the moon river and gerald santos … (and a very wonderful night at his valentine concert at the serendipity lounge…)



When a soul lingers, he journeys to places. Sometimes, looking for answers. Sometimes, just plainly drifting by- restlessly, swayed by the winds or the waves of the sea.


But a soul prefers, most of the times, to be with the people he loves. As to where they are, he chooses to be there. Unseen or not, he knows he can be felt.. by gushes of winds or embraces on a cold, cold night….


The soul lingers, too, without any expectations or assuming of wants and needs. The soul is simply happy to be there. Maybe, he had done something great and good for them, but he doesn’t really know it. After all, again, he’s just happy to be there.


He just sees things, but void of existence. He just loves all kinds of loves, but lacking of reassurances and care. He just hangs around there, until answers are explored and memories are cherished forevermore.


There’s a soul that lingered one night, at Gerald Santos’ Valentine Concert last February 13 at the Serendipity Lounge of Discovery Suites in Mandaluyong. It ‘s a soul that cared to love genuinely. That protected and healed the heart of some ONE…


Yes, he was there. Maybe standing beside the cozy seats and ‘tables for two’ of the Serendipity Lounge. Maybe he knew, it’s going to be a great concert, after all.


Because he knew, it was his friend’s friend singing the songs of love. With messages only two people “in bond” could comprehend and treasure.


Yes, it was Mr. Gerald Santos singing the songs of love.


How many songs did Gerald sing that night? More or less 25 songs in all. And it was all too wonderful. And in every song he sang, he revealed some trivias, or some unknown history and facts about the song. Gerald was so pleasant in telling it through his brief spiels and breaks. The little man has indeed grown-up.


When Gerald sang the song “My Funny Valentine”, it was all too powerful. A better rendition than Frank Sinatra and Michael Bubble. He was so passionate, feeling the every lyrics of the song, with a kind of voice that astounded the qualms of eternity.


He also sang a couple of Lionel Richie songs- “Truly” and “Hello” and exploded a wide variety of emotions.


But one of the most grandeur moment was when Gerald revealed to everyone in his classy audience that night- that for him, the greatest female singer that ever lived was no less than Whitney Houston. After that, he sang the song “I will Always Love You” to the great delight of the female ones in the audience.


Then, more songs came after: “Ewan“, “Till My Heartaches End”, “Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Mahal Ko“, “Endless Love”, “Save The Last Dance For Me”, “Sway”, “When I Fall In Love”.


Gerald proved his versatility as a singer to the max. He’s not just a balladeer or a Prince of Ballad, he is a rocker, a Pop singer, a classical singer, a jazzy singer, you name it, Gerald could be it.


Even at the opening number when Gerald sang the song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Desperado” (both old songs, but very “rocky” in beat), Gerald’s voice shifted from a soft touch to a hard rocker. Fascinating, indeed.


But the love songs were the most spectacular of all. Gerald sang them n the last stages of his repertoire. At a time when many were already sleepy to feel anew the art of appreciating and loving…


“Portrait of My Love”, “It’s Impossible”, “Where Do I Begin?”, “Always On My Mind”, “Ikaw“, “Paano“, “Moon River”, and finally, “All Of Me” (also the title of Gerald’s Valentine concert that night).


Powerful. All too powerful.


And a soul lingered on.


Some ONE was at the verge of crying. He simply hid it….


Seeing a friend, from a distance, that showed all his might and power- and transcended into a greater form as an artist- was indeed a magical feeling.


And it was all the ONE ever wanted. Nothing more, nothing less.


The soul and that some ONE went into the dressing room of the artist right after the concert. And the ONE said:

“I know you have resentments about me. I have done some mistakes and non-appearances… I have loved other people… But this is one thing I want you to know- I will always love you forever.”


And the artist felt touched by the words. He embraced his “friends”.

As always…






(as the words were written in robert manuguid silverio’s “book of love”, one of the best episodes ever of the book set in a timeless dimension of time, dated: february 19, 2015)*



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