a dinner date with michael pangilinan…



He’s sitting there not knowing that someone was stealing glances at him. He was always smiling, candid, childish… Answering questions from a classy-gay staff of the TV program Gandang Gabi, Vice. His manager, Mr. Jobert Sucaldito, though, warned the gay interviewer that he’s allotting only 15 more minutes for that interview because Michael needed to entertain a small group of movie press people out to all have a dinner date with Michael- that night of February 17, 2015, at the Dong Juan restaurant in Mother Ignacia St., corner Sct. Reyes, Q.C.

Michael looked dashingly handsome that night. His smiles were like a quenching water that splashes upon your soul. He’s so boyish, unaffected, unassuming… And a blogger knew, Michael was really waiting for him on that special dinner date. He knew. He simply just knew.

After the interview with the staff of Gandang Gabi, Vice, Michael stood up and went to sit beside the blogger who was the one stealing glances at him. Candid remarks followed and some naughty jokes and gossips from the press. But all friendly jokes, anyway. Michael just smiled. He never got irritated at all.

When a blogger asked him: “Do you idolize Dr. Jose Rizal, because you are about to portray Crisostomo Ibarra by the month of August in the stage play Kanser of Gantimpala Theater Foundation?” -…. Michael froze.

He looked straight into the eyes of the blogger. Somewhat agitated, surprised, wondering but joyful. It was a mesmerizing look. The same kind of look that a blogger had dreamed from an angel. A mysterious and enigmatic look. Deeper than the ocean, wider than a sea.

It took him about 5 minutes to do that. But it seemed eternal to a blogger. And finally, the blogger broke that eternal look of time from Michael. The blogger told Michael: “It’s taking you too long to answer, Michael.”

Movie press people who witnessed that scene just joked around and pretended not to know or what they’d seen. Until finally, Michael answered:

“All heroes are my idols”, came his quick answer. “Especially Dr. Jose Rizal.”

And that was all. More naughty remarks from movie scribe Leo Bukas followed. And another writer, Richard Pinlac, teased Michael much more. But Michael just smiled and smiled again.

Michael said, he’s pretty nervous about appearing now n the theatrical scene.

“I just don’t how can I portray the role of Crisostomo Ibarra, who is Dr. Jose Rizal in truth”, Michael whispered into the ears of a blogger. “But I am feeling happy because I know I will learn something new this time. And that is, singing and acting on theater.”

His manager, Jobert Sucaldito, suddenly appeared again from nowhere, which at once broke the intimacy of that moment with Michael and the blogger. Jobert heard the words  of Michael, while the blogger went to see reality again.

“Michael will be attending workshops from Gantimpala Theater Foundation in preparation for the role, Robert”, Jobert stressed-up to a blogger. “So I know, he can adjust.”

Other topics followed, while the rest of the media group were so happy and content eating dinner of many delights from that fabulous restaurant. Food were so delicious and tasty. So “avant-garde”, elegant. A perfect setting for a very meaningful “date”.

A blogger went into a brief “time travel” after. He knew it was February 17 that night. He knew it was also the birthday of a very special friend of his. And he felt happier. He knew again, he was seeing “someone else” in person of Michael.

Other topics about Michael soon followed.

He’ll soon be joining Joseph Marco, Brian Santos and Marlo Mortel in a boy band group called Harana Boys on the Sunday noontime show ASAP of channel 2. He’ll start rehearsing songs with them and appear as mainstays on the said musical variety show every Sunday. 

By the month of March, his new solo album will be launched. The new arrangement version of Pare, Mahal Mo Daw Ako will be included there, plus one more song which will be an “answer” to the question: Pare, Mahal Mo Daw Ako?

Michael’s closest movie scribe-friend, in person of Leo Bukas, added saying:

“The music video of Pare, Mahal Mo Daw Ako? is so nakakalula na talaga! Oh my, G.! As in grabe talaga. It got more than 4 million hits now on Youtube.”

And a blogger believed. One song could indeed make one a success. A phenomenon.

Michael is now enjoying that. He’s now dubbed as ‘Pare Ng Bayan‘, a title more appropriate for him because of the song Pare, Mahal Mo Daw Ako?  Some people were claiming that Kilabot ng mga Kolehiyala and Prince of Ballad are more worthy titles for Michael. But his manager, Jobert Sucaldito said to a blogger: “Passe na ang mga titulong ‘yan, Robert. I want Pare Ng Bayan more. It’s something more original and catching.”

The blogger stole a glance at Michael once more. This young guy seemed to look so unaffected by the many clamors and wonders happening to him recently. Especially at his recently-concluded Pre-Valentine concert held at the Teatrino last Feb. 11. He showed so much greatness on that said very succesful concert. What could he say about that?

“I’m so proud I was able to finish that concert”, he answered. “I offered that concert to God. I was so happy because many people supported me there. Especially Martin Nievera who sang a duet with me via the song Iisa Pa Lamang.

Michael is now taking up Business Management at the Ateneo de Manila University. He’s on his first year in College.

But there are so many other things in store this year for Michael. Pretty sure, he can handle them all. He’s preparing for the brighter future ahead, and a dream car he so badly wants to have soon.

“It’s the Mustang car”, Michael said in the end. “But it’s so expensive. Maybe someday, I can still buy it.”

Just stick around, Michael Angel. Just stick around.



(words by robert manuguid silverio)



michael smiles on his dinner date with media friends last feb. 17
michael smiles on his dinner date with media friends last feb. 17

michaelnewnew2 michaelnewnew3

michael with media friends he dated for dinner last february 17
michael with media friends he dated for dinner last february 17


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