a fifteen minute Q & A (question and answer) interview with lance raymundo…

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lance: looks up to the tree of LIFE, after almost being beaten from the GROUND.
lance: looks up to the tree of LIFE, after almost being beaten from the GROUND.

from sssip 🙂

Little miracles are happening everywhere. People just refuse to notice. People just keep on running after some other things, rather than seek and find the true meaning of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for their lives.

In Lance Raymundo’s life, little miracles just keeps on happening. That’s why on his upcoming Senakulo play, wherein he’s going to portray the role of the Lord Jesus Christ, he is giving all his soul and feelings to fully give justice to his demanding “role” as Christ.

Here is our 15 minutes Question & Answer interview with one of the most-loved actors of this generation- Mr. Lance Raymundo.


SSSIP: Lance, you’ve started with the rehearsals of Senakulo 2015 by Teatro Sta. Ana. Were you carried-away with some scenes in your portrayal as Jesus Christ?

LANCE: Yes, I was really carried-away with some scenes. Pinaka-na-carried-away ako du’n sa mga scenes wherein Jesus Christ have started to suffer. Nu’ng nagumpisa na ang mga paghihirap Niya. Especially the Agony in the Garden scene. Because you see, I went through with the same physical and emotional sufferings myself when I experienced my accident last year. I never questioned why it had to happen to me, though. Maybe God Has his own reasons why… But contrary to what I thought, no amount of pain and suffering can be as greater as that of jesus Christs’s suffering. He carried the sins of everyone.

Kaya I really got so emotional during our rehearsals. Minsan, hindi ko mapigilang umiyak. But I have to control my tears, because I know, as a theater actor, I should know when to use my tears and my emotions on proper ways. Kaya thakful ako, I am sorrounded by people like Lou Veloso and Bernardo Bernardo, mga elders and veterans in the theater scene na tumulong sa akin sa paggamit ko ng proper emotions ko sa acting. 

SSSIP: It’s almost one year today since your accident, how emotional can you get this time ba?

LANCE: My accident last year didn’t affect me emotionally, but spiritually. In better words, I was more touched on it spiritually. When I medidate at times, I ask Jesus Christ why did he allow me to live again? Why did he give me this second chance at life? I guess, more answers to that question of mine will be seen by me soon.

SSSIP: How do you find working again with theater people? Especially the likes of Mr. Lou veloso, the director of the Senakulo, and Mr. Bernardo Bernardo who became your acting coach in this religious play?

LANCE: This time, I can say I am more mature. I am more giving and more humble. I am more open this time to open my doors for more knowledge on acting onstage. Feeling ko kasi, marami pa akong dapat na ibigay within me. That’s why I sought the help of Lou Veloso and Bernardo Bernardo, and they both gave me the best advices and tips on acting again onstage.

I believe, that being a part of this Senakulo and this group of theater people, hindi yung pagalingan sa isa’t-isa ang dapat na pairalin, eh. You work as a team. You will perform a show as a whole. So this new learnings was helping me all-throughout, not only as an actor, but as a person as well.


SSSIP: What are your expectations to the crowd or the audience who’ll all gonna watch you perform as Jesus Christ?

LANCE: I can’t have much expectations. The Senakulo was actually made for the masses. Kaya nung minsang nag-rehearse kami sa San Juan plaza, yung mga ordinaryong tao na nanonood, nagre-react talaga doon sa scene nina Barabas at Kristo, kung sino ang pipiliin na palayain sa dalawa. Sigaw sila ng sigaw na si Kristo! Kaya nakakatuwang isipin na nakaka-relate sila sa scene na iyon… So, I am preparing myself for anything. On how the audience will react, it’s up to them. Basta ang hiling ko lang, they will be touched by the story of Jesus.

SSSIP: Maiba na tayo ng topic, lance. What are your plans this Summer of 2015 and the Holy Week itself?

LANCE: I plan that after our final performance in Baguio of the Senakulo, gusto ko munang magpa-iwan sa Baguio with my family and have a short break there. After that, I plan to move-on with my career na. I am positive and looking forward to greater horizons on my career this time.

As of now, my manager, Shandi bacolod, told me na pasok daw ako sa next film project ni direk Ato Bautista. So I may probably be very busy shooting again after Holy Week. I am also starting to host a travel show for ANC channel. It’s show na bibistahin ko ang mga scenic places dito sa Pilipinas. And I am now open for possible new TV shows or teleseryes. I missed acting on TV.

SSSIP: Last question, Lance. Who is Jesus Christ in your life?

LANCE: Jesus Christ is the center of my life, Robert.

—end of interview— 


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