jomar tanada bautista: on the road to a greater self


jomar bautista: actor of great charms
jomar bautista: actor of great charms

“The start of the year 2015 has been good to me”, Jomar Tanada Bautista said to a blogger over a cup of coffee at the start of an interview. “Our regular classes at school already started this February and so far, no problems at school yet. Luckily, too, my schedules are on the right track. I can mix-in my acting career as a theater actor and my schooling. That’s why I’m feeling great and okay.

“In fact, I was able to join our provincial tour last mid-January at Vigan, Ilocos Sur”, Jomar added saying. “Then on March, since there will be some Holidays like the Lenten Season, I can also join more provincial shows for our theater group- the Philippine Stagers Foundation. I am pretty excited about that.”

Jomar is one of the prominent major lead actors of PSF (Philippine Stagers Foundation). He exudes charm on stage and projects rather well and deep. Most of the roles given to him by his uncle, Vince Tanada (the Artistic Director of PSF) were challenging, hard to portray and tasking. But Jomar doesn’t complain at all, since he knows, those were just simply preparations for him to establish himself more as an actor and become better.

Jomar was included in SSSIP’s SWING blog site as among the “stars that will shine forevermore” in the year 2015. It’s because most of the media people who saw the play Filipinas: 1941  had whispered to a blogger a lot of positive remarks about Jomar.

As veteran movie columnist William Reyes said: “He looks so dashing on stage. He’s so cute and a good actor that can very well deliver.”

With that, Jomar landed a good place on the list of a blogger as among the stars to watch out on 2015. 

“It feels good, thank you”, Jomar smiled to a friend-blogger when he was told about the good impression he had created on the media people. “I owe it all to my uncle Vince, he’s the one who taught me everything. It only means, I am delivering my roles and all the hard work I did, paid-off.”

Jomar played the role of President Manuel L. Quezon (one of the only four ‘non-fictional’ characters in the play Filipinas: 1941 ) on their currently-running play. And he did a lot of research and weight loss to be able to characterize well the role of a President caught in the webs of war in an era that a nation was seeking its true identity.

“I got a little burn-out last year during the Holiday season”, Jomar recalled. “Portraying a President of a republic drained my energy. But with the advice of my uncle Vince, I will do a little change on my portrayal as Quezon this time. He advised us to be less-theatrical in our performances on the future shows and act more naturally. Yet at the same time, not loose up the essence of a true President.”

The play Filipinas: 1941 will be having more provincial shows this month of February, until March and April.

“By the month of March, we’ll all be going to Zamboanga, Bacolod, Iloilo, and other more provinces in the South”, Jomar said. “This February, we have some shows on the province of Bataan.”

According to Jomar, the man behind PSF- and that is, Mr. Vince Tanada, watches and observes all the members’ acting skills on stage. He video tapes them and when there’s a company call or a meeting, they do lots of evaluations.

“Through uncle Vince’s keen observations, we can check our mistakes and change it by ourselves”, Jomar said again. “He looks at our characterizations, if there’s something wrong with it, he’s honest to tell it to us. Our singing voice must be all consistent, And we really need to give justice to our roles.”

Yes, Jomar is so deep into his craft an actor. And he is on the road to a greater SELF.

“I have to be more disciplined also with my diet”, he assured a blogger. “Perfect my craft as an actor and discover some inner qualities of my self. These are the things that I will definitely do.”

And we’ll be there to watch it over.



(words by robert manuguid silverio)

note*: more on jomar bautista on upcoming issues of sssip’s swing blog. —sssip*


jomar with friend alence during their recently-concluded vigan, ilocos sur provincial show
jomar with friend alence during their recently-concluded vigan, ilocos sur provincial show




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