philippine fashion week reportage ( junjun cambe, arnold galang & lyle ibanez

Jun Jun Cambe for EsAc S/S ’15

Continuing its legacy of creating ready-to-wear pieces unlike any other, EsAc returned to the runways of Philippine Fashion Week for a Spring Summer 2015 by Jun Jun Cambe – who is dubbed as the “Prince of Philippine Avant Garde Fashion.”

With a collection rooted in traditional Filipino garments, Cambe opened with a series of pieces in Jusi and Piña fabric, paired with heavily-graphic batik bottoms. His next segment were a tad darker, with stark black bottoms (some solid, some lace). The pieces all hark back to the traditional Filipino baro’t saya, cut and sewn in a contemporary way. His menswear pieces were more relaxed, with models in his signature drop crotch pants and jodhpurs, wearing barongs as jackets layered over colorful tunics in the same barong technique – giving way to a few menswear pieces done in darker hues of black.

His closing pieces were first, a series of floor-lenghts in black, peppered with floral appliques, and then long, ethereal dresses that flowed as the models walked down the runway – showcasing the Filipino fabric’s hand and effect, while providing a luscious end to his celebrated collection.

© 2015 Philippine Fashion WeeK. Podium Level, L.V. Locsin Building Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue 1227 Makati City, Philippines

Arnold Galang S/S ’15

It pays to put things in perspective. Arnold Galang opened his show with a moving video on the Bangsamoro, making it clear that his is not just a collection for the sake of fashion, but one that speaks for his advocacy: I am for Peace.

As each model appears on the catwalk, Arnold’s aesthetics begin to form: relaxed, leisurely silhouettes and boxy shapes, in springtime hues of lilacs and pinks, yellows and cobalts. One after the other, his pieces varied in pairing. Starting with a look done completely in purple abstract prints, and then paired with a solid top, and then an all-solid hued dress. This interplay of combinations continues as each model steps onto the runway. And then bold black-and-white stripes come into play, as well as leaf cutouts as embellishments. Arnold Galang ends with subdued colors, however, with a black swimsuit and a matching heavily-textured cover up, and finally, a chic white dress with thigh-high slits and more shoulder embellishments of foliage cutouts.

Clearly easy-to-wear and relaxed, but with bold pairings in colors, Arnold’s I am for Peace showcases both a smart understanding of trends, as well as current events.

© 2015 Philippine Fashion WeeK. Podium Level, L.V. Locsin Building Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue 1227 Makati City, Philippines

AudieAE and Lyle Ibañez S/S ’15

Simple, straightforward, chic. Designers Lyle Ibañez and AudieAE continued to uphold EsAc’s aesthetics with a Spring Summer 2015 collection that gave new ready-to-wear options to women looking for alternatives to common garments.

With a collection of separates, Lyle Ibañez sent four looks down the runway, all clad in understated black and navy, in easy layers and structures perfect for both day, and night. Pieces were effortlessly chic: opening with a relaxed semi-sheer blouse paired with a mid-length skirt. Lyle’s capsule collection had quite a good selection of separates, including subtly color-blocked dresses, tailored shorts, as well as a bell-sleeved blazer.

EsAc’s Spring Summer collection closed with AudieAE’s solo piece for the brand – a drop-dead floor-length column dress in red, with a layer of sheer black (designed to resemble a traditional Filipino barong) over it. Quiet, smart alternatives for the modern-day Filipina.

© 2015 Philippine Fashion WeeK. Podium Level, L.V. Locsin Building Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue 1227 Makati City, Philippines

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