the members of the cast of his San Pedro Calungsod musical play.


It can be so emotional, indeed.

A young man of simplicity, humbleness and sincerity-


that is,

Gerald Santos, mingles with the soul of a “friend”.








(words by robert manuguid silverio)

note: thanks to JESUIT COMMUNICATIONS for the music video above they uploaded on youtube.com– sssip*


gerald: a great journey
gerald: a great journey


summer is on! with vince tanada and the stagers of philstagers foundation! feel the heat!!!

new vince2

vince: shines like a GREEK GOD in the waters...
vince: shines like a GREEK GOD in the waters…

from sssip 🙂

Let’s have a little break naman from too much emotions, kadramahans ek-ek,  and soulful blog features. Let’s refresh!!!

Magpa-sexy naman tayo in this blog feature. Enjoy Papa Vince Tanada’s sexy photos below!

After a rigid and hectic round of provincial shows all-over the Philippines, nagkaroon na ng last leg of tour si Papa Vince, together with the Stagers of Philippine Stagers Foundation sa mga naganap nilang provincial shows sa Iloilo, Zamboanga, Baguio, Bataan, at iba pa.

Kaya ngayon, feel the summer heat muna si Papa Vince. Ang sexy at ang kinis, di ba? Oh, my.

Sa last week of March, magsisimula na ang kanilang Summer Workshops para sa mga new batch of Stagers na papasok o makakapasa sa kanilang mga rigid auditions, trainings and recitals. Tiyak, mas lalong busy niyan si Papa Vince right after Holy Week.

Ang play nilang Filipinas: 1941, kundi man ito ang may pinakamaraming naging performances, ito naman ang masasabi naming pinaka-succesful play nila in all aspects of a superb theater production.

Kaya go na lng ng go!!! Vince Tanada and PSF will surprise you more in their upcoming new theater season…. SOON!


(words by robert manuguid silverio)


"my lips are sealed".--- sssip*
“my lips are sealed”.— sssip*
vince with stager patrick libao
vince with stager patrick libao
vince with stager cindy
vince with stager cindy
vince with the "queen of chubbiness"- ms. jerie sanchez
vince with the “queen of chubbiness”- ms. jerie sanchez
vince with the stagers at guimaras island
vince with the stagers at guimaras island

new vince7

need i say more?-- sssip*
need i say more?– sssip*
let's all feel the heat!
let’s all feel the heat!

rocco nacino joins the sinag maynila indie film fest via his film “balut country”…

rocco nacino
rocco nacino


Rocco Nacino’s new movie, Balut Country is an entry to the Sinag Maynila Film Festival. The film is directed by Paul Sta Ana. Showing in SM Cinemas on March 18 to 25. 

Screening schedules of this film are on March 18 to 25 at selected SM cinemas. Gala night on March 19, Thursday at SM Aura, 7 p.m.

balut new2

balut new3 balut new4


 Paul Sta. Ana’s Balut Country stars Rocco Nacino, Ronnie Quizon, Vincent Magbanua, Angela Cortez, and Ms. Nanette Inventor.

Balut Country tells the story of Jun, an heir to the duck farm left to him by his late father, who must decide between selling the property to secure a future with his partner, or sparing the family of the land’s loyal caretakers of inevitable displacement.

rocco: mainstream star who's also embracing the world of indie film artists
rocco: mainstream star who’s also embracing the world of indie film artists
rocco with direk paul sta. ana (in cap) and the rest of the staff of the film "balut country"
rocco with direk paul sta. ana (in cap) and the rest of the staff of the film “balut country”

from sssip 🙂

“Rocco Nacino has always been supportive to the indie film world and indie film artists, just like his fellow young actor JM de Guzman. In this new film of his- Balut Country, he explores a deeper self and characterization as seen on the trailer on the film above. Directed by one of the few indie film artists that this blogger admires- the Atenean-bred Paul Sta. Ana, the film is so lyrical, captivating, soulful. I will definitely watch this film, too! To the max!”

blogger sssip
blogger sssip