i am what i am

“i am a natural!”— sssip.*


Shirley Bassey – “I Am What I Am”
Uploaded on YouTube.Com by: “sas9023055”

Uploaded on: Sep 23, 2010

(“Dame Shirley Bassey Concert TV Special in 2009”)

ABOUT this song:
“I Am What I Am” is a song originally featured on the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical “La Cage aux Folles” (1983–1987). The song is found on the finale number of the play’s first act, and performed by the character of Albin Mougeotte, first played by George Hearn. The song was composed in 1983 by Jerry Herman, an openly gay man.

The song has since been covered by the likes of Dame Shirley Bassey, Marti Webb, Joannie Taylor, Carol Jiani, Amanda Lear, Hannah Jones, Soraya Arnelas, Ken Page, Gerard-Rene-Gordon, Doug Shneider, Teatro, Linda Eder, John Barrowman, Amateur Transplants, Karen Mulder and Anthony Warlow.

“I Am What I Am” was the only studio album recorded by Shirley Bassey for the Towerbell Records label…

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